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After years of use, the original role concept of BGHW no longer met the staff's requirements in terms of flexibility and convenience. Assigning authorizations always meant a great deal of manual maintenance for the employees. Moreover, there was no documentation that reflected the security settings in the system. During an on-site visit, consolut was able to demonstrate the simplicity and convenience of the Authorization Manager and establish the customer's exact needs.

Based on the transactions used and the assigned organizational authorizations, consolut presented a detailed proposal for the implementation of the authorization concept. Both the Authorization Analyzer and the consolut Role Content were used in the project. The Role Content is a group of predefined roles that can be used immediately with the Authorization Manager. The assignment of authorizations for the new roles was coordinated with the BGHW staff and approved by the respective departments.

  • Successful change of authorizations in the customer's ongoing operation
  • Availability of the SAP user menu for all employees


The new liability insurance association for commerce and distribution BGHW was founded on January 1, 2008 through the fusion of the former associations for wholesale, stock and retail. The new liability insurance association comprises approx. 410,000 member companies with 4.1 million insured employees.

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