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This user exit enables you to determine ESS users and password assignments in accordance with your requirements.

In the standard system, ESS users and passwords are assigned automatically by transaction HRUSER.

  • An ESS user consists of the letter 'P' and the personnel number. (If the personnel number has less than eight digits, the appropriate number of leading zeros are added.)
  • The standard password is 'INIT'.

Function module EXIT_SAPLEHUS_001 enables you to define your own user and password assignments.

  • As an import parameter, the module receives personnel numbers.
  • As an export parameter, the module requires a user name and initial password for each user.

When ESS users are created with transaction HRUSER or the appropriate workflow application, the 'exit module for user name and password' option can then be used to assign passwords.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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