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APOQT022 - Product Alloc.: Check Consumption and Starting Situation

APOQT022 - Product Alloc.: Check Consumption and Starting Situation

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Consumption at beginning situation

Function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_022 is called per product allocations step after importing product allocations, and before the consumption of the incoming order quantities already posted against the product allocation quantities.

The function module is also called to display the content of the product allocation group, the product allocation situation, and to determine shortages. It is also called in Demand Planning (for macro operations for product allocations).
The initialization calls from EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_001 are marked accordingly. There is no initialization call before the calls for macro processing in Demand Planning (DP).


The delta records and consumption parameters are copied to the function module.
The delta records comprise temporary reservations of other order items (that are currently being processed) and correction quantities of the current order item. The correction quantities make the distributed product allocation quantities of the current item available again.
In addition, the imported product allocation time series (with the product allocation quantities and the incoming order quantities), which can be changed, are copied.
If consumption was already carried out in the user exit, it can be switched off in the standard system.

Using enhancement APOQT021, the available product allocation or the incoming order quantity can be influenced. The consumption of the order against the product allocation quantities still available can be influenced afterwards in enhancement APOQT023.


The following enhancements can be combined:

  • APOQT007,,product allocation assignment, partial deliveries

  • APOQT033,,sequence of product allocation procedures


If the consumption of product allocations is influenced by this user exit (or enhancements APOQT021 and APOQT023), the comparison process in enhancement APOQT024 must be changed accordingly.

There is no user exit for the comparison that directly corresponds to this user exit.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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