DCW Messages

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Complete DCW Messages Documentation From /AAA up to BDE0002

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DCW Messages
I:Es wurden keine Änderungen vorgenommen
--- Nachrichten EU Sanktionslisten -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I:Adresse &1 steht nicht unter Terrorverdacht.
W:Adresse unter Terrorverdacht zu &1 Prozent.
F:Adresse unter Terrorverdacht zu &1 Prozent.
F:Selbsttest erklärt Adresse &1 zum Prozentsatz &2 als unbedenklich.
F:Adresse &1 steht unter Terrorverdacht; Bearbeitung ist gesperrt
F:EU Sanktionslisten: Eintrag zu Adresse &1 nicht vorhanden.
F:EU Sanktionslisten: Eintrag zu Adresse &1 bereits vorhanden.
Frei von Verdacht
Unter Terrorverdacht
Manuelle Nachprüfung
Gute Kontakte
Drucken Adressen unter Terrorverdacht
* Automatisches Ändern ...... &1
* nur ungeprüfte Adressen ... &1
* Komplettprüfung ............ &1
E:Invalid data in Address Pool &1.
I:New address submitted for processing.
I:Change to address submitted for processing.
I:Deletion of address submitted for processing.
E:&1 must be entered.
E:&1 not valid.
E:Call up of Program &1 did not function.
I:Press Enter to record new address information.
E:The word &1 is not appropriate for use as a match code element.
E:Match code matches an individual address; person/department not allowed.
E:Match code does not match any address; further specification not allowed.
I:Program &1 automatically ended.
W:User is not authorized to change master data.
E:Address cannot be deleted.
E:Remark currently being processed by another user.
W:This address may already be recorded.
E:Surname extension not complete.
I:Processing status precludes selection.
I:The address is used as a private address.
E:Record can only be deleted.
E:Telephone number does not match any address.
E:Too many elements entered for match code.
E:No valid match code entry made.
I:Contact people/Departments have been recorded for the address.
I:Correspondence is currently be made with the contact person.
I:Verify application: &1
E:The contact person/department cannot be deleted.
I:The address is used: &1.
I:Contact person/department not allowed for personal address.
E:Search made with question mark cannot be used to create new address.
E:Database revision &1; transaction no. &2 faulty. Process hold file!
W:Changes to Person/Department will be lost.
W:DCW Database &1: Error in change for Company &2. Notify System Manager.
W:Company, not individual address.
E:No matching contact person found.
E:Match code search found more than 1000 contact persons or 100 companies, search aborted.
E:Address pool &1 does not exist.
W:Person may already exist.
W:Department may already exist.
W:The address is possibly available without a first name.
W:The address is possibly already available without a street entry.
&1:Search was made with "&2". The address may already exist.
&1:Search was made with "&2". The address may already exist.
I:Address database access being activated.
E:Address Number not in range from &1 to &2.
I:Valid selections fall between &1 and &2
E:Neither street nor P.O. Box has been entered.
E:Postal code not in accord with country regulations, i.e. &1.
E:Abbreviation does not match any word in Name Lines 1 or 2.
E:No word in the name lines corresponds to the search name.
E:Search was made with "&1".
E:Search name not appropriate.
E:Telephone number already used in another address.
E:Maximum length &1 for verification instruction, but length of input &2
E:Telephone area code not correct according to directory
E:The line must be either 1 or 3.
W:No available address number within a range of &1 addresses after number &2
E:Postal code must be entered.
W:Postal code for P.O.Box not entered.
W:City name not unique - positive identification not possible.
E:Individual address is incomplete.
E:Form of address not allowed.
E:Salutation and office title entry not appropriate.
E:Academic title entry not appropriate.
E:Neither contact person nor division/department.
E:Postal code for P.O.Box not valid without box number
I:Street contained entry regarding "P.O.Box".
I:Existing address is not the same as address to be merged.
W:Different search names for existing address and address to be merged.
W:The existing address and address to be merged are in different cities.
W:Different last names for existing address and address to be merged.
I:No operations in the job queue.
I:No transactions with errors or still in job queue.
E:Personnel/department number &1 is invalid.
E:Personnel/department number &1 is already assigned.
E:Personnel/department number &1 does not exist.
E:Address number &1 does not exist.
E:Match code does not match any address.
W:Match code refers to more than one address.
E:Match code entered is too vague for a search, please enter a more detailed match code.
E:Identification number does not correspond to address - &1
E:Match code does not correspond to address &1.
E:Either search by match code or by identification number.
E:Search by identification number not possible for country &1.
E:Matchcode for creation of an address invalid.
E:Number does not match any contact person/department.
E:Match code does not match any contact person/department.
I:The user settings specified in other screen will be lost.
I:No bank account information for Address &1.
I:No active bank account information found.
I:No inactive bank accounts exist.
I:Bank account &1 is not active.
I:Change Bank Account initiated.
I:Create Bank Account initiated.
E:Invalid Selection.
E:Changes to address &1 made simultaneously on two screens.
E:Invalid address number.
E:Address number already assigned.
E:Name Line 1 must be entered.
E:Invalid city entry.
E:Incomplete telephone entry.
E:Invalid telephone area code.
E:Invalid telephone number.
E:Search Name 1 must be entered.
E:Contact person or division/department must be entered.
E:Invalid alternate telephone entry.
E:Invalid number for contact person/department.
E:Special correspondence address number is invalid.
W:Invalid P.O.Box entry.
E:Telefax number invalid.
E:Direct dial number invalid.
I:No bank account found for key &1.
E:There is no person/department for the given address.
E:Mr.,Ms., etc must be entered.
E:First name must be entered.
E:Last name must be entered.
E:Division/Department must be entered.
E:Only the entries "1"for female or "2" for male are allowed
E:Only the entries "Y" for independent contractor or "N" for wage worker are possible.
E:Invalid address.
E:Invalid country entry.
W:Verify that street name is correct.
W:National tax number already assigned to another address.
&1: The official verification parameter of the country is damaged
W:EU VAT ID Number missing.
E:The maximum length of &1 character(s) has been exceeded.
W:National tax number is missing.
&1:The national entry rule is: &2
E:Entry exceed maximal length &1.
E:Program &1 ended abnormally; Check dump printout.
E:Invalid data type.
E:Invalid processing instruction.
E:Record to be changed not found.
E:Record to be changed is blocked.
E:Address group already exists.
E:Last assigned address number is invalid.
E:Record to be added already exists.
E:Field "&1" is not numeric.
E:Transactions group &1 not appropriate for Address group &2.
E:Field caption &1 created in neither Table A0004 nor A0404.
E:Program &1 ended abnormally; Check storage dump!
I:Address number already assigned.
W:Address may already exist.
I:No search name can be determined.
I:Address no. &2 in conversion catalog under DCW No. &1.
I:Address no. &2 in conversion catalog, DCW No. &1 not found.
I:Address No. &1 in conversion catalog, DCW number not entered.
W:Duplicate address already in data base.
I:Address without street possibly exists already.
I:DCW Address No. &1 in conversion catalog, DCW Adress not found.
E:Duplicate address exists in database.
E:No personal address, different name line.
E:Not an Individual Address; "&1" in Table &2.
E:Not an Individual Address; "Mr., Ms. etc" form cannot be determined.
E:Not an Individual Address; too many last names: "&1"
E:Not an Individual Address; abbreviation: "&1" in Last Name.
W:Last name for individual address cannot be determined.
W:Salutation for individual address could not be determined.
E:Not an Individual Address: word "&1" includes upper case letters.
E:Not an Individual Address; First Name follows "&1".
W:Academic Title incomplete.
W:Merge Addresses: &1 Addresses processed. &2 Addresses must be processed in dialog. Check messages in log!
I:Address not merged; identical address &1 already exists.
E:"Match Code" verification entry invalid.
E:Reference for address already assigned.
I:New special correspondence address submitted for processing.
I:Change to special correspondence address submitted for processing.
I:Deletion of special correspondence address submitted for processing.
E:ISO country key &1 missing for international registration ID &2.
E:Vehicle license &1 is recorded several times in Table Z0020 (e.g &2).
E:Postal code not allowed for this city.
E:Postal code not allowed for P.O. box.
E:Postal code not allowed for major user.
E:City district not allowed.
E:Error in Table/File entry for Table A0801.
I:Registration of contact person submitted.
I:Change of contact person submitted.
I:Deletion of contact person submitted.
I:Record removed.
I:Contact person marked for deletion.
I:Contact person marked for change.
I:Contact person marked for creation.
I:Department marked for deletion.
I:Department marked for change.
I:Department marked for creation.
I:Registration of department submitted.
I:Change of department submitted.
I:Deletion of department submitted.
I:Creation of last address number submitted.
I:Change to last address number submitted.
E:User has no authority to use status &1.
I:No address was selected; user not authorized to create addresses
W:The user is not authorized to maintain addressees
W:User has limited authorization for changing addressees
W:User is not authorized to create new addressees
I:User has no authorization to create bank connections
E:User has no authorization for system &1
I:Postal code not in post files.
W:Postal code &1 is not valid for delivery address.
W:Postal code &1 is not valid for PO Box.
W:Postal code &1 is not valid for major user.
E:Postal code/city combination was not found in city directory &2.
E:The street contains input for the postal box.
E:Enter a postal code.
W:Postal code / City not in German City Directory.
W:Postal code for PO Box not in postal files.
I:No city areas recorded for this city.
W:Abbreviation does not correspond to a city area.
W:Street is situated in a different suburb.
I:&1 was refreshed.
W:Street excluded from postal files without new entry.
W:Street not found in postal files.
W:House number not within the selection.
W:City excluded from postal files without replacement entry.
W:PO Box not in postal files.
W:PO Box not within PO Box range.
I:No entry in postal files for postal code for large-scale user.
I:Street entered was renamed, new name is displayed.
I:Postal code refers to PO Box.
W:City not listed in postal code directory.
W:City not listed in street directory.
I:Street does not exist for this area postal code and city.
I:City, post code and street must be verified/corrected together.
I:First confirm selection with enter key and then press F6.
I:Major user not in major user file.
I:Major user has a different postal code: recorded code is &1; suggested code is &2.
I:Street does not correspond to street in major user file.
I:Post code is not a major user post code.
I:City name changed. Current: &1 Suggestion: &2
I:Post code not listed in file.
I:City number changed. Current: &1 Suggestion:
I:City parish/area changed: old: &1 - new: &2
I:Postal code changed. Current: &1 Suggestion:
I:House number is missing.
I:Parish key changed. Current: &1 Suggestion:
I:Delivery office postal code changed. Current:
I:The address correction was forwarded under transaction number &1.
I:Street name changed. Current: &1 Suggestion:
* *
* Verify Correct *
* City change &1 &2 *
* Street change &1 &2 *
* Sorting off. post code &1 &2 *
* City parish change &1 &2 *
* P.O. Box post code &1 &2 *
* Major user post code &1 &2 *
* Major user office ad. &1 &2 *
* *
&1 &2
I:PO Box number changed. Current: &1
I:Suburb match code changed. Current: &1
I:Freight cooperation updated.
E:Only the entries &1 = Yes or &2 = No are valid.
E:The ISO country key is still being used in at least &1 file(s). See spool file.
E:Country code is still being used in table Z0020
W:The vehicle's country is being used in at least &1 addresses. See spool file
E:Invalid message-ID.
W:Neither street nor postal code entered.
W:Search was made with "&1".
W:Search name not appropriate.
W:Telephone number already used in another address.
W:Telephone area code not correct according to directory.
E:Postal code &1 is not listed in postal directory.
W:Postal code/city combination was not found in city directory &2.
W:The street contains input for the postal box.
W:First name &1 is not listed in the first name directory
E:Salutations are used in the &1 person.
E:Formal address title is used in &1 person.
E:Title is used in &1 person(s).
E:Syntax error - too many digits.
E:Invalid verification specified - Combination not allowed &1
E:Day entry maximum 2 digits &1.
E:Month entry maximum 2 digits &1
E:Year entry must be 2 digits &1
E:Year entry must be 4 digits &1
E:Day/Month entry maximum 3 or 4 digits &1
E:Day/Mnth/Year entry maximum 5 or 6 digits &1
E:Day/Month/Year entry maximum 7 or 8 digits &1
E:Month/Year entry maximum 3 or 4 digits &1
E:Month/Year entry maximum 5 or 6 digits &1
E:Invalid verification specified - Month in false position &1
E:No verificaion specification for date found.
E:Entry required.
E:Entry must be numeric &1
E:Verification instruction &1 is too complex.
E:Telecommunication: &1 does not exist.
E:Telecommunication: &1 already exists.
E:Invalid key for bank account information &1.
E:Bank account information key &1 already exists.
E:Bank account information key &1 does not exist.
W:Identical bank account already exists.
F:Match-Code cannot find bank account information.
I:Delete bank account initiated.
I:Delete bank account is selected.
I:Change bank account is selected.
I:Create bank account is selected.
E:Bank account information cannot be deleted.
E:Bank account information used: &1
I:Bank account information not used in any application.
I:The address is used as an alternate account holder.
I:Die IBAN verweist auf eine Nationale Bankverbindung.
F:Die IBAN verweist auf keine Nationale Bankverbindung.
F:Der Verweis auf IBAN ist nur für Nationale Bankverbindungen gültig.
F:IBAN existiert nicht.
F:Der Verweis auf IBAN ist mehrfach vergeben
E:Account number is missing.
E:National bank-code is missing.
E:Either S.W.I.F.T-Code or National Bank-Code must be valid.
I:Address Number &1 of the receiving bank does not exist.
E:Country of bank is not &1, the country of the receiving bank.
E:Alternate account holder is identical with address.
E:S.W.I.F.T-Code is missing.
'E:The country's rule for entry is:&1.'
E:Invalid status "inactive" when used in account data sheet.
E:Invalid status "inactive" when used in open items.
W:Account number is missing.
W:National Bank-Code is missing.
E:Verification digit is missing.
E:There is no S.W.I.F.T. code '&5' contained in Table &2 for the country of the bank.
W:The input rule of the country is: &1.
E:IBAN is incorrect.
W:IBAN is incorrect.
E:Invalid account number. Account number may not be an IBAN.
W:Changes to the bank account information will be lost.
E:Bank account information cannot be changed.
E:Unknown payment method &1.
E:Country &2 does not use payment method &1
E:Payment method &2 is invalid for the selection.
E:Run table changes with table A0901
I:No variances in bank account information or bill of exchange available.
F:Bankverbindung &1 weicht vom Original ab. Änderungen werden ignoriert.
F:Bankverbindung &1 hat andere IBAN. Änderungen werden ignoriert.
E:Extended address: &1 does not exist.
E:Extended address: &1 already exists.
I:Maintaining table &1 invalid
E:Before deleting &1,&2 must be deleted.
E:The valid field length in area &1 - &2
E:Country &1 does not have an ID number.
W:If F10=Change country is pressed, changes will be lost.
W:If F8=Change view is pressed, changes will be lost.
E:&1 for coutry &2 has no status.
E:&1 for country &2 has no additional office information.
E:Country &1 does not match address country.
E:Address is not the company &1 address.
E:&1 is valid for contact person.
E:There is no &1 for the given address.
E:&1 is not allowed for contact partner/department
E:&1 is only valid for the company address.
E:An ID no. has already been created for country &1.
E:The country has no &2.
E:ID number for country &1 not found.
-------- Messages AMX* belong to application 0202 Selections ------------------
E:Definition name already exists
E:Character string is an invalid name
E:Format entered not found
E:Invalid operator
E:Definition contains errors
E:No table/structure support possible for field
I:Definition &1 created
E:Query command too long
E:Outfile already exists
E:Selection program &1 invalid
E:Parameter program &1 from table A9102 not found or ended incorrectly
E:Error occurred in program &1
E:Instructions for &1 not found
E:Definition no.1 &1 not found
E:Syntax error in OPNQRYF command
E:Definition is missing the key word FILE
I:Definition &1 transferred from source file &3/&2
E:Member does not contain records
E:Error occurred in format from the definition
I:Definition placed in member &1
E:Definition &1 not found
W:Definition not merged from member &1
W:Definition &1 was not placed in file &2
E:Error occurred in format file &2/&1 from the Definition
I:No substitute or supplementary entry foreseen
I:No further selection foreseen
E:Document and file must be different
I:No outfiles exist
E:No authorization for this file
E:Apostrophe missing or invalid
E:Parameter not found or contains errors. Selection was not made
I:File does not exist. "Create" follows
I:Selection point not developed
W:File &1 not deleted
W:File &1 not copied
W:File &1 not renamed
E:File aready exists
I:No definitions exist
I:No selection program exists
E:Document name has invalid characters or the document exists
I:No actions exist
E:Ouput file does not exist
E:Format is already created
E:Program assignment already exists
E:No object exists for the format entry
E:No authorization exists for program &1
I:No output format exists
E:Data structure &1 does not exist
E:Multiple entries are not valid
W:Name already used for a differen action
I:File not suitable for actions
E:No authorization exists for action &1
I:Action &1 changed
E:There are still actions in this key
I:Program &1 already active
E:Enter the merge type.
E:Incorrect entry for merge type.
E:'Merge from' is a required entry field.
E:Incorrect entry for 'Merge from'.
E:Enter the file name.
E:This file does not exist.
E:Enter library name.
E:This library does not exist.
E:Enter the document name.
E:This document does not exist.
E:Enter the folder name.
E:This folder does not exist.
E:The user has no authorization for this document
E:The user has no authorization for this folder.
E:An error occurred when the command ChkDLO was executed.
I:There are no history entries for &1.
Print History Merge Postal Code
* Country ..................... &1 *
Content/ File/
Date Time User Screen Update Doc. Folder/Library File/Doc. RtC addional information
"Merge Postal Code Netherlands" was called with *Replace; this data is update data.
"Merge Postal Code Netherlands" was called with *Update; this data is replace data.
No data was found in the file/document entered.
Merge Postal Code Netherlands ran correctly; at least one interim update is missing.
The folder name is incorrect or does not comply with the rules.
The document name is incorrect or does not comply with the standards.
E:Field &1 must be empty.
E:Invalid option &1 in field &2: Valid options are &3.
E:There is no DCW address assigned to external address number &1 external system &2 company &3.
E:For DCW address number &1 DCW address pool &2, there is no external address assigned.
I:For the external system &2, there are no entries with status &1.
F:Persönliche Adresse enthält Telekommunikationsdaten zur Adresse und zur Person.
F:Detailnummer für Person darf nicht 0 sein.
F:Positionssatz in ATECNUBBE ohne Kopfsatz in der Datei AAPENBE Person/Abteilung
I:No follow-up records could be found for the header record of the ADRMSTBE control file
I:No data has been selected for processing in the AADRMSTBE control file
E:The AAGRREF file has no reference
E:DCW address number expected but no such number exists
E:DCW address number provided, but smaller than the defined lower limit
E:DCW address number provided, but greater than the defined upper limit
E:Merge package in Table A0007 does not exist
E:External system missing from or not created in Table A1501
E:Company number is not assigned
E:External address pool missing from or not created in Table A1502.
E:External address pool &1 does not correspond withe the company's external address pool &2
E:No valid operation type for database maintenance
E:The DCW address group is not assigned
I:Maintenance not necessary; no data changed
E:Date received is faulty
E:Receiving system missing
E:Revision date is faulty
E:Revision date missing
E:The name of the initiator is missing
E:The data for the AADRTRT key change is incomplete
I:No appropriate data found for the key change
E:The library name -old- for the merging of old data is missing
E:The system parameter could not be determined
I:DCW address already deleted
E:The hierarchy of external system, company, hold file packet, and transaction number is not complete.
E:External address number missing.
E:System assignment by DCW, transaction invalid
E:Processing status &1 is not 3 "Ready for Processing"
I:&6 Transactions interface processed: &1 denied; &2 asyn. processing, thereof &3 corrected.
I:Correction in capitalization
I:Correction in personal address
I:Correction in postal address
I:Address correction.
I:Correction for person/department.
I:Duplicate correction.
I:Identity correction.
I:Duplicate correction.
I:Payment method correction.
I:ID number correction.
E:Transaction Number From is larger than Transaction Number To.
E:Transaction Number "from" must be filled in if Transaction Number "To" is filled in.
E:The hierarchy within the selection is not correct.
I:There are no faulty processes in the interface
I:There are no records existing to be merged.
I:There are no records already merged.
I:There are no error records existing.
E:An error has occured in the database.
Error messages interface
Error messages asynchr.processing
At this level, no message descriptions can be displayed.
I:The selection Statistics does not support selection by transaction number.
Print address merge interface statistics
* External system ........... &1 *
* Hold File Packet........... &1 *
* Company ................... &1 *
Number Number Anzahl
Level Records Errors. Proz Fehler
W:The functions F6 and F18 are only available with processing type input.
I:Statistics being compiled: &1 records being analyzed.
I:Statistics being compiled.
E:Entered transaction number is outside the allowed area.
E:Database error occurred during deletion of ext. address data.
E:Database error occurred while processing ext. address data.
I:External address(es) deleted normally.
I:External address(es) processed normally.
I:There are no records ready to be merged for this selection.
I:There are no records in the merge files for this selection.
E:First &2 in Table &3 must be deleted.
E:First the reference to company &1 must be removed.
E:External system &1 contains assignments to the conversion catalog.
I:External system &1 contains no entry for address pool &2
I:Create Reference Initiated.
I:Change Reference Initiated.
I:Delete Reference Initiated.
E:Either search with matchcode or search with external address number.
E:External address number &1 does not refer to an address.
I:DCW address refers to no external address numbers.
E:Reference to external address number &1; external system &2; external address pool does not exist.
E:Reference to external address number &1, external system &2, external address pool already exists.
E:To edit the hold file, the company must be changed.
Address Management
F17=Tax numbers
EU VAT ID Number
National Tax No.
Location of Tax Office
Numbers only /END
1st place must be "U" /END
Numbers/1st+2nd can be letters/END
Numbers/2nd=can letter 8thmust/END
10th place must be "B" /END
Numbers/1st+9th can be letters/END
Maintain Telecommunication Data
Display Telecommunication Data
Maintain Free Fields
Display Free Fields
Maintain Extended Address Lines
Display Extended Address Lines
Maintain Identification Number -
Display Identification Number -
Identification No. for Country .END
Identification No. .END
Display Reference External Address Number - DCW Address Number
Maintain Reference External Address Number - DCW Address Number
Delete Reference External Address Number - DCW Address Number
Display Post Code Directory .END
* Delete Pending
* Change Pending
* Create Pending
Work Items on Hold -
Contact Person/Department
Company or Person
Match Code
Address number
External system
Hold file packet
Postal Code and City
P.O. Box
Transaction Number from
Transaction Number to
Company Address
Individual Address
Transfer Addresses using Batch
Address linkage
Private Address
Alternate account holder
Verweis Nationale Bankverbindung
Add. grp.
Verify Address Use
The address is not used in any application!
Verify use of contact person/department address.
The contact person/department address is not used in any application!
The deletion process was started by user:
Supplemental Address Fields
Bank Account Information
Print Delete Addresses Not Used
Print Addresses Not Used
* Delete Yes/No ...... &1
Last Address Number
Organization Member
Address Sub-set by .END
Verify/Correct Addresses (Germany)
City District
Use as
Customer Master Data
Check Bank Account Information Use
Print Delete Bank Account Information Not Used
* Bank Account Information ...... &1
Print Bank Account Information Not Used
Import Bankverbindung SEPA Fehlerprotokoll
National bank code cannot be found in the table.
* Address Group ............... &1
* Range ....................... &1
* Sorting ..................... &1 1=Date, 2=Field *
Deletion on
Created on
&1 (Table key no longer exists)
Department: &1
Person : &1
Print Verify identification number
Print Verify identification number Statistics
* Identification Number ...... &1
* Country .................... &1
* Address Subset ............. &1
* Change date from ........... &1 *
* to ............. &1 *
Adr.No. Addresses Ident.No. Msg.ID Error text
Number Number
Country Records Checked Err.Records % Msg.ID Error Text
Country rule for
1=Print, 2=Hold
+** BMSG MSGF Organization ***' *
!!! BMSG MSGF Organization (continued) !!!
Previous Fiscal Year
Previous Month
Current Month
E:The "From date" is later than the "To date".
January February March April May June
July August September October November December
Print Account
W:You filled more characters than the valued
W:You filled less characters than the valued
W:The Key must be in accordance to the one defined in the previous Level
E:The Date given is not the end of the Financial year &1
F:Invalid value in 'From account-To account'.
E:Error in VAT No.(AFM)
E:Currency must be different than home currency
E:Date given is not within a Fiscal Year
E:Dates are of different Fiscal Years
Date :
Process :
Company :
Group :
Group of Companies :
Period :
From Date :
To Date :
From Account :
To Account :
Collection :
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I:No archived fiscal years exist for company &1.
I:The last archived fiscal year for company &1 is &2.
I:No active fiscal years exist for company &1.
E:Fiscal year &2 for company &1 has been archived.
I:Transaction cancelled.
I:Transaction cancelled for company &1.
I:No credit standing data found for customer.
I:Credit status verified - Credit Rating &1.
I:Credit status successfully verified - Credit Rating &1.
E:Credit status check unsatisfactory - Credit Rating &1
E:Address group and address number must be registered.
I:Work area for credit standing being activated.
E:Table &1 for credit standing calculation missing or empty.
E:No companies from active address group assigned to Co.Group &1.
E:The selected account has no sub-account for specified address.
I:In the selected level, certain keys are not considered..
E:The selected address not used by any control account for this company.
E:Credit Standing Module &1 missing or ended in error.
Customer is also a Supplier
W:The event entered will not be considered by the credit rating verification.
Print Credit Standing Overview
* Address Group ............... &1
* Print List .................. &1 Y=Yes, N=No *
* Process Evaluation .......... &1 Y=Yes, N=No *
Add.No. Addresses Value Total Liabilities
E:This entry can not be deleted.
E:The upper limit of the credit rating value here must be larger than the previous one.
E:The upper limit of the credit rating value here must be smaller than the next one.
E:The base for the credit rating value here must be larger than the previous one.
E:The base for the credit rating value here must be smaller than the next one.
E:The weighting base of the credit rating value may only be ' ','1', or '2'.
E:The weighting base for the credit rating value must remain empty.
E:The weighting base for the credit rating value must be '1'.
E:The weighting base for the credit rating value must be '2'.
E:The weighting must be larger than the previous one.
E:The weighting must be smaller than the next one.
E:The VAT portion must be larger than the previous one.
E:The VAT portion must be smaller than the following one.
E:The upper limit of the value area must be larger than the lower limit.
E:The time base is derived from reminder events - no input possible.
E:Only reminder levels 0 through 4 are valid.
E:The target variance must be larger than the previous one.
E:The target variance must be smaller than the next one.
E:The credit target must be larger than the previous one.
E:The credit target must be smaller than the next one.
E:The given address group is invalid.
E:This entry may not be changed.
E:Accumulation fields must also be assigned on upper levels.
E:The entered field type is invalid.
E:The program for value determination was not found.
E:This value may not be changed.
*** Standing Order ***
*PGM StandOrder
E:An error occurred when preparing the file &1.

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