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Since 2008 they have been commissioning orders with pick-by-voice procedures. The overall positive experiences and manifold advantages have been demonstrated in a video sequence This technology allow personnel to interact directly with the warehouse management system via a headset combining earphone and microphone. The headset relays picking orders in real-time to the operator and the operator can respond with a variety of data including confirmations of actions completed.

consolut specialists set-up the corresponding interfaces and wrote the necessary SAP applications. Due to extraordinary cooperation of all partners it was possible to complete the project efficiently within the time schedule and budget settled.


The company Gust. Alberts GmbH & Co. KG stands for innovative ideas for the home and garden. In the areas of building, renovation and upgrading, they develop applications and solutions that make innovations possible and tried and tested methods even better. And so they use their experience to lastingly expand and improve their customers' and partners' achievements in the areas of DIY and handicrafts.

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