consolut Commercial Credit Insurance

Less risk, more safety!

Are your receivables insured?

Bad debts are a risk that may threaten a company’s very existence. In addition to effective credit rating control using credit agencies and an analysis of their own transactions (e.g. with the consolut Credit Rating Analysis tool), companies can minimize the risk associated with bad debts by taking out commercial credit insurance (CCI).  

The relationship between your company, the insurance and your business partners is a complex one. The administration of different contracts, each with its own insurance conditions, is a very time-consuming task.

Cut down on your administrative Workload!

The consolut Commercial Credit Insurance tool details all common insurance conditions in the SAP system to support you in administrating and implementing contracts with different insurance conditions.    

Your Benefits

  • Fully integrated into the SAP system
  • Data import from the predecessor system (DCW)
  • Customizable
  • Traceability of historical data
  • Automatic notification of the insurer
  • More safety due to conformity with the contract
  • Transparent premium calculation
  • Documentation of all changes and adjustments

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