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Due to its global network of companies, and to harmonize and consolidate the accounting system, ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ decided in 2012 to implement the SAP accounting modules FI and CO.

The challenging part of this project was the fact that in Europe, the corporate headquarters and three additional companies were working with the DCW accounting system, while several subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland were using various other ERP and accountancy solutions.

The SAP software (FI/CO) was first implemented at the subsidiaries that were working with external systems, and the data was then migrated from these systems. The next step was the DCW2SAP migration at the corporate headquarters and the other companies with DCW accounting systems.

Consolut was able to ensure a fast and smooth migration using its proven DCW2SAP tools.   At the same time, users were trained in the new software and processes were tested. ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ were able to relax and look forward to a smooth go-live of the new system.

The following data was migrated:

  • Master data (customers, vendors, assets)
  • Balances on the key date
  • Open items on the key date
  • All documents after the key date (several years, for DCW migration only)
  • Asset accounting incl. acquisition development and asset depreciation history
  • Actual cost accounting data (several years, for DCW migration only)


The benefits are evident:

  • Immediate information on all transactions involving G/L, customer and vendor accounts
  • Historical documents as templates for difficult and complex accounting processes
  • Comparability with figures from the previous year, including drill down to the document level
  • The old system (DCW) can be deactivated quickly, as all data required for audits was migrated


Project highlights:

  • Migration of all important transaction data from DWC and the other external systems
  • Parallel accounting in accordance with local legislation and the IFRS
  • Customer-specific programming of the consolut trade credit insurance
  • Implementation of various country-specific charts of accounts in the subsidiaries Connection of various local ERP systems to SAP via automated bi-directional data interfaces


ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ is a medium-sized, family-owned chemical company headquartered in Lahnstein, Germany. Founded in Chemnitz in 1894, it has grown to become an international supplier of specialty and auxiliary products for a wide range of industries.   The corporation’s specialized sales and service network includes more than 20 companies and holdings in 15 countries around the globe, as well as a large number of agencies and vendors.   Activities include the research and manufacture of customized chemical specialty and auxiliary products for the ceramics, chemical fiber, leather and fur, cosmetics and detergent industries, as well as the production of phosphonates. These activities are supplemented by a powerful worldwide sales organization and technical customer support.

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