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For a smooth start of the new RCI employer's liability insurance association, the accounting of the 6 member associations needed to be merged. The individual requirements of the associations had to be taken into account in the development of a joint accounting application. Another requirement of the project was to maintain separate accounting functions for each part in spite of the merger into a larger association. This requirement was met with the help of the new SAP General Ledger. The ledger permits both joint accounting and separate accounting according to divisions.

The concept was developed by the BPG auditing firm.

consolut adapted the SAP system and migrated the data.

In addition, an ALE system was set up that permits automated booking of up to 120 bank statements per day. The payment run was configured to ensure the separation of the various industry sectors.

BPG and consolut worked seamlessly together to implement the project quickly and professionally.



In 2009 the 6 employers' liability insurance associations for the mining, chemical, industrial rocks and minerals, leather, paper and sugar industries formed the new RCI (raw materials and chemical industry) association and took up work as scheduled on January 1, 2010. The new liability insurance association comprises approx. 35,000 member companies with 1.3 million insured and is headquartered in Heidelberg. Additional offices in Bochum, Mainz and Langenhage also perform important central administration tasks.

The association aims at using synergies to streamline administrative structures and cut costs.  A large association incorporating different industry sectors guarantees powerful preventive action coupled with stable and inexpensive membership fees.

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