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Are you looking for a help text, e.g. for the UST message with DCW? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a list of complete DCW help texts. You will also find all messages, warnings and error messages.

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Complete DCW Panel Groups Documentation From /AAA up to BCVTSTO

Complete DCW Panel Groups Documentation From /AAA up to BCVTSTO

This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.
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DCW Panel Groups
F12: Previous Text 1
F12: Previous Text 2
F12: Previous Text 3
F12: Previous Text 4
F12: Previous Text 5
Berechtigungsgruppe Setliste
F21: Authorization
F10: View 1
F10: View 2
F21: History
F09: Last change
F03: Exit program (Text 1)
F03: Exit program (Text 2)
F03: Exit program (Text 3)
F03: Exit program (Text 4)
F24: More keys
F23: More Options
F06: Process
F04: Match code
F20: Work hold file
F05: Remarks
Asynchronous File Revision
Correspondence: Subject
Table A0002: Bank Directory
Function Key Texts
Address Fields (Tables A0004/A0404)
Fields For Contact Person/Department
Import Addresses
PO Box in Street
Address Sets
Output Control Rules
Table A0102: Vehicle License Codes
Postal Codes: Austria
Postal Codes: Switzerland
Postal Codes - Greece
Postal Codes - France
Postal codes - Italy
Postal Codes - Spain
Postal Codes - Israel
Postal/Telephone Codes - Czech Republic
Postal Codes: South Africa
Postal Codes: Slovenia
Company Salutations
Texts for Contacts in Addresses
PO Box Texts
European Union
Table A0202: Originating Country
Table A0405: Tax Status
Table A0406: State/Province
Mr., Ms., etc.
Office Titles
Acad. Title
Position in Company
Incomplete Titles
Von, Van, etc. Names
Table A0601: Grammatic Forms - Greek
Table A0644: Grammatic Forms - Czech
Table A0701: Classes
Table A0702: Class Assignment
Table A0703: Rules per Country
Table A0801: Postal Address Entry Parameters
Table A0900: Payment Method
Table A0901: National Rules
Master Data Authorization
Table A1501: External Systems
Table A1502: External Address Pools
Table A8000: Marketing Files
Table A9101: Logical Operators
Table A9102: Processing Program
Table A9103: Free Options
Table A9103: Authorization Group
Table A9201: Activities
Table A9202: Supplementary Information
Table A9203: Hold File
Table A9222: Supplementary Information
DCW Address Management
Einrichten Adressverwaltung
Set Up DCW Address Management
Display Addresses: Select
Display Address: Company
Display Addresses: Personal Addresses
Display Address: Contact Person
Display Address: Division/Department
Display Address: Function Keys
Database Address Management
Löschen Adressen/Bankverbindung
Display History
Maintain Address: Select
Maintain Address: Company
Maintain Address: Personal Addresses
Maintain Address: Contact Person
Maintain Address: Division/Department
Maintain Address: Change Country
Maintain Address: Dialog Merging
Maintain Address: Correspondence
Maintain Address: Function Keys
Maintain and Display Address
Maintain last address number
Maintain Address Pool
Status Merge External Addresses
Merge Addresses Using Batch: Extended Select
Merge Addresses Using Batch: Uppercase/Lower
Merge Addresses Using Dialog: Company
Merge Addresses Using Dialog: Individuals
Merge Addresses Using Dialog: Function Keys
F12: Previous Text 1
German Postal Code Book
Maintain Bank Account Information
Maintain Bank Account Information
Maintian Bank Account Information
Refresh Bank Codes
German Postal Code Book
Postal Code Table - Netherlands
German Postal Code Book
Conversion Catalog
Special Correspondence Routing
Special Correspondence Routing: Select
Special Correspondence Routing: Department/P
Special Corresponding Routing: Address
Correspondence: General Information
Correspondence: Variable in Document
Correspondence: Form of Salutation
Correspondence Routine
Example Function Key F19
Export Addresses
10=Bank Accounts
F10=View 1
F10=View 2
F9=Create Address
F16=Special address
F16=Optional Fields
F8=Person/Dept.;Personal Data; Person 1/2
F4=Search Term: Name lines 'Maintain Addresses'
F17=ID Numbers
F11=Delete Conversion Catalog
Import Extern Addresses : free/dlt extern records
Import Extern Addresses : wrk with ablage Mand.
Import Extern Addresses : wrk with ablage AblPac
Import Extern Addresses : wrk with ablage Ext.Sys.
Import Extern Addresses : wrk with ablage AblPac
Merge External Addresses
Glossary Address Management
Address Search
Maintain Hold File
Maintain Hold File: Select
Maintain Hold File: Company Address
Maintain Hold File: Individual
Maintain Hold File: Telecommunication
Maintain Hold File: Interface
Maintain Hold File: Contact Person
Maintain Hold File Master Data
Import/Export Addresses
Check Extern Addresses : Dsp Statistics
Maintain Advertising Master Data
Maintain Advertising Master Data
Select Address
Address List: User Options
Window "PLZ" and "P.O. Box"
Assign Free Address Number
Overhaul Database Addresses
Cities in Germany
Cities - Netherlands
Display Contact Persons
Select contact person/department/division
German Postal Codes
Postal Code Netherlands
Display Postal Code Book for Germany
Window Postal Code Book-Alpabetical
Window Postal Code Book: Numerical
Print Address History
Quality Address Databse
Streets in Germany
Streets - Netherlands
Table T0109: Exit Program Address Management
Einkommensteuernummer Italien
EU VAT Registration Number
Verify EC VAT Registration Number
Addresses with identical telephone numbers
Maintain Conversion Catalog
Maintain Conversion Catalog
Maintain Authorizations: Address Management
Verify Address Use
Process Selection
Maintain Selection Program
Display Definition
Process Selection
Maintain Definition
Create Definition
Maintain Activity-Address Assignment
Maintain DCW Query Formats
Create Query Definition from Source
Query Glossary
Maintain File Combinations
Mix Document with Selected Data
Work Output File
Maintain Processing Program
Sorting Fields for Output File
Supplemental Bookkeeping
Disbursement Payment Types
Output Postings
Field Option Voucher
Field Option Control
Bank Collection
Bill of Exchange Collection
Credit Memo Payment Conditions
Optical Archiving
Turnover Tax Return
Bill of Exchange Types
Assign Open Item Status
Stastical Reports
Chart of Accounts Structure
Voucher Types
File References
Fiscal Years
Convert Posting Date
Variable Posting Periods
Closing Periods
Automatic Posting
Standard Discounts
Default Reminder Settings
Bank/Credit Institutes
Bank Transfer Data
Check (Cheque) Data
Daten Wechsel
Daten Bankeinzug
Standard Conditions
Base date for payment deadline
Penalty Interest
Payment Deadline Rules
Payment Deadline Rules
Daten Scheck/Wechsel
Daten Auslandszahlung
Band Bankdaten
Payment Conditions Texts
Daten Bankgirot
Check Deposit
Check Number Assignment
One-time Payments
Special Rules
Open Item Accounts
Control Account Shortcut
Standing Allocation
B/E Receivable Accounts
Company Group Clearing
B/E Payable Accounts
Confidential Accounts
Follow-Up Purchase Voucher
Foreign Exchange Accounts
Follow-up Sales Voucher
Account Activity Classes
Account Statement Accounts
Hidden Rebate Adjustment
Del Credere Adjustment
Open Item Interim Accounts
Exchange Rate Differences
Input VAT Types
Types of VAT
Turnover Tax Group
Direct Input VAT Accounts
Report Rules B0406 Input VAT
Report Rules B0407 VAT
Report Rules B0408 Direct Input VAT
EU Import Data
VAT Additional Functions
Input VAT Additional Functions
Voucher Texts
Bank Code Numbers - Austria
Bank Code Numbers - Switzerland
Bank Code Numbers - Germany
AWV Country Codes
Bank Code Numbers - Greece
Bank Code Numbers - France
Bank Code Numbers - Great Britain
Bank Code Numbers - Italy
Bank Code Numbers - Spain
Bank Code Numbers - Cyprus
Bank Code Numbers - Poland
Leistungsverzeichnis Ausgaben DK
Banken DK
Leistungsverzeichnis Ausgaben Ausland FR
Leistungsverzeichnis Ausgaben Ausland IT
Banken ZA
Banken HU
Leistungsverzeichnis Verkauf Inland HU
List of Currencies
Monthly Exchange Rates
Daily Exchange Rate
Daily Exchange Rates
Preparing Reports
Account Classifications
Balance Sheet/P&L Setup
Company Sub-Groups
Kopiervorlage Bilanz- und GuV-Gliederung
Cost Accounting Posting Assignment
Cost Allocation Objects
Account Categories
Substitute Assignments
Einreichung Wechsel zum Inkasso /Diskont
BE Discount Submission
Payment Reminder Texts
Standard Voucher Texts
Tabelle B1200
Merge Sales Vouchers: File references
Hauptbücher Fakturierung
Invoicing Revenue Accounts
Prepare Payment Reminders
Prepare Payment Reminders
Prepare Payment Reminders
Prepare Payment Reminders
Prepare Payment Reminders
Prepare Payment Reminders
'Account Data Sheet Default
Prepare Payment Reminders
Prepare Payment Reminders
Check credit rating: Program defaults
Check credit rating: Rating scale
Check credit rating: Situational Factors (Events)
Check credit rating: Reminder Evaluation
Check credit rating: Bill of exchange evaluation
Check credit rating: Payment behavior evaluation
Check credit ratubg: Deadline evaluation
Check credit rating: Overdue item evaluation
Check credit rating: Display values
Quellensteuer: Freie Berufe
Quellensteuer: Quellensteuerarten
Quellensteuer: SV-Beitragsarten
Quellensteuer: Meldepflichtige Angaben
Quellensteuer: Fälligkeitsregeln
Quellensteuer: UV-Beitragsarten
Meldewesen AWV: Landeszentralbanken
Währungsschlüssel AWV
Merge Bank Statements: Bank Account Information
Merge Bank Statements: Business Trans. Code
Table B6001
Bank Acct.Info. in Acct Data Sheet
Display Account: General
Anzeigen Konto: Start
Display Account: Select Functions
Display Account: Panel Group 10
Display Account: Account Transactions
Display Account: Open Items
Display Account: Set Field Selection
Display Account - Sel.Flds. - Debtor Trans.
Display Account - Sel.Flds. - Creditor Trans.
Display Account - Sel.Flds. - GLE Trans.
Display Account - Sel.Flds.-Debtor Open Items
Display Account - Sel.Flds.-Creditor Open Items
Display Account - Sel.Flds.-GLE Open Items
Maintain Accounts Structure
Account Data Sheet: Select Account
Account Data Sheet
Account Data Sheet
Account Data Sheet
Account Data Sheet Balance / P&L Assignment Tax
Account Data Sheet Balance / P&L
Account Data Sheet Sub-Account Account Billing
Account Data Sheet Cost Accounting
Account Data Sheet Trade / Foreign Credit Insuranc
Acct.DataSheet: Deb/Cred Pay. Conditions
Account Data Sheet Debtor/Creditor Payment /Remind
Account Data Sheet Hold Selection
Account Data Sheet Hold Data
Account Data Sheet Display History
Account Data Sheet Austria
Account Data Sheet Belgium
Account Data Sheet Switzerland
Maintain Account Data: Payment Cyprus
Maintain Account Data Sheet: Payment Germany
Account Data Sheet Spain
Account Data Sheet France
Account Data Sheet Great Britain
Account Data Sheet Greece
Account Data Sheet Hungary
Account Data Sheet Italy
Account Data Sheet All Countries
Account Data Sheet Luxembourg
Account Data Sheet Poland
Account Data Sheet Sweden
Print Accounts
Account Descriptions
Additional Posting Functions
Account Data Sheet General Information
Assign Accounts: Select from List
Acct.Assignment: Select from List
Display Account: Balancing Postings
Display Journal from Display Account
Display Account: Part Payment
Remove Individual Part Payment Assignments
Display Account: Part Payment Log
Process Open Items
Accounts Payable Structure: Start Program
Forderungsstruktur nach OP-Status
Accounts Receivable Structure
Accounts Receivable Structure: Start Program
Process Bank Collection
Prepare Operating Reports
Print Trial Balances
NOT USED - Incorporated in BBALPL
Print Bal.Sh./P&L Statement
Drucken Ergebnisrechnung Zusatzfenster
Create B.O.E.: Dialogue
Create B.O.E.: Display proposal I. level
Ceeate B.O.E.: Display proposal II. level
Create B.O.E.: Display proposal III. level
Display Bill Book
Display B/E Book: General
Display B/E Book: Banks
Display B/E Book: Stat. B/E
Display B/E Book: B/E Liability
Display Program B/E: Title
Display Pgm. B/E: Functions
Display Pgm. B/E: Output
Display Pgm. B/E: Columns
Deposit B.O.E.: Dialogue
Deposit B.O.E.: Parameters
Deposit B.O.E.: Process bank selection
Deposit B.O.E.: Process bill
Display B/E Deposit 2nd Level
Display B/E Deposit 3rd Level
Payment Program: Display B/E Deposit
Print open B/E
Print Open B/E
Print Open B/E
Post B/E
Post B/E: Voucher Type/Action
Post B/E: B/E Receivable
Post B/E: B/E screen
Post B/E: B/E Receivable
Process B/E
Process B/E
Process B/E Deposit
Post B/E: Type/Action
Post Bill of Exchange: Select typ
Post Bill of Exchange: Select typ
Post Bill of Exchange: Select typ
Prepare B/E Reminder
DS Supplementary bookkeeping control parameter
Clear A/R Debtor
Prepare Payment Reminders
Print Closing Periods
Erstellen Scheckeinreicher
Display Account: Change Open Items
Change Voucher Data
check external voucher number
Producing Dialog and Printed Lists
Cheque Number ranges: Manage
Maintain WKV/AKV Master Data Sheet
Versichern von Forderungen
Insure accounts receivable
Erstellen Zinsabrechnung: Startprogramm
Process Year-End Closings: Execute
Post Checks Received (GR)
Saldenbestätigung: Auswahl Datum
Print Account Balance Confirmations: Range Select
Inter-Company Clearing
Inter-Company Clearing
Select Company
Reconcile Open Items
B2501: Verify Input
Verify Credit Status
Post Invoices: Start
Convert Sample Vouchers

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