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CPA586B - Controller &24 response time limit reached. (C G R) ( OS/400 )

CPA586B - Controller &24 response time limit reached. (C G R) ( OS/400 )

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Message : CPA586B
Controller &24 response time limit reached. (C G R)

Message Long Text :

Cause . . . . . : The probable causes are:
-- a performance problem
-- a configuration problem
-- a remote system hardware problem
-- a network problem
-- a local system hardware problem
Recovery . . . : Do one or more of the following:
-- Use the Vary Configuration (VFYCFG) command to vary off all line descriptions that are not in use, and that are associated with input/output processor (IOP) &26.
-- End service functions that are active but not needed.
-- Use the Change BSC Line Description (CHGLINBSC) command to increase one or more of the following values in line description &23: receive timer (RCVTMR parameter), data state retry (DTASTTRTY parameter), and contention state retry (CNTRTY parameter).
-- Ask the remote system operator to verify that the remote system is operating correctly.
-- Ask the network administrator to verify that the network is operating correctly.
-- Balance the work load across several IOPs by moving lines from IOP &26 to another IOP.
Then do one of the following:
-- Type C to cancel recovery and to inform any applications that are waiting for an operation that the recovery has been canceled.
-- Type G to start the automatic communications recovery again as defined by the system communications recovery limit (CMNRCYLMT) in line &23.
-- Type R to try the operation one more time.
If the problem continues, press F14 to run problem analysis.
Possible choices for replying to message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
C -- Cancel.
G -- Start automatic recovery again.
R -- Try again one more time.
Technical description . . . . . . . . : The error log identifier is &22.
The error code is &40: The operation of the binary synchronous communications line ended due to a receive time-out. A response was not received from the remote equipment within the time specified by the RCVTMR value in the CRTLINBSC command.

Message File : QCPFMSG
Library Message File : QSYS2924

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