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GDPdU – the General Principles for Data Access and for the Auditing of Digital Documents – allow official auditors direct access to book-keeping data relevant for tax purposes.

Access may be of three different types:

Z1 = The auditor accesses the data using hardware and software owned by the company audited and makes his or her own evaluations.

Z2 = The company causes persons familiar with the system to carry out audits in accordance with the requirements stated by the tax authorities.

Z3 = The auditor receives stored documents and records in machine-readable form. These are then evaluated using programs held by the tax authorities (mainly IDEA).

consolut implemented variant Z3 for Ahlers and made preparations for the tax audit. For this purpose, data extracts were produced using SAP DART. These extracts were processed using special views (defining the content and the time period covered). The results are available to the auditors for further analysis.


Ahlers AG is a leading listed manufacturer of men’s fashion in Europe. The brands: Baldessarini, Otto Kern, Pierre Cardin, Pioneer, Pionier Sportive, Pionier Workwear, Jupiter, Gin Tonic and Gin Fizz are marketed in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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