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Treasury Management: TR-TM: Posting Interface

The user exit EXIT_RFTBBEX0_006 can be used within the posting interface for a customer-specific determination of the state central bank indicator and the country of origin.Both of these fields are transferred to the document and to a payment request if one has been generated.This way, they are available for further processing, especially for the payment medium print programs (for example, RFFOD__L).

The function module is called up once for each flow.

Description of the parameters:

  • Import parameters:
    The interface between the posting interface and the user exit with information about the transaction, the activity and the flow to be posted
    State central bank indicator (initial value as a rule)
    Country of origin (initial value as a rule)
  • Export parameters:
    The state central bank indicator generated from the user exit
    The country of origin generated from the user exit

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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