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In 2008, Sutter faced a decision on the accounting system to be used in the future. As the SAP media solution was already in use in sales, it appeared logical to use an SAP system for accounting (FI, CO).

The main challenge was the fact that a well-functioning SAP system was already used for receivables accounting, but that payables, fixed assets and the general ledger were managed in DCW.

With the assistance of its DCW2SAP tools, consolut found a quick and easy solution. During a pre-defined period, all the individual vouchers with detailed information were migrated from DCW to SAP. Only a few manual entries were required to establish identity between the two systems as of the migration date. Users were trained and processes tested during work on the project, which meant that Sutter could look forward to the production start of the system without any problems.


Sutter Telefonbuchverlag publishes well-known "yellow pages", general and local telephone directories in selected regions of Germany. Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH (TBV) is now one of the largest publishers of such directories in Germany.

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