In-house hosting of SAP systems ties up both human and financial resources. Regular investments in new hardware and security technologies are a must. Moreover, running an SAP system requires expert know-how and a high commitment of staff. Even if all these conditions are fulfilled, optimal availability and performance cannot always be ensured.

That is why we offer to host a clone of your system in a data center "made in Germany". We ensure maximum safety, flexibility and an optimal tie-in with your existing SAP systems.

Your benefits at a glance

Less strain on company resources

  • By outsourcing your development and/or test system, you avoid the costs of hardware and software licenses
  • Your IT staff gains more time to work on strategic or innovative projects
  • We use your existing SAP and database licenses
  • Less of your capital is tied up, as fixed costs become variable costs
  • No loss of know-how when staff members leave the company


  • We provide a high-performance system in a minimum amount of time
  • VMware setup with individual operating systems and database servers
  • Worldwide access via SAPGUI and WEBGUI
  • Fast restore of the last backup
  • Easy prototyping for new projects

Optimal integration in your SAP server landscape

  • Smooth communication between local and hosted systems
  • Seamless integration into the SAP transport management
  • Remote function calls

Availability and updates

  • 24/7 availability
  • On request, we will implement the latest support and enhancement packages within a short time


  • Access only via secure VPN connections
  • Hosting in a German data center
  • A fully independent test or sandbox system allows you to test new business functions without risk
  • Additional safety due to variable access and firewall rules
  • To view the data protection regulations of our partner Hetzner, please go to

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