DCW Messages

Are you looking for the description of all DCW messages e.g. AMA0029 in AMATCH? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a complete list of the DCW messages.

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Complete DCW Messages Documentation From SMA0528 up to UZA2005

Complete DCW Messages Documentation From SMA0528 up to UZA2005

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DCW Messages
E:Application area &2 not defined in Library &4.
E:No structures recorded in Library &2.
E:One or more structures have not definition text iLanguage &4.
I:Copying structure(s) aborted.
E:Field must be blank.
No description recorded
I:Structure(s) being copied.
W:Definition text already exists.
I:Structures copied.
E:No translation is possible.
I:Mo structures exist for company &1
E:Structure &2 cannot be deleted as company &1 referes to it
E:No entry was found in protocol file ZBTL1
E:Company Group &1 not found.
E:Structure can only be set up to level &1.
E:Corresponding directory inactive in company-group management.
E:Total of line lengths exceeds 100.
E:Field selection variant not found in table M0109.
E:Length entered invalid.
E:Purchasing cannot be set to inactive.
E:Inventory Management cannot be set to inactive.
E:Entry for Structure &2&3 required.
E:Entry does not match any entry in Structure &2&3.
E:Entry required for level &5 in structure &2&3.
E:Text record not recorded for structure &2&3.
E:Structure &2&3 has not been defined for company &1.
E:Version &4 of structure &2&3 has not been created in company &1.
E:Error occurred when opening file &1.
I:No entries on level &5 for &6.
I:Structure definition changed.
I:Structure definition added.
*** Structure Z10 ***
E:Invalid reference object class
E:Level one higher-order record not created
E:Delivery agreement not allowed in this contract class
E:No project assigned
E:Account of obeject reference class &1 not properly set up
----------- StrUpd ---------------
E:Structure application not filled.
E:Structure number not filled.
E:Version &1 invalid.
E:Option &1 invalid.
E:From number &1 equal to After number &2.
E:After number &1 smaller than 1.
E:After number &1 not found.
E:From number &1 smaller than 0.
E:From number &1 is smaller than 1 when reorganizing.
E:When reorganizing, From number &1 not found as After number.
E:No more than 999 entries may be deleted at the same time.
E:Cross-level transferring of structure entries is not permitted.
E:Reference structure for company &1 not found.
E:Structure &1 not found.
E:Structure entry cannot be changed by reference company &1.
E:Entry in structure &1 cannot be deleted.
Mode: Delete Entries after F6
Mode: Do NOT Delete Entries after F6
Alias Description
Abh. Stammsatzart
added by
changed by
E:Entry required
E:Invalid selection
E:Invalid value entered
E:Changes to table entries not allowed
E:Invalid century entry
E:Decimal places are not numeric
E:Decimal separator is not the same as &1
E:VAT key &1 not listed in Table B0402
E:Key already in use by company &1
E:No selection made
E:Too many selections made
E:Existing selections must be deleted
E:Selection(s) &1 must be the last entries
I:Press "ENTER" to confirm selection
E:Press F23 again to confirm deletion
E:Invalid combination of entries
I:Reference companies being selected.
I:Reference tables for Company &1 being selected.
I:Table references for Company &1 being deleted.
E:Company 000 is not a valid selection.
I:Own tables for Company &1 being selected.
E:Company &1 Table &2 not deleted.
E:Table &1 for Company &2 not deleted.
E:Company &1 cannot be deleted from table management.
I:Table entries were deleted.
I:Table entries were copied.
E:An error occurred during deletion of Table &2 for Company &1.
I:&3 Entries deleted from Table &2 for Company &1.
E:Invalid interface level for TTABDRV.
E:Invalid parameter for TTABDRV.
E:Table &1 definition or access authority not found.
E:Key '&5' not found in Table &2.
E:Abbreviation does not match any entry in table &2
E:Selected record is no longer available
I:Table database access being activated
E:Date '&5' does not match any entry in table &2
I:Table &2 is empty
W:No entry in monthly exchange rate table
E:Key '5' not permitted in table &2'
E:Field definition for table key required
E:Field length must be entered.
E:Field length causes incorrect positioning.
E:Too many decimal places for field length.
E:Invalid value for field entered.
E:Position entered is incorrect.
E:+/- sign only allowed for numerical fields.
E:Column title too long.
E:No more than 6 decimal places allowed.
E:Maximum length for numerical fields is 15 places.
E:Maximum length for key fields is 15 places.
E:Maximum length for description fields is 50 places.
E:Maximum length for function fields is 50 places.
E:Action only possible when table definition exists.
E:Field type can only contain +,1,2 or blank.
E:Date or Yes/No field cannot have decimal places.
E:Field type "2" (date) can only be 8 or 10 characters long.
E:Field type "1" (Yes/No Field) can only be one character long.
I:Table definition created with extended format.
E:Invalid language.
E:No &1 language text for field(s).
W:No text for field(s) for &1.
E:Table &1 contains entries in Language "&3" for Company &2.
I:Definition for Table &1 changed.
I:Definition for Table &1 created.
I:Title for Application &1 changed.
I:Title for Application &1 added.
I:Designation for table group &1 changed.
I:Designation for table group &1 added.
I:Field text(s) for &1 added.
I:Field text(s) for &1 changed.
I:Company &2 reference to Table &1 deleted.
I:&2 reference records for TAble &1 deleted.
I:Field text &2 deleted from Table &1.
I:User &1 authorization for Table &2 added.
E:Reference company not authorized use of table specified.
E:Referenced company refers to Company &1.
I:Table &1 definition deleted.
E:Company specific authorizations recorded for Table &1.
E:Company specific authorizations recorded for Table &1.
E:Access for companies or national versions exist for Table &1.
E:Access for companies or company groups exist for Table &1.
I:Table entry is being processed by another user.
I:Next entry being processed by another user.
I:Prior entry being processed by another user.
W:Table entry now being processed by another user.
E:Key entered does not match any table entry.
W:No table entry available.
W:Language &1 is not an active language.
I:Entry added to Table &1.
I:Entry changed in Table &1.
E:Error during table entry deletion.
W:Entries can only be displayed in key sequence.
E:Table &1 contains no entries.
I:Entry deleted from Table &1.
I:Contents of Table &1, Version &2 deleted.
W:Decimal error for &2 in Table &1 detected.
W:User &2 is not authorized to maintain Table &1.
E:Table does not exist.
I:Table entries cannot be maintained further.
I:Deletion of table entries not allowed.
E:No second version of table exists.
E:No search using description for this table.
E:The abbreviation entered does not match any table entry.
E:The key entered does not match any table entry.
E:Key already assigned.
E:Syntax error in description or abbreviation entry.
W:Data base changes were not made.
E:The table &1 in company &2 does not exist.
E:Value entered is not valid.
E:Value entered is not valid.
E:Invalid value entered.
E:Invalid entry.
E:Invalid entry.
E:Table version must be either "1" or "2".
E:Sorting must be either "1" (by date) or "2" (by key).
E:Key &1 not found in Table &2 for Company &3.
E:Invalid entry for field.
E:The table key can not be changed.
E:"Records Retired" status can not be changed.
E:Non-standard posting periods cannot be changed.
E:&1 invalid date for start of fiscal year.
E:&1 invalid date for end of fiscal year.
E:Fiscal year start must be before fiscal year end.
E:&1 invalid date for start of open period.
E:Open period start date &1 not within fiscal year.
E:&1 invalid date for end of open period.
E:Open period ending date &1 not within the fiscal year.
E:Open period start date must be before open period end.
E:Keys assigned for periods must be in an increasing order.
E:Fiscal year overlaps an existing fiscal year.
E:No gaps in time are allowed between fiscal years.
E:Date is not within the fiscal year.
E:Date does not coincide with the start of fiscal year.
E:Date does not coincide with the end of fiscal year.
E:Posting period overlaps another posting period.
E:No gaps may exist between posting periods.
E:Fiscal year beginning date cannot be changed.
E:Fiscal year ending date cannot be changed.
E:Invalid key
E:Register reference invalid.
E:Identifier K/G not valid.
E:Group-wide allocation not allowed.
E:Invalid entry for group-wide.
E:Lower and upper limit entered but not allowed.
E:Allocation type invalid.
E:Daily rule invalid.
E:Deletion not allowed.
E:Voucher category invalid.
E:Table entry cannot be deleted or changed.
E:Entry exists more than once.
E:Table entry cannot be changed or deleted.
E:Selection "B" invalid when advice line is "0".
E:File Reference &1 invalid.
E:Customs tariff category cannot be used with customs fee.
E:Key &1 valid only with account in Key &2, Table B0303.
E:The value can not be changed.
E:Add Table Entry not possible.
E:It is not possible to change the assignment type.
E:Company &1 not found.
E:Table &1 for Company &2 not found.
E:Library &1 not found.
E:Required table files not found in Library &1.
E:Entry required.
E:False entry; only &1 allowed.
E:At least one entry required.
E:Table can not be copied into itself.
I:No records available.
I:No list available or position is not identical with entry field.
I:Press the ENTER key again to copy.
I:Positioning allowed only when no selection is made.
I:Paging allowed only when no selection is made.
E:Only one selection allowed.
E:Company field can not be blank.
I:The Copy Tables function is currently in use by Job &1 User &2.
I:Table created. Code page not translated.
E:Code page translation table &1 not found.
I:No language text for Table &1.
I:Language text for Table &1 already exists.
E:If "From" table is *ALL or generic, the "To" table must be *FROM.
E:Only valid table-ID or *FROM allowed.
I:Company &1 authority to reference Table &2 added.
I:Company &1 already refers to Table &2.
I:No matching table(s) found.
E:Definition cannot be copied into itself.
E:Text cannot be copied into itself.
I:Copying of Table(s) &1 completed normally.
I:Table &1 entries in Language &2 not copied to Language &3.
I:Copying of Table &1 aborted.
E:Only valid table IDs allowed.
E:Table &1 entries NOT copied to Company &2.
E:System Table &1 entries not copied to Company &2.
E:Texts must also be copied if definition is to be copied.
E:Definition texts w/o table definition can only be copied to the same table.
E:Invalid table class - please enter table class 0 - 4 or *FROM.
E:Target table class differs from source table class.
E:National tables can only be copied into one single national version.
E:National version &1 is not available.
E:Entries cannot be copied to table B0103.
Company group &1 is not available.
W:Not all additions to tables were processed - maximum of 9999 additions possible.
E:Table &1 for Company &2 still contains entries.
I:References to Table &1 deleted.
E:Table &1 exists for Company &2.
E:Company &2 refers to Table &1.
E:Deletion not allowed.
E:Company &1 already has reference authority.
I:Reference authority granted for Company &1.
I:Press F23 again to delete table.
E:Reference company has no entries in the table.
E:Reference company has no authorization for table.
I:Company &1 has no table entries to delete.
I:&1 Table entries for Company &2 deleted.
E:Error during deletion of table entries for Company &1
I:Table entries being deleted.
E:Reference cannot be authorized for System Table &1.
E:No records in &1.
E:Reference national version not authorized for Table.
E:No entries for national version to be used as reference.
E:Entries still exist for national version &2 of table &1.
I:Reference national version & has no entries to be deleted.
I: &1 table entries were deleted for national version &2.
E:Error when deleting table entries in national version &1.
E:Authorization already exists for national version &1.
I:Authorization assigned for national version &1.
E:The national version field must be filled.
E:Reference company group not authorized to access this table.
E:Reference company group has no table entries.
E:Entries still exist for table &1 in company group &2.
I:Reference company group &1 has no entries to be deleted.
&1 table entries deleted for company group &2.
E:Error when deleting table entries for company group &1.
E:Authorization already exists for company group &1.
I:Table access authorization assigned for company group &1.
E:Company group field must be filled.
E:File &1 not found in basic data library.
E:File &1 not found comparison data library.
I:Workspace being initialized.
E:Table not available in Language &1.
E:Key cannot be changed.
E:Basic unit cannot be the same as the measurement unit.
E:Number of decimal places must be from 0 to 4
E:Only values between "1" and "7" are allowed
E:Only values "1", "2" or "3" are valid
E:Only values "*" or "/" are valid
E:Entry not valid
E:Only values greater than 1 valid
E:Invalid measurement category
E:Entry not available in Table T0301.
W:A similar key "&1" is already contained in the Table.
E:Function cannot be changed.
E:Unauthorized reference application.
Key DescriptionFunction 1Function 2Function 3Function 4Function 5Function 6Function 7Function 8Function 9Function 10
E:Internal error - definition record not found.
not in Z0021
no languages
*** DELETED ***
No authorization found.
Function 11Function 12Function 13Function 14Function 15Function 16Function 17Function 18Function 19Function 20
Function 21Function 22Function 23Function 24Function 25Function 26Function 27Function 28Function 29Function 30
TDEFMNT Maintain Table Definition
Key DescriptionFunction 1Function 2Function 3Function 4Function 5Function 6Function 7Function 8Function 9Function 10
I:Default language used.
No description for
No application available
No table in application
Application Area
Table Index
E:Entry required.
E:Invalid selection.
E:Invalid value entered.
I:Processing aborted
E:Company &1 not registered in system.
E:The company numbers SRC and PTF are not permitted.
E:No companies available.
E:New entry required as address pool has been changed.
E:Standard currency 2 only allowed if standard currency 1 = EUR (euro).
E:Please enter either standard currency 1 or standard currency 2.
E:EUR is only allowed as standard currency 1.
E:Entry only possible if "Y" is entered for Limit Charge Off.
E:Payment function "Receipt of Payment Instruction" is allowed for public administrations.
E:If "Public Administration" is set to "Y", only the value "N" is allowed here.
E:Company cannot reference itself.
E:No more than &1 payment type(s) may be assigned.
E:Payment function "Make Disbursement Instruction" is allowed for public administrations.
E:If "Make Disbursement Instruction" is set to "Y", only "N" is allowed.
E:No more than 10 payment functions can be activated concurrently.
E:National version not installed.
E:Language not flagged as active in table Z0021.
E:&1 is not a valid DCW National Version key.
I:End of backward paging area reached.
I:End of forward paging area reached.
I:Entry changed
I:Entry added
E:Entry cannot be changed
E:Entry cannot be added
E:Entry has already been changed by another job.
E:'Y' can only be entered if the Table K2000 is maintained accordingly.
E:The DCW product &1 is not activated -> activation is not possible.
E:No license was found for the selected payment method.
I:Authority for Function &1 granted.
I:Authority for Function &1 revoked.
E:Currency not permitted.
E:If SC1 = EUR then SC2 must contain national euro denomination.
E:Date cannot fall before &1.
I:Record Cost Accounting must be "Y" when module Dynamic Controlling Warehouse is activated.
E:Inter-company posting vouchers or payments are active.
E:Functions can only be activated if intra-group payments and pre-payments are activated.
W:Definition or access for table &1 in company &2 not found.
W:Corresponding fiscal year not found in B0103.
E:There must be at least one reference type on 'Y' if a reference company is entered.
E:Switch may not be entered on'Y', since no valid reference company is entered.
E:The module &2 is activated, the main module &1 cannot be deactivated.
E:The standard marginal costing module can only be activated if the cost accounting module is activated.
E:The module &2 can only be activated if the main module &1 is active.
E:This DCW product is not installed.
E:DCW Dynamic Controlling Warehouse integration date is activated.
E:The entry for the Information System in 'Active Module' must be 'Y' when a date is entered.
E:Entry only possible if a valid date for integrating DCW² has been entered.
E:The integration date for CLC(clearing components) may not be prior to the DCW² integration date.
E:The library &1 may not be used as a data library for reports and lists.
I:The payment type selected has been assigned
I:The assignment of at least one payment type has been removed
E:The module 'DCW-Importe' is not installed. No entry can be made'
E:Data library &1 does not exist in the system
E:Data library &1 is not entered in file ZDBENV
E:The company has already been assigned an address pool in external system &1.
E:The setting for the DCW module Loan Management must be set to Y for a date to be entered
E:Deactivation cannot happen in advance!
W:The deactivation of the second currency cannot be reversed!
F:Das Datum muss am Quartalsanfang &1 liegen.
F:Das Datum muss nach dem letzten Buchungsdatum &1 liegen.
F:Das Datum muss am Monatsanfang &1 liegen.
E:Invalid combination of accounting system assignments.
E:Two accounting system assignments are required for parallel balancing of accounts.
E:No comments have been created for the selected DCW product.
E:The selected option is currently not available.
E:Company &1 already selected.
E:Company &1 already pre-checked in dialog.
E:Company &1 already converted.
E:Verification of company &1 has already completed.
E:No conversion values yet recorded for company &1.
E:Company &1 has standard currency EURO and status not equal '0' or '9' in file Z99COMSTS.
I:Company may only be set at status "9" if fixed assets accounting is installed.
E:The sum of the three lines may not exceed a value of 100.
E:In this field, only Type &1 quantity units are valid.
/* DCW Menu started */
I:The DCW application is currently blocked.
E:No User registered for System User Profile &1.
E:Menu &1 has no item(s) for User &2, Company &3.
E:Internal error in Program UMNUDSP.
I:Exit DCW Job
E:Other DCW Group Jobs are still active.
E:No matching command sequence found.
E:User not authorized for "&2" for Company &3.
E:Maximum length for command exceeded.
E:"&2" in Company &3 blocked by national version.
E:"&1" blocked by the installed version.
E:DCW block failed
W:The DCW application is still active. DCW block failed
E:"&1" is currently blocked.
E:Incomplete company data for menu item "&1".
F:Benutzer &1 ist in Mandant &3 nicht zum Buchen berechtigt.
E:Maximum number of users has been exceeded.
E:Maximum number of active users has been exceeded.
E:Maximum number of users entered in file UUSRMST is invalid.
E:No record found in file UUSRMAX2 for serial number &1.
I:Record changed in file UUSRMAX2.
E:Number of users does not correspond to verification code.
E:Serial Number &1 not in accord with Number &2 in Data Area DCWS in Library DCWM.
E:Data Area DCWS in Library DCWM not available.
E:User &1 is only authorized for period from &2 to &3.
E:User &1 only has authorization for selection "1=Posting date".
E:User &1 only authorized for evaluation up to &2.
E:Menu item &1 already exists.
E:Menu &1 not available.
E:Entry &1 for menu item too long.
E:Type entry "&1" not correct.
I:Menu &1 contains sub-menu items.
I:Menu item &1 changed.
I:Menu item &1 added.
I:Menu item &1 deleted.
W:Selection number &1 for this menu already assigned.
E:Deletion not allowed; Menu &1 contains sub-menu items.
I:Menu item &1 already exists in another language.
E:Command entry &1 contains errors.
E:Changing the calling menu in this form not possible.
E:Entry is too long for a valid path to be established.
E:No menu available.
I:No menu items available.
E:Syntax error in command &1.
E:Additional parameters required.
E:Table entries no longer available.
E:Error in Key &1
E:Menu item "&1" not found.
E:Positioning to key "&1" not possible.
E:No menu item found/selected.
E:The first position of the entry cannot be blank.
E:Selection number 0 is not allowed.
E:Other selections are still active.
E:Apostrophe not allowed in menu items.
E:Company &1 not registered.
E:Company &1 not in Address Pool &2
E:Company &1 not in Company-Group &2
E:User &2 not authorized for Company &1.
E:User &2 not authorized to use Program &3 for Company &1.
E:No Company registered.
E:No Company in Address Group &1.
E:No Company in Company-Group &1.
E:No Company in Address Pool &1 has authorization for User &2.
E:&2 not authorized for use of &3 for companies in Address Group &1.
E:User &2 not authorized for companies in Company-Group &1.
E:&2 not authorized use of &3 for companies in Company-Group &1.
E:User &1 not authorized for any companies.
E:User &1 not authorized use of Program &2 for any company.
E:Cannot work with company &1.
E:User &2 has no menu items for Company &1.
E:No company transmitted by UCOCTL.UCMNU.
E:Change to system parameters not completed.
E:Change to application parameters not completed.
E:Maximum length for applications parameter exceeded.
E:Identifier &1 not found in control section of application parameters.
I:Company &1 being selected.
W:No address recorded for Company &1.
E:Company Group &1 does not exist.
W:Conversion error.
E:Maximum in Program UCOMMNT exceeded.
I:Company &1 added
I:Company &1 changed
I:Company &1 deleted
I:Company-Group &1 added
I:Company-Group &1 changed
I:Company-Group &1 deleted
E:Company &1 already exists
E:Company-Group &1 already exists
E:Control data for Company &1 being used by another job.
E:Control data for Company-Group &1 being used by another job.
I:Address Pool &1 added
I:Address Pool &1 changed
I:Address Pool &1 deleted
I:System data added.
I:System data changed.
I:Master data for Object Type &1 No. &2 has been deleted.
E:Master data for Object &1 No. &2 have not been deleted.
E:Address Group &1 is used by company data management
E:Addresses still present in Address Group &1
E:Company Group &1 is used in company data management
E:There are still accounts in Company Group &1
E:User &1 has authorization(s) for Company &2
E:Company &1 is used in table management
E:Company &1 cannot be deleted.
E:Invalid selection
E:Referencing authorities exist.
E:Address pool is used in user master data.
I:No field definition available.
E:Positioning not allowed when an option is entered.
W:Paging not allowed when a selection is entered.
E:No field definition &1 found.
I:Field definition &1 changed.
I:Field definition &1 deleted.
I:Field definition &1 added.
I:Field definition &1 copied.
I:Field definition &1 already exists.
E:Description for field required.
E:Table &1 not found.
I:Field sequence being recalculated.
I:Field lengths being recalculated.
I:Field positions relative to one another changed.
I:DSPF &1 being created
E:Error during creation of DSPF &1
I:Data structure &1 being created.
E:Error during creation of data structure &1.
E:Library &1 not found
I:Source file member &1 for DSPF being created.
I:Source file member &1 for data structure being created.
E:Field definition changes temporarily blocked.
E:Data structure &1 cannot be compiled.
I:No DCW users registered.
E:Company &1 not available.
W:User &1 has not been given authority for company.
E:User &1 has not been given authority for company.
I:Master data for User &1 recorded.
I:Master data for User &1 changed.
I:User &1 deleted.
E:User profile already assigned.
I:User profile &1 not recorded. Press F9 to create new profile.
E:Invalid entry on following page detected.
I:Press F11 again to delete user.
E:User &1 not available.
E:User &1 has no authority for Company &2.
E:Company &1 already refers to &2.
I:User &1's authority for Company &2 with reference authority registered.
E:Reference to Company 000 not allowed.
E:Copying from Company 000 not allowed.
E:Registration of references not possible.
I:User &1's authority for Company &2 deleted.
E:User &1 being processed by another job.
E:Company &1 has no tables.
I:User &1 not authorized any menu functions for Company &2.
I:User &1 has no authorization for tables.
I:User &1 authority for Company &2 granted.
I:User &1 authority for Company &2 changed.
I:User &1 authority for Company &2 deleted.
I:Press F11 again to delete authority for company.
I:Other referencing companies still exist.
F:No referencing companies exist.
E:Other referencing companies still exist.
I:Menu item authority for User &1 for Company &2 deleted.
I:Table/structure authority for User &1 deleted.
I:User &1 has no program functions for Company &2.
*** UMA2080 ==> UMA2099 Print User Authority (UUSRPRT) ***
E:Entry error in Program UUSRPRT
I:User &1 has no authority for Company &2 for option(s) selected.
I:User &1 already has unlimited authority for Company &2.
E:Only print option (6) is allowed for user '*ALL'.
I:User permissions for all users have been printed.
I:User permissions for all users are being printed.
I:User permissions have been printed.
I:User names have been printed.
I:User &1 does not have authority for any company.
E:Only one entry allowed.
Menu Item:
I:User &1 belongs to user group &2
I:Company authorities for User &1 changed.
I:Menu items for User &1 for Company &2 changed.
I:Menu items for User &1 for Company &2 assigned.
I:No menu items to copy.
I:Press F11 again to confirm deletion of authority for all menu items.
I:No authority for copying available.
I:No entries in Table &1 for this company.
I:User &1 granted authority for Company &2.
I:User &1's authority for Company &2 changed.
I:Press F11 again to confirm deletion of all authorizations.
I:No table/structure authorities to copy.
I:Table/structure authorities for User &1 for Company &2 changed.
I:Table/structure authorities for User &1 for Company &2 assigned.
I:Press F11 again to confirm deletion of table/structure authorities.
E:User &1 not registered.
E:User &1 has no authority for User &2.
W:User &1 not registered in System Distribution Directory.
I:Application related master data present for Company &1
I:A master record exists for Company &1
I:No master record for Company &1
I:Master data for Company &1 deleted
I:User &2 has no authorization for Company &1
I:User &2 has access to Company &1 through authority for Company &3.
I:User &2 authorized menu items for Company &1
I:No user specific data for Company &1 present.
I:User specific data for Company &1 deleted.
W:SECOFR blocked function.
E:User &1 not registered for DCW System.
W:No User Default found under Default ID &1.
E:Positioning allowed only when no options are entered.
I:No Group Job Menus available
E:Paging allowed only when no selections are made.
E:Error during call up of Group Job Menu &1 in Library &2.
E:Group Job Menu &1 in Library &2 not found.
E:Error during changing/creation of the group job menu.
I:Group Job Menu &1 changed.
I:Group Job Menu &1 created.
E:Error during deletion of Group Job Menu &1 in Library &2.
I:Group Job Menu &1 in Library &2 deleted.
E:Table entry for Group Job Menu &1 already exists; menu not created.
E:Only values between "20" and "49" valid for options field.
E:Menu name must begin with the letters "UG".
E:Error during creation of the command.
E:Error during call up of the program.
E:Library &1 not found.
E:Option value already exists.
E:Group Job Menu &1 not found in Library &2.
E:Invalid maximum number of group jobs.
E:Maximum group jobs entry and group job incompatible.
I:No executable group job menu.
E:More than 2 group jobs active.
E:Maximum number of group jobs reached.
I:Work space for "Manage System Users" being prepared.
I:User &1 not authorized to perform maintenance function.
E:User data cannot be accessed at this time.
E:Assignment field and user are the same.
E:Manager cannot be designated as subordinate to own subordinates.
E:The selected user is assigned to a group.
E:The user is designated as a group.
E:The user is designated as a manager.
E:User has been deleted.
E:User cannot be deleted at this time.
E:System management authority cannot be changed at this time.
E:User is designated as System Manager.
E:The manager cannot be changed at this time.
I:User master data file added.
E:User master data file not added.
I:User master data updated.
E:User master date could not be updated.
E:User already exists.
E:System user profile already assigned.
E:System user profile is not recorded.
E:DCW application could not be assigned.
E:DCW application cannot be withdrawn at this time.
I:CusNo &1 SerNo &2 License&3 Code &4
E:The maximum number of users has been reached.
E:User is registered with DCWSECOFR profile.
I:User can only be deleted by System Manager.
E:Address not found in specified Address Pool.
I:Authorization updated.
I:The currently selected record contains no authorizations.
E:Selected language is not active.
E:Company/Company-group must be assigned; reference is not allowed.
E:Company/Company-Group cannot be assigned.
E:Authority could not be withdrawn.
E:Company/Company-Group does not exist
E:Reference cannot be created.
E:Company/Co.-Group must first be assigned.
E:No authorizations found.
E:Complete authorization could not be changed.
E:User already has complete authorization.
E:This AS/400 is not registered with DCW.
E:Deletion of To: quthorization not allowed.
E:"To" User not valid
E:Error in assignment type.
E:"From" Company/Company-Group invalid.
E:"To" Company/Company-Group invalid.
E:Source and target are the same.
offError in authorization class.'
I:Copying completed. Total entries copied: &1.
E:Copying aborted.
E:Operation not allowed for object category.
I:Work area for Maintain Authorization Classes being established
I:Authorization class deleted
E:Authority class cannot be deleted.
E:Authorization class cannot be accessed
E:No group fields specified for authorization class.
I:Authorization class added.
E:Authorization class NOT added.
I:Authorization class updated.
E:Authorization class NOT updated.
E:Entry cannot be changed since authorization groups exist.
E:The specified class already exists.
E:Decimal places cannot exceed field length.
I:Authority group deleted.
E:Authority group cannot be deleted.
I:Authority group added.
E:Authority group cannot be added.
I:Authority group updated.
E:Authority group cannot be updated.
I:Authorization class/group sucessfully transferred.
E:Transfer of authorization class/group aborted.
I:User's name changed
E:Error occurred in changing user's name.
E:User name can only be assigned by a system manager.
I:There are now &1 unused user licences available.
E:The status of user and user group must be the same
E:Error in authorization module occurred; Error code: &1
I:Transfer of user data successful.
E:Error occurred whilst transferring user data. Error code: &1.
E:Conversion of function aborted.
I:Function deleted
E:Function cannot be deleted.
E:Function cannot be accessed.
I:Function added.
E:Function not addeded.
I:Function updated
E:Function not updated
E:Only functions can be selected.
E:Program function &1 is not available.
F:Eine Funktion kann nicht gleichzeitig Funktionstaste und Option sein
I:Functions copied.
E:Copying of functions aborted.
E:A language can only be entered once.
E:A language must be specified.
E:The "From Library" and "To Library" must be different.
E:The option entered is not available.
E:The function is either not available or is not permitted.
I:Merge action is beginning. Please wait.
I:Menu items sucessfully merged.
E:Merge of menu items interrupted.
E:The company assignment could not be copied.
E:The company group assignment could not be copied.
E:The secret account authorization could not be copied.
E:The *ALL authorizations could not be copied.
E:The authorizations could not be copied.
E:The menu item authorizations could not be copied.
E:User profile QSECOFR cannot be used as a DCW User.
E:Menu item &1 is not available for passive users.
E:External user &1 has no menu item authorizations.
E:The verification code for menu item &1 does not correspond with the data
E:The DCW menu cannot be called up by external user &1
Test: &1
*** Maintain version ****
I:No version dependent functions found.
I:No excluadable functions and/or menu items found.
I:Revision completed
W:Pressing the F12 key again will cause all changes to be lost.
E:Invalid selection
I:Loading data array for "Maintain Version".
E:Invalid verification digit.
E:Data array UVRSARA not found.
I:Copying completed.
E:National version &1 not found.
E:National version &1 already exists.
Print user authorizations from &1 through &2
&1 is the system administrator
&1 is a user group
&1 belongs to user group &2
Independent authorizations
Authorizations in company group &1
Company group &1 refers to company group &2
Authorizations in company &1
Company &1 refers to company &2
For the authorization class &1 there exists an *ALL authorization
Authorizations for the independent authorization class &1
Authorizations for the authorization class &1 in company group &2
Authorizations for the authorization class &1 in company &2
Authorization fields
Individual authorization
&1 &2 &3
Company Address
User Address
has authority for &1&2
*** System Directory entry missing ***
Authority for Program Functions
Main Menu Applications Menu
2=Change 3=Copy 4=Delete 5=Display F6=Add Maintain Menu
1=Select Select DCW Application
*** Deleted ***
*** Not Found ***
User Division

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