DCW Messages

Are you looking for the description of all DCW messages e.g. AMA0029 in AMATCH? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a complete list of the DCW messages.

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Complete DCW Messages Documentation From MZA0735 up to SMA0528

Complete DCW Messages Documentation From MZA0735 up to SMA0528

This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.
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DCW Messages
Source of Supply
Sou. of Supp.Prices
Sou. of Supp. Statistics
Purchasing Statistics
Sales Statistics
Customer Prices
Customer Statistics
Sales Information
Sales Info. Prices
Sales Info. Statistics
Goods Conveyor
Mat. Assign. to Warehouse
Quantity Inventory
Valued Stocks
Storage Loc.
Storage Loc. Use
Requisition Order
Vendor Invoices/Vouchers
Posting Voucher
Inventory Transac.
Quality control
Material Remarks
Pur. Material Remarks
Vendor Remarks
Sou. of Supp. Remarks
Sales Article Remarks
Customer Company Remarks
Sales Info. Remarks
Inv. Material Remarks
Rep. Remarks
Reserve Sales
Sales Order
Stock Commitments
Financial Accounting Voucher
Consolidated Invoice
Order confirmation
Purchasing Contract
Assignment SO/PO
Planned ROG
Unplanned ROG
Consignment ROG
Return deliveries
Return of materials
Sales contract
ROG position/Add Lot
Inventory movement/Add Lot
SOG position/Add Lot
Trigger transaction
Follow-up transaction
carried out
in queue
contains errors
carrying out
Material Directory
Purchasing Material
Sales Material
Inventory Item
Warehouse Assignment
Patient Billing
Deposit Agreement
Material group
Article price group
Short description
Material type
Number group
Status identifier
Purchasing Article ID
Sales Article ID
Inventory Article ID
Field Selection Variants
Authorization group
Quantity unit
Match code variants
Item type
External Batch Management
Goods number attrib. by German Federal Office of Statisics
EAN (European Article Number)
Alternative material no.
Bill of Mat.
Production indicator
Unit of Volume
Unit of Mass
Unit of Length
Shelf life
Lot Management
Multipack ID
Qty for Bill of Mat.
Haz. good number 1
Haz. good number 2
Haz. good class 1
Haz. good class 2
UN number 1
UN number 2
Customs tariff no.
Cash'n'carry class
Picture ID
Suppl cust code
Verif. procedure
Superordinate material
Palette ID
Being recorded
Incorrectly created
Being processed
Requisition order
Purchase order
Receipt of goods
Inventory changes
Sales order
Shipment of goods
Quality control
Patient Billing
Status ID
Quantity unit
Conversion factor
Authorization group
Inventory Account
Valuation procedure
Price unit
Stock group
Warehouse assign.
Cost Accounting 2
Cost Accounting 3
Cost Accounting 4
Cost Accounting 5
Suggested vendor
Scheduling type
Scheduling group
Minimum stock
Excise tax type
De-activation date
Usage procedure
Warehouse temp.
Suppl posting
Altern. quantity unit
Conver. factor alt. Q/U
Suggesed warehouse for PO
Standard price
Purchasing Grp
Status ID
Quantity unit
Conversion factor
Field selection variants
Authorization group
ROG account
Under delivery percent
Over delivery percent
Under delivery absolute
Over delivery absolute
Requisition ord.
Quality control
Minimum order qty.
Set vendor
Default Multi-Pack Variant
Purchase Set
Empties Balance
Empties Article
Empties Print Abbrev.
Statistics group 1
Statistics group 2
Statistics group 3
Statistics group 4
Statistics group 5
Statistics group 6
Statistics group 7
Statistics group 8
Inv.Audit FA Acct.
Fixed Asset Good ID
Address no. corres.
Vendor status
Vendor language
Vendor currency
Customer no.
Vendor group
Vendor category
Co.Group ID
FinAcc Contr. Acct.
Suggested input VAT
Freight conditions
Carriage conditions
Packaging conditions
Insurance conditions
Customs conditions
Bonus procedure
Minimum order value
Structure Level 1.
Structure Level 2
Structure Level 3
Structure Level 4
Article/Material Type
Item Type
Company Group Member
Price Group
Representative 1
Representative 2
assigned company
assigned warehouse
Inv./Cred issued by
own customs store
Source of Supply status
Delivery qty unit
Delivery conversion factor
Packaging unit 1
Packaging unit 2
Packaging unit 3
Conversion for 1st pack. unit
Conversion for 2nd pack. unit
Conversion for 3rd pack. unit
Minimum time for delivery
Minimum order qty
Bonus procedure
Field selection variants
Under delivery percent
Over delivery percent
Under delivery absolute
Over delivery absolute
Vendor's article no.
Article des. part 1
Article des. part 2
Article des. part 3
EAN Number
UPC Number
Code 39
Reserve Number
Country of origin
Order type w'house
Order type norm. use
Order type invest.
Customs handl. code
Special import rules
Assigned w'house
Set / Variable
Input VAT
Print out
Annual total &1
Company receiving
Vendor article number
Supplementary text
Vendor art. descrip.
Order qty
Purchasing qty unit
Prev. delivery date
Reminder level
Tickler level
Price ID
Gross price
Net price
Date Changed
Changed by Operator
Deliv. Val.SV
Order Currency
Net Value SV
GrossValue SV
Basis Amt Rebate SV
BasisAmtCondition SV
Basis Amt Bonus BW
Net Order Val. SR SV
$Rebate Head/Pos SV
$Rebate Head+Pos SV
$Condit. Head/Pos SV
$Condit. Head+Pos SV
Calculated Bonus SV
Act Bonus AmountSV
Bonus Reserves SV
Downpayment ValSV
Valuation price
Rate Unit
Standard/Indiv. Pr.
Number of Prices
Number of Scale
Packing slip no.
Number of Rebates
Condition Number
Bonus Number
Net Order Val. RG OR
Value Aux. Materials
Invoice Value SV
In-Val. Aux. Mat SV
Act. Net Value SV
Value of Goods
Line discountable
FinAcc account
1st Cost Acct. Field
2nd Cost Acct. Field
3rd Cost Acct. Field
4th Cost Acct. Field
5th Cost Acct. Field
Reminder date
Tickler date
No activation
Min. qty. vend. whse
Restock time vend whse
Plan qty.
Warn qty. activ
Warn date
Warn qty. vend. whse
Optical archive.
Delivery add.
Ancillary Material
Delivery date
Order Number
Trans. No.
Available Stock
Transit Stock
Movement Stock
Blocked Stock
Inspection Stock
Anc. Stock To Send
Ancillary Stock Sent
Non-valued Stock
Consignment Stock
Ext. Sales Ord Stock
Int. Sales Ord Stock
Ext. Pur Ord Stock
Int. Pur Ord Stock
Neg. Avail. Stock
Neg. Transit Stock
Neg. Movement Stock
Neg. Blocked Stock
Neg. Insp. Stock
Neg. Anc. Stock-Send
Neg. Anc. Stock Sent
Neg. Non-Val. Stock
Neg. Consign Stock
Uniform Material OPut
Inventory Group
Inventory Account
1st cost object
2nd cost object
3rd cost object
4th cost object
5th cost object
Requisition order
Suggested Vendor
Usage Planning Grp
Usage Planning Type
Minimum Stock
Maximum Stock
Re-Order Time Period
Requirements Period
Uniform Requirement Det
Storage Location
Storage Location Area
Book In
Book Out
External Storage Loc. 1
Multi-Storage Locs.
Book Out Lot
Several Storage Locs
6th cost object
7th cost object
8th cost object
9th cost object
10th cost object
Daily consumption
Date from
Status 2 valid from
Future status
Planning control
Constant order qty.
External Storage Loc. 2
External Storage Loc. 3
External Storage Loc. 4
External Storage Loc. 5
External Storage Loc. 6
Warehouse description
Search term
Cost center
Warehouse category
Stock take group
Storage location mgt
Customs warehouse
Authority group
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
negative possible
System control
Stock take cost cen.
Warehouse status
Warehouse type
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
DCW Applic.
Article Price Group
Article No.
Material No.
Article Variant
MultiPack Var.
Customer Group
Price List
Pr. Type
Company Division
Scale Qty.
Scale Price
Cust. Price Group
Rebate Group
Validity Date from:
Validity Date to:
Gross Price
Bonus Applic.
Sales Crediting
Price Unit
Quantity Unit
Conversion Factor
Discount Rate 1
Due Date 1 in Days
Discount Rate 2
Due Date 2 in Days
Net Due Date in Days
Special Rule
Maximum Rebate Percent
Number of Scales
Number of Rebates
Number of Conditions
Number of Bonus
Number of Sales Credits
Scaled Amount
Scaled Percent Rate
Absolute Deduc.
Absolute Deduc.
Scaled Quantity
Number of Rebates
Number of Conditions
Number of Bonus
Rebate Type
Value Change
Rebate Base Value
Condition Type
Value Change
Comparison Val. Condition
Delivery address
Bonus Type
Value Change
Bonus Base Value
Number of Sales Credits
Scale Type
Conversion Factor F/V
Net Price Det.
Print Price Y/N
Payment type
Activity number
Cost object
Price for customer
Supplemental conditions
Price group
Bonus Article Group
Promotion Number
Sales credit art group
Based on
General Surcharges and Deductions
Consolidated bill recipient
Del credere
Group Rebate
Rebate Group
from receipts:
Rebates from receipts
Conditions from receipts
General surcharges and deductions from receipts
Separate Invoice
Number group
Quality control plan number
Short description
Quality control frequency
Standard sample scope
Extended sample scope
Number of extensions
Release without sample
Number of defective samples
Quality control feature
Search term
Data type/length
Recording rule
Unit of measure
QI Index
Specification number
Lower limit
Upper limit
Standard value
Sup. Text
Logical Limit
Test Method
Inspection Type
E:User name not found
I:User name not active
E:Invalid password
E:The message does not exist!
I:There are no data records in the selection area.
E:Cannot page down.
E:Cannot page up.
E:Invalid entry
E:Not allowed to select multiple items.
E:Entry required.
E:Invalid combination of entries.
Text does not exist in source or target language.
E:Error when writing for field&1
I:No text found.
I:More than 5000 texts were found for this search string.
E:DCW library &1 is invalid.
E:Error occurred while merging.
W:Translation is being ended without merging.
E:Language &1 already active.
I:Job submitted.
I:Language database set up.
I:Language library set up.
E:No selection made.
W:Existing messages and sources will be overwritten.
W:Notice is empty.
I:Successfully merged.
I:Text constant &1 is presently being translated.
I:Text constant &1 does not exist in any display
E: The requested function is not supported for the table!
E: The requested second level function is not valid.
E: File is unknown!
E: Not possible to add files with key &1!
E: Not possible to chage file with key &1!
I: Did not save file with key &1!
E: File with key &1 cannot be deleted!
E: Transfer parameter field &2 incorrectly filled.
I: No file record found for the key.
I: Beginning or end of file not reached while reading.
E: The number of key fields entered (&1) is higher than the maximum possible number (&2).
E: One or more file records not written in file &1.
E: One or more file records not deleted in file &1.
E: Transfer parametera incomplete.
E: Missing value in field.
E: Person unknown.
E: System value incompletely ascertained.
E: Invalid user profile entered.
E: No list of libraries could be ascertained.
E: Old file most likely transferred to database progrm &1.
E: Field description incorrect (current status check).
E: Not possible to change or delete in file &1.
E: The program could not be called up.
E:Structure contains no entries.
E:Abbreviation term &1 longer than 15 characters.
E:More than &1 words entered for a level.
E:More than &1 structure levels entered.
E:Position &1 contains invalid character "&2".
E:Entry does not refer to an entry in structure.
E:Entry for level &1 missing.
E:Structure application &2, version &3 not found.
E:Error occurred when opening file &1.
E:No entries found for level &1.
E:Entry in level &1 is ambiguous.
I:No movement type selected.
I:No control account selected.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as inventory account.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as inventory account.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as expense account.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as revaluation account.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as revaluation account.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as a deferrals account.
E:Account &1 not valid.
E:Account &1 not valid for use as a returns account.
E:Self reference is not possible.
I:No deleted versions found.
I:No changed entries found.
I:No restructured entries found.
I:No deleted entries found.
I:No changed definitions found.
I:No deleted definitions found.
W:User &2 not authorized to maintain structure &1 in company &3.
E:Search started although no search terms entered.
I:End of data reached, search term not found.
I:Start of data reached, search term not found.
E:Selection incorrect.
I:No more entries found after search term entered.
I:Further sub levels not found.
I:Page forwards / backwards not possible.
I:Page forwards not possible.
I:Page backwards not possible.
E:Line commands &1 &2 refer to different levels.
I:Data for new structure entry forwarded for processing.
I:Changes to structure entry forwarded for processing.
E:Line operation invalid or incomplete.
I:Search string found.
I:Data for entry to be deleted forwarded for processing.
I:Changes to structure definition forwarded for processing.
I:New structure definition forwarded for processing, please add version.
I:Deletion of structure definition forwarded for processing.
I:Data for new version forwarded for processing.
I:Changes to version forwarded for processing.
I:Deletion of version forwarded for processing.
E:Entry required.
E:Version does not exist.
E:Maximum number of levels reached, further addition not possible.
E:Definition cannot be deleted whilst active versions still exist.
I:No structure entries selected.
E:A selection is required for &1.
E:Page forwards not possible whilst there are blank lines.
E:Line &1 incomplete.
I:Several line commands entered, many will be ignored
I:Line operation executed
W:Line operation causes copying or appending to another level.
E:The structure &1, Version &2 is being processed by another job
E:For structure &1 version &2 another job is job holding list
E:Structure &1 version &2 is currently being processed by &3
E:For structure &1 version &2, a job was ended abnormally. See 2nd level message.
I:Another line operation is to be run, function key 3 will be ignored
I:No structure definitions exist
I:No versions for the structures have been created
E:Level &1 must still be defined
E:For level &1, the level description must be entered
E:A job for structure &1 version &2 was ended abnormally. See second level text
E:For level &1, the number of master files must be entered
F3=End, only possible from the table of contents
E:Structure &1 version &2 is being reorganized. See second level text
E:No entries found for the structure selected
E:For level &1, the field must be marked "Y"
E:For the structure, a structure number greater than or equal to &1 must be entered
W:Decimal data error for &1
E:For level &1, the abbreviated description must be entered
E:Addition &1 in level &2 incompletely defined
E:For level &1, a key length between 1 and 15 must be entered
E:Definition gap fpr additional attribute &1 in level &2
E:Maximum length 100 of the additional functions for level &1 exceeded
E:For level &1, the description of the key field is required
E:The key already exists
E:Not authorized to delete existing structure entries
E:No further changes exist
E:Last change already displayed
I:The structure will be printed
I:Document has been changed
F:Invalid date entered
E:The "From" date is later than the "To" date
E:Structure &1 &2 for company &3 already exists
E:Structure &1 &2 for company &3 not found
E:Already a reference to structure &1 &2 from company &3
I:Addition of the reference implemented
I:Deletion of the reference begun
I:Change Article Master Data begun
I:Add Article Master Data begun
I:Delete Article Master Data begun
E:Due to an error, the article master data cannot be deleted
I:Entry for level two and three required
F:Entry for level three required
I:No selection made
E:Article master data not created
E:Not permitted to delete article master data
I:The original structure entries is displayed
E:No data for restarting job found.
I:Program &1 is being processed by another job
E:No P&L account found in structure &1 for company &6
E:No balance sheet account found in structure &1 for comapny &4
E:No balance sheet or P&L account(s) found in structure &1 for company &4
E:Structure already exists
W:Press F23 to confirm deletion of structure for all companies
I:&1 Structure entries deleted for company &2
E:Error occurred in deletion of structure entries for company &1
E:Authorization already exists for Company &1.
I:Authorization granted for Company &1.
E:Company &1 not found.
E:Reference company has no entries in structure.
E:Reference company not authorized for structure.
E:Structure &1 in being used as reference by Company &2.
E:Entries still exist for Structure &1 for Company &2.
E:Reference Company &1 has no entries to delete.
E:Invalid value entered.
E:Structure &1 not found.
E:Application area not found.
E:No structures to copy found.
E:Structure entries have been deleted.
W:Press F23 again to confirm deletion of all entries in Structure &1 Version &2.
I:Field texts for Language &1 changed.
E:Only Options 2 or 3 are appropriate when "Source Language" is entered.
E:Library does not exist.
E:Error occurred in opening File &1.&2
E:Error occurred in closing File &1.&2
E:Generic copying allowed only fro base company.
E:Structure &2, Version &3 for Company &1 has no entries.
E:Structure &2 refers to Company &1.
E:Entries already exist in one or more structures for Company &1 /Library &3.
E:Structure &2 does not exist.
E:Applications area &2 does not exist.
E:No structures have been created.
E:Structure &2 already exists for Company &1.
E:Applications area &2 already exists for Company &1.
E:Structure(s) already set up for Company &1.
E:Copying structure entries between different structure definitions not allowed.
I:Structure &2 for Company &1 transferred.
I:Entries for Structure &2 created for Company &1.
E:Only valid entries are digits or blanks.
E:Only valid entries are digits 1-9.
E:Both fields must be blank or both filled with valid language keys.
E:No description for Language &3
E:Structure &2 for Company &1 contains no entries.
E:No specification allowed for generic copying.
E:One or more structures already defined in Library &2.
E:Application area aready defined in Library &2.
E:Structure already defined in Library &2.
E:Specifications not allowed.
E:Structure &2 not defined in Library &4.

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