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consolut Academy – with dedication from the start

Are you looking for a career entry with prospects? Are digitalization and new technologies your thing? At our consolut Academy we will prepare you for a career in SAP consulting. The ideal foundation to hit the ground running.

Your entry into the world of SAP

The consolut Academy is a one-year program for graduates. Experienced experts provide you with ideal preparation for working as a consultant. We offer you exciting tasks and give you room to develop both professionally and personally. You will have enough time to get an overview of the different fields of SAP before you choose a specialization. This way you can fully incorporate your interests in your decision and develop your potential. Because it is important to us that you feel comfortable in our program. We at consolut work with dedication – right from the beginning.

How the Academy works

The Academy program starts with a theoretical part consisting of modules that build on each other: After intensive on-boarding you will receive training in the SAP processes, acquire initial programming skills and important key qualifications for consultants such as presentation techniques and project management. You will then deepen your knowledge in your chosen focus area of either finances, logistics or technology. The theory is followed by a practical phase in which you will gather initial experience in one of our teams in line with your chosen specialization.

The courses take place mostly online, so you can take part either from home or in one of our offices. For certain seminars you will meet other Academy participants at one of our locations.


  • Getting to know each other
  • Information about consolut, organizational matters and introduction to SAP

Overview of the intelligent enterprise

  • SAP learning HUB plus training
  • SAP test system for practice
  • Basic end-to-end processes
  • Crash course in ABAP programming and cloud technologies

Become competent in the intelligent enterprise

  • SAP learning HUB plus training
  • SAP test system for practice
  • Specialization in finance, logistics or technology

Practical phase

  • Working in a project team
  • Handling smaller tasks independently
  • SAP-Certification

Expand your knowledge about the intelligent enterprise

  • SAP learning HUB plus training
  • SAP test system to practice with
  • Deepening of the knowledge gained
  • Initial contacts with customers and their systems

Key Skills

  • Methodological principles and presentation techniques
  • Tools: Business process management (BPM), MS Office Word and Excel
  • Project management
  • Change management

Graduation Camp

  • Graduation Camp in Greece with a handover of the baton to the participants of next year’s program

Graduates of the consolut Academy

Panagiota Bouzari, Consultant SAP Financials

During my master’s my professor recommended consolut as one of the best employers. That is why I applied for the Academy at consolut. All the training courses at the Academy provided me with a sound knowledge in various topic pertaining to SAP and gave me confidence in working on customer projects. I particularly liked cooperating with other graduates and dealing with our daily tasks together.

Corine Lonti Madiffo, Consultant SAP Logistics

The Academy was the perfect start to working life for me, because it gradually prepared me for my future tasks at consolut. What impressed me most was that we could choose the area we wanted to specialize in. Not to mention how nice and helpful our tutors were. We juniors also continue to help each other and to have fun together. This is another thing I like about the Academy.

Tim Lösche, Consultant SAP Business Intelligence

Because I came into contact with SAP during my bachelor thesis, I found the Academy’s offer very attractive. I especially liked the internationality of the Academy participants and the workshops in Greece and Germany. I found the exchange with colleagues of the same age very pleasant and important; this strengthened the sense of community enormously.

Ricardo Rowoldt, Consultant SAP Logistics

I especially like that I the Academy could give me a good overview of the huge “SAP universe” within a very short space of time. I would not have thought that was possible. The teaching by experienced experts along with training materials from SAP and the exchange with other Academy graduates were a good combination.

Alexandros Aspiotis, Consultant SAP Logistics

The consolut Academy was a wonderful experience for me: We got to know all the different areas of SAP, which means that we were able to see the big picture. Specialized trainers gave us detailed training on all topics and we were then able to choose what interested us most, in my case logistics. Last but not least, the training in the Academy offered the opportunity to make good contacts with our trainers and colleagues, which still has a positive effect on work today.

What benefits does the consolut Academy offer?

High-quality introductory program

Training from experienced experts

Clear structure with modules building upon each other

Sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience early on

Sufficient time to select a specialization

Network building and exchange with other Academy participants

Participation in an SAP certification

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