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Customer-specific COBRA letters: Terminating print output

Using the function exit EXIT_RPUCOB02_003 described here, you can terminate the print output of one ore more COBRA letters which you started using function exit EXIT_RPUCOB02_001 according to your requirements.

EXIT_RPUCOB02_003 replaces the subroutine CLOSE_CURRENT_SPOOL_JOB from the Standard System.

The function exit has no input parameters. You can return the following as output parameters:

  • OUTPUT_RESULT Print options (return value)

If you want to avoid printing altogether when you are processing qualifying events, simply enter the following line of code in function exit EXIT_RPUCOB02_001:


You can also indicate two exceptions in standard coding:

  • STANDARD_PROCEDURE Back to standard procedure
  • CUSTOMER_ERROR Error in function exit

Use the first exception if you want to leave the opening and closing of print requests to the SAP System. To do so, simply enter the following line of code in the function exit:


For more information on how to enter your own code and data declarations in a function exit, see the online documentation on the transaction Project administration of SAP enhancements.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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