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/AFS/SIMGMM_CTYPES - Define AFS-Specific Condition Types

/AFS/SIMGMM_CTYPES - Define AFS-Specific Condition Types

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In the AFS system you can specify conditions at SKU level. To make pricing possible at SKU level, enter in this IMG activity AFS-specific data for the existing condition types. Flag Dim.Condition for all the condition types with which conditions should be entered at SKU level in the application system.

You have defined the corresponding condition types in the IMG activity Define Condition Types.

The following condition types have been created for the price determination at SKU level in the AFS standard system:

  • J3AP Gross Price at SKU level
  • J3AX Manual entry of the gross price at SKU level, for example in purchasing documents.
  • J3AD Discount in percent at SKU level

SAP recommends that you do not change these condition types.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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