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SAP Business Intelligence systems (BI) are used by many businesses to provide an efficient and effective reporting system. The higher your requirements, the more expert knowledge and resources beyond normal working hours you will need to support an SAP BI system. For most businesses, it makes no sense to develop this expertise or provide these resources in-house. consolut SAP Support BI allows you to offer your users just the level of support they need without overtaxing internal resources by outsourcing additional support services to consolut.

With SAP Support BI, consolut will provide first-, second- and/or third-level support, just as you need. Our dedicated support team in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. enables us to respond to your requests on an on-call basis or 24/7, with guaranteed response times; the Service Level Agreement is tailored to your individual requirements.

We will support all areas of your BI system, from process chains to adjusting reports. Our expertise in transaction systems makes us a knowledgeable partner in matters beyond BI as well.

In conjunction with consolut SAP Support BasisAuthorizations and ERP, we can implement virtually any support requirement with great efficiency.

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