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DG700005 -

DG700005 -

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The function module exit DG700005 allows the individual determination of dangerous goods master records. By activating this enhancement, the standard SAP method for determining the relevant dangerous goods master records is replaced in the function module HAZMAT_GET_DGTMD_RECORD_FRAME and therefore no longer processed.

As the assignments of the dangerous goods regulations to the mode of transport categories are evaluated centrally at this point, the option is available here to expand "collective" mode of transport categories, such as '99' - all mode of transport categories, into "individual" mode of transport categories, such as '01' - road.

Distinction Check

When determining the relevant dangerous goods regulations, a check is run at the same time to determine whether the validity areas overlap - based on the same material number and the same mode of transport category (referred to as a distinction check). The individual running of this distinction check must be guaranteed when using the function module exit DG700005. If overlapping validity areas are found, the enhancement DG700005.


The determination of the relevant dangerous goods master records plays a central role in the integration of Dangerous Goods Management in logistics processes that exists in the SAP standard system. Changes that are made at this point have an immediate effect on the dangerous goods checks and output of dangerous goods data on documents (delivery notes) and the integration in EDI processing.

Description of the Parameters of the Function Module Exit DG700005


Material number of current dangerous goods master record to be determined


Mode of transport category


Validity area






Selection date


Determined validity area


Determined dangerous goods regulation


Table with expanded validity areas


Table with permitted release status


Table with a preselection of already selected dangerous goods master records for the current material


Table that should only contain one entry: the individually determined relevant dangerous goods master record

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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