consolut TP-Upload

Convenient file transfer (uploads and downloads)


"consolut TP-Upload" is a program designed for uploading files from a PC via the SAP GUI to the file system of the SAP server at /usr/sap/trans/data and /usr/sap/trans/cofiles and for downloading file transfers in he other direction. It can be easily used via transaction /CONSOLUT/TP. No access to the operating system and indeed no knowledge of the operating system are needed for file transfer. Each consultant is therefore in a position to transfer files independently.

If you need to add several requests to the import queue at once, you can use transaction /CONSOLUT/TP_ADD in order to do that very convenient. This transaction can add multiple transport requests in one step. Therefore, you do no longer need to do several times "Extras->Other Requests->Add" in STMS.


The program is currently available in English and German.

System requirements

There are no special system requirements for the use of the tool.

Product liability

consolut TP-Upload is a free-of-charge program. consolut assumes no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by the use of the program, including the inadvertent deletion or editing of data as a result of improper use.


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The transaction name is /CONSOLUT/TP. The local path (e.g. C:\Temp) must be indicated and the transfer jobs must be entered in the form <SID>K<number>. It is possible to run several transfers (uploads and downloads) at the same time.

Important for uploading: it is not necessary to split the files into data files and cofiles. All the files must be located in the same directory. Files can simply be moved from emails to a directory and are then immediately ready for transfer.

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