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This function is used within the framework of the EHS component.

Customer exit in function group XC1CA.

This function determines the substance report generation variant

required to select report bodies in the MSDS shipping component.

You call the function from the function C1C1_VARIANT_FIND.

Error handling:

In the function group C1CA the function module

'C1CA_INTERFACE_ERR_MESSAGE' is used for error handling. Via this function module, you can send error mails to persons responsible, so that measures can be taken to correct the error cause.

This mail may prove important, because the process takes place in

'darkness' and therefore the user cannot react directly to an error


The import parameter 'i_info_for_error_mail' contains context

information on the error situation (delivery note no. from SD, for example) that is output in the error mail.

The recipient of this mail must be maintained in Environment Data Customizing.

Import parameters can be used as selection criteria:

I_REASON order reason

I_CUSTOMER customer data: ship-to party ID,

country, region, language

I_INITIATOR sender (sales organization ID)

I_MATERIAL material structure: material,

raw material, material name

I_REPORT_VERSION_DATE key date for report version

I_REPTYPE report type (MSDS)

I_RECINFO_TAB MSDS recipient data

I_SDDATA_TAB SD specific data

Error handling:

I_info_for_error_mail context information for error handling

The export paramater must have the SRGV ID.

E_VARIANT_ID substance report generation variant (SRGV)

In the standard system, the function C1C1_VARIANT_GET_FROM_SCHEME is used instead of the customer function. For more details, see also the documentation for the function module.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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