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Are you looking for a help text, e.g. for the UST message with DCW? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a list of complete DCW help texts. You will also find all messages, warnings and error messages.

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Complete DCW Panel Groups Documentation From DTRTRA up to E4310

Complete DCW Panel Groups Documentation From DTRTRA up to E4310

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DCW Panel Groups
Purchasing Glossary
Program Control: Output Files
Purchasing Items: Purchase Group
Purchasing Items: Authority Groups
Purchasing Items (Requisition Order)
Purchase Items: Quality Control
Purchase Items: Block Status
Purchase Items: Reminder Variants
Purchase Items: Tickler Variants
Purchase Items: Special Item Classification
Vendors: Vendor Groups
Vendors: Vendor Category
Vendors: Company-Group ID
Vendors: Industry/Sector ID
Vendors: Bonus Determination
Vendors - Preference Identifier
Vendors: Block Status
Lieferanten: Vorschlagswerte
Table E1201
Conditions: Freight Conditions
Conditions: Postage Conditions
Conditions: Packaging Conditions
Conditions: Insurance Conditions
Conditions: Customs Conditions
Purchase Orders: Requisition File Reference
Purchase Orders: Prepare Payment Reminders
Purchase Orders: Stock Order Type
Purchase Orders: Order Type(Consumption)
Purchase Orders: Fixed Asset Order Type
Purchase Orders: Special Material Account
Purchase Orders: Purchasing Material Account
Purchase Orders: Order Forms
Table E2008: Signature Rule
Table E2010: Order Texts
Purchase Orders: Auxiliary Material
Table E2017: Requisition Forms
Table E2018: Block Status - Requisition Orders
Contracts: Contract Type
Contracts: Contract Forms
Inquiries/Offers: Number Group
Inquiries/Offers: Inquiry Forms
Inquiries/Offers: Classification
Invoice Logbook: Voucher Type
Invoice Logbook: Input Tax Type
Invoice Logbook: Distributor
Invoice Logbook: Supplemental Cost Type
Invoice Logbook: Supplemental Account
Quality Control: Number Group
Quality Control: Verification Type
Quality Control: Status
Quality Control: Error Codes
Quality Control: Verification Rule
Quality Control: Verification Location

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