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You use this function module exit to convey to the system which sender table fields the system is to use to collect the subitems of a particular integrated subitem category when a rollup or realtime update into EC-CS Consolidation is executed. The system already knows the names of the subitem sender fields in a number of sender tables (GLPCT, GLT0, GLT3, GLFUNCT, GLFLEXT, and ACCIT) for the subitems of SAP's predefined sender field types (see below).

Therefore, using this exit is beneficial in the following cases:

  • You use one of the sender tables listed above, but the system uses sender fields that are not suitable for your purposes.
  • You use a different sender table.
  • You use your own custom sender field type (between 90 and 99).

Determine the names of the sender fields for each sender table and each integrated subitem category.

To do this, you pass to the function module exit (a) the name of the sender table (I_FROMTAB) and (b) the sender field type (which is defined in the subitem category master record) for the subitem (I_SITEM_SEND). This can have the following values:

  • '01' for transaction type
  • '02' for functional area
  • '03' for business area
  • '04' for country of the customer
  • '05' for cost center
  • '06' for G/L account
  • '07' for profit center
  • A value between 90 and 99 for your own, customer-defined use

In the C_FIELDNAME field you pass to the calling program (rollup or AC interface) the field in the sender table that contains the subitem.
The macro SUBITEM_SENDER_FIELDS is available for the sender field types 01 through 06. The following example illustrates the procedure (see also Include LXC01F09).


The program source code for sender table GLPCT (EC-PCA totals data) might look like this:

SUBITEM_SENDER_FIELDS: ' ' "transaction type (not assigned)
'RFAREA' "functional area
' ' "business area (not assigned)
' ' "customer country (not assigned)
' ' "cost center (not assigned)
'RACCT'. "G/L account


Further information

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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