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Complete DCW Panel Groups Documentation From C0499 up to DTRTRA

Complete DCW Panel Groups Documentation From C0499 up to DTRTRA

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DCW Panel Groups
Table D0002: Company Division
General Directories: Distributor
Table D0101: Article Price Group
Table D0102: Authority Groups
Table D0103: Receipts Acct. Determ.
Table D0104: Data Carrier Exchange
Table D0105: Product Ranges
Table D0106: Rules for Blocking Invoices
Table D0107: Block Status
Table D0108: Follow-Up Program
Table D0109: Cancellation Conditions
Table D0110: VAT Determination
Table D0111: High-Tech Article
Table D0112: Profit Margin
Table D0113: Features for Separating Invoices
Table D0121: Statistical Data
Tabelle D0151: Mietpreisgruppe
Table D0152: Rental Returns - Remarks
Table D0201: Beer Tax Class
Table D0202: Beer Tax Classification
Table D1001: Rules for Complimentary Bev. Dist.
Table D1002: Rules for Discounted Bev. Distrib.
Table D1003: Days per Month
Table D1100: Internal Transfers
Table D1101: Customer Field Selection
Table D1102: Default Values
Table D1103: Credit Status
Table D1105: Rebate open / hidden
Customer: Company Group ID Rel 3.45
Table D1107: Customer Status
Tabelle D1201: Preislisten
Table D1202: Customer Price Groups
Table D1203: Price Determination Type
Table D1301: Sales Order Confirmation
Table D1302: Print Contract
Table D1303: Offer
Table D1401: Delivery Note
Table D1402: Shipment Type
Table D1404: Delivery Conditions
Table D1405: Delivery Days
Table D1406: Delivery Times
Table D1407: Delivery Block
Table D1408: Delivery Priority
Table D1411: Shipment Group
Table D1421: Stock Commitment Note
Table D1422: Print Shipment/Packages
Table D1431: Delivery Address Region
Table D1501: Invoicing Types
Table D1502: Customer VAT determination
Table D1503: Customer Receipts
Table D1504: Consolidated Invoices
Tabelle D1511: Fakturierungsregel
Table D1901: Call Group
Table D1903: Days Closed
Table D1904: TPS Record
Table D2001: Contract Type
Table D2100: Controlling Sales Orders
Table D2101: Sales Order Type Warehouse
Table D2102: sales order number group
Table D2103: Sales Order Type Consumables
Table D2108: Sort Sales Order Positions
Table D2109: Type of Business
Table D2112: Requisition Orders for Warehouse
Table D2113: Requisition Order: Consumables
Table D2131: SOG/Stock Commitment for Sales Order
Table D2133: SOG for Consumables Sales Order
Table D2201: Offer Types - Warehouse
Table D2202: Number Group
Table D2203: Offer Types: Consumables
Table D3001: Commission Type
Table D3003: Print Commitment Note
Table D3004: Batch Sorting
Table D3100: Shipment Control
Table D3101: SOG Type
Table D3102: SOG number groups
Table D3103: Print Delivery Notes
Table D3104: Unplanned SOG - Warehouse
Table D3105: Unplanned SOG - Consumables
Table D3106: Customer Return Type
Table D3107: Unplanned SOG - Stock
Table D3111: Delivery Note Texts
Table D3114: Article Return Warehouse
Table D3115: Article Return Consumables
Table D3105: Article Return Stock
Table D3131: Issue - Set List
Table D3201: Shipment Type
Table D3202: Number groups
Table D3203: Packaging Types
Table D3205: Exit Customs Halle
Table D4101: Invoicing Type
Table D4106: Assignment of Return Accounts
Table D1422: Print Shipment/Packages
Table D6101: Sales Representative Status
Table D6102: Sales Commission Type
Table D7101: Trip Type
Table D7102: Trips
Table D7103: Vehicle Type
Table D7104: Special Rule
Table D7105: Transport Companies
Table D7106: Weekdays
Table D7107: Order Forms
Table D7201: Unloading Type
Table D7202: Arrival
Table D7204: Other Limitations
Table D7205: Shipping Description
Revalue Bonus: Selection Options
Printing Invoices
List Telephone Call List
Maintain Customer
F10=Change View (backwards)
F11=Cancel order
F21=Process all
F4=Select delivery
Sales Order Help
Sales Order Help, Line Fields
Sales Order Help, Header Fields
Sales Order Help, Header Fields

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