Our solutions

Our solutions combine IT expertise, ERP and SAP know-how with business understanding. In practice we have implemented these on more than 3500 customer projects over the last 20 years. consolut’s approach is process-driven and process-focused keeping in view the core workflow and running of a business. We understand your special requirements and implement them effectively and efficiently on your SAP system.

Our consulting services include classic implementation projects as well as rollout and SLO projects – we make sure your project is implemented on time and within budget. In addition, we handle or assist you with the operation and maintenance of your systems. This comprises all areas including hosting, managed services, and basis and application support services. Based on our consulting experience from numerous projects, we have developed helpful solutions that complement the standard system. These solutions are either software products that require virtually no consulting or solution packages consisting of software and consulting services. 

SAP Consulting

Our approach and method of work on your SAP system is process-driven. Our business workflow is based on certain steering, core and support processes – such as Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C) – which are reflected in the way we think our way into the problem. Whether it is to manage the whole process from beginning to end or focus on a certain area, we will come up with the best fitting solution for you. We view the problem in the context of your entire system architecture and specific business needs, as part of a dynamic process which ensures the best and most efficient solution. consolut SAP Consulting makes sure all relevant SAP modules are integrated and work in conjunction to have your system up and running in no time!

Some of our solutions include:


SAP HANA is a new technology that is still under development in terms of business cases and specific support by SAP applications. Our extensive experience from various projects enables us to handle SAP HANA projects with and for you – from selection and planning to an efficient implementation and support after the go-live.


By switching to S/4HANA, you are setting the course for the future: The ERP system is the ideal foundation for the comprehensive digitization of your company.

ERP Accounting & Logistics

SAP offers a number of different solutions for all logistics processes, from sales planning to production and delivery of the finished product, as well as in the financial area such as GL and Asset Accounting and Controlling.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Unlock the potential of your data and secure your competitive advantage – with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). The platform is the smart way to real-time data analytics.

consolut S/4HANA Sandbox

Minimize doubt and risks by trying out the S/4HANA environment.

We use the ASAP method to implement our SAP projects, for which we have developed our own accelerators according to project type:

  • Implementation project
  • International rollout
  • System landscape optimization 

DCW Consulting

DCW is an ERP software developed specifically for medium-sized companies that offers many benefits. DCW customers appreciate the software’s reliability and stability, inexpensive maintenance, simple and convenient use and open interfaces.

Our DCW Team

We are among the few consulting agencies which still possess DCW know-how. Consulting is based on experience and who could be more experienced than a professional who learned his trade from the ground up? The majority of our DCW consultants were already employed at DCW during the beginnings of DCW software and thus actively participated in the development of the software. In total, over 270 years of DCW consulting expertise are available to you in our DCW team. Challenge us and find the question that hasn’t been asked and answered in 270 years!

We have developed our own methodology to migrate DCW systems to SAP which we have already successfully implemented on more than 40 projects. If the objective is to switch from DCW to SAP we can ensure an extremely fast, low-risk and inexpensive migration that is based on our DCW2SAP method.

To ensure your continued satisfaction, we offer our services to address specific challenges of your business and support your DCW software application over its entire life cycle.

Operation & Maintenance

Running and maintaining SAP systems and system landscapes is one of our core competencies – a fact that allows us to find the perfect solution for each and every client. We host SAP system landscapes, ensure smooth operation of SAP Basis and a successful implementation and maintenance of authorization concepts, and offer application support.

We take responsibility for the overall availability of your SAP applications based on a number of different Service Level Agreements. If you are only struggling in certain areas, we will provide focused support wherever you need us.

Our services in detail:

Managed Services

You are a medium-sized company that uses SAP and sometimes struggles with the software’s special challenges…


Professional support for your IT systems is at least as important as a successful implementation. You need to be sure, at both the basis and the application level, that your business processes can be fully supported by your IT systems and that any problems that may arise can be solved within a reasonable time. That is the job of the support team.


Hosting of your SAP landscape, or parts of it, helps you avoid premature upgrades of your own server infrastructure. consolut offers dynamic hosting that is tailored to your requirements. Our short contract terms allow you to remain flexible at all times. And since you determine the operating system and database, the environment is still one with which you are familiar.


Our knowledge and experience are founded on more than two decades of successful project work and consulting. As we intently listen to our customers we deliver custom solutions with real added value. We then consequently continue to develop these into standard products.
Some of these are:

Solution Packages

As a rule we find the custom solution that is best for every customer. In the course of our consulting projects over the years certain requirements have come up repeatedly. For these we have created standard solution packages consisting of consulting and tools. Based on the standard approach and our experience these solution packages can be implemented extremely efficiently. 

The following solution packages are available: 

Intercompany Matching & Reconciliation (ICMR)

DCW2SAP Migration Package

Now is the time to switch from DCW to SAP. consolut has the skills and experience to implement your migration project safely, quickly, smoothly and without risk – at a fixed price!

Authorization Redesign Package

Good authorization concepts offer an efficient way of assigning users as many authorizations as are needed for day-to-day operations and as few as are required to minimize risks.

DCW Fitness Package

We help you optimize your system with our comprehensive DCW Fitness Package!

Electronic Balance

Electronic financial statements, i.e. the electronic transmission of the annual financial statement and the profit and loss statement to the tax office, are obligatory for financial years beginning after December 31, 2011.

Intercompany Suite

Handling intercompany processes is a challenge for medium-sized companies just as it is for international corporations. The consolut Intercompany Suite supports and simplifies these processes on various levels of automation.

Compliance Suite

Even though compliance seems to be of little use operationally, it is of major importance from a risk management and legal point of view. This applies before internal or external audit raise concerns.

Customizing Re-engineering for SAP

After the go-live of an SAP system, you will ideally have documentation that describes the mapping of business processes up to and including any customizing and system extensions. This documentation is then updated every time the system is changed.