consolut Dubletten-Prüfung

The consolut Duplicate Check is a simple and reliable tool that helps users check master records and prevent double entries.


Do you want correct and up-to-date address data in your system? Ideally, your master data should contain only one address for every legal entity, whether customer, partner or supplier. Unfortunately, sometimes all you have to do is search for "Manfred Mueller" to realize that the reality is different: Master records with slight differences in spelling exist twice or three times in the system.

Sound familiar?

  • Are you annoyed every time you find multiple entries for the same person in your master data?
  • Do your international subsidiaries create master records without umlauts,, while your own records contain umlauts?
  • Do you often waste time finding the right master record number?
  • Wouldn't it be great to know immediately which customer number belongs to an order?
  • Do you want to find information on a partner's sales or liabilities without combining several master records?

Then the consolut Duplicate Check is the right tool for you. Why?


  • Seamless integration into the SAP® standard and the consolut Address Search
  • Can be used for customer, supplier and/or business partner data
  • Active when data sets are created and when they are changed
  • Parameters only need to be defined once
  •  As long as no duplicate is found, the Duplicate Check remains invisible


  • The consolut Duplicate Check compares a predefined number of characters in the fields "Names", "Street address", "ZIP code" and "City"
  • For optimal results, the search ignores both case and the order of the search terms and recognizes different spellings of umlauts
  • Any duplicates found are displayed in a pop-up window along with the corresponding editing options
  • The search terms can be combined at will

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