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Does your SAP System need a Health Check?

Risk detection and elimination, preventing the probability of downtime and additional costs.
Meet consolut's solution for a healthy system.

What is
the consolut
Health Check?

The consolut Health Check is a well-rounded and integrated service that enables customers to systematically check their system landscape.

Our consolut Health Check:

  • Ensures a smooth, customer-internal operation
  • Offers a second opinion on the quality of the client’s external provider
  • Prepares companies for the IT Audit which is part of the annual year end procedure of their business
  • Is fast, efficient with minimal effort from the customer’s end

“Thorough check-ups sometimes reveal surprising findings; the sooner you discover them, the easier to solve potential problems. Simple, immediate measures could prevent major system ‘diseases’ at lower cost.”

Volker Gueldenpfennig

Basis Team Leader


The consolut Health Check service

consists of the following components

consolut Health Add-On

A consolut-owned service, it has been successfully developed and implemented providing reliable results for over 15 years. It consists of more than 50 individual tests and carries out necessary proactive measures automatically to evaluate the current system status.

Expert review (optional)

Depending on the system landscape and based on a discussion with the customer, we provide an individual proposal regarding additional tests depending on the customer specific system landscape.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert complements the consolut Health Add-On. In addition to setting up the system using the existing SAP Solution Manager, we also evaluate the individual checks and identify possible action measures.

results Deliverables

We analyze and present the test results in a comprehensive report. We propose recommended optimization measures, an estimate effort and timeline to help our customers make an informed decision.

Get in touch!

Contact us today to know more about our Consolut Basis Health Check service – health issues cannot wait so let us take care of your SAP system today!

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