DCW2SAP Migration Package

Now is the time to switch from DCW to SAP. consolut has the skills and experience to implement your migration project safely, quickly, smoothly and without risk – at a fixed price!

The consolut DCW2SAP Migration Package: smooth system migration at a fixed price!

Price from €4,000/month, for a term of 6 years

The offer includes the following modules of the consolut DCW2SAP solution:

  • Introduction project
  • Licenses
  • SAP hosting
  • Support

These are the advantages of our consolut DCW2SAP method:

  • consolut's unique experience gained in nearly 50 DCW2SAP migration projects and more than 300 man-years of DCW consulting
  • 4 modules for a fixed price from €4,000/month – no risks, no surprises
  • Every module can be customized:

    • Project scope
    • Hosting (entire system hosted by consolut, hardware on your premises, the rest provided by consolut)
    • The costs of support & licenses are clear and transparent from day one
    • Short project times of 3–9 months depending on the size of the project

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