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In the course of the merger, the question arose of how authorizations should be managed in the SAP system.

The tools provided by SAP enable users to precisely control access to individual pieces of information. However, the system is quite complex and time-consuming to maintain, so it made sense to use an additional program. 

The RCI association chose the consolut Authorization Tool to ensure that stored data is handled with care and sensitivity.

The consolut authorization tool is an inexpensive solution that offers a quick analysis of existing authorizations and allows users to easily control and document the authorization process using Excel.


In 2009 the 6 employers' liability insurance associations for the mining, chemical, industrial rocks and minerals, leather, paper and sugar industries formed the new RCI (raw materials and chemical industry) association and took up work as scheduled on January 1, 2010. The new liability insurance association comprises approx. 35,000 member companies with 1.3 million insured and is headquartered in Heidelberg. Additional offices in Bochum, Mainz and Langenhage also perform important central administration tasks.

The association aims at using synergies to streamline administrative structures and cut costs.  A large association incorporating different industry sectors guarantees powerful preventive action coupled with stable and inexpensive membership fees.

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