DCW Messages

Are you looking for the description of all DCW messages e.g. AMA0029 in AMATCH? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a complete list of the DCW messages.

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Complete DCW Messages Documentation From ZMA0703 up to ZZZ

Complete DCW Messages Documentation From ZMA0703 up to ZZZ

This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.
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DCW Messages
E:Matching &1 parenthesis missing
E:String within parentheses is empty
E:Search term is not part of description - ignore with Enter
E:String "&1" already selected as word
E:Error occurred during reading of message &1
Message Log from Job &3/&2/&1
I:Anwendung: &1 Startdatum: &2 Startzeit: &3
I:Anwendung: &1 Endedatum: &2 Endezeit: &3
F:Ungültige Eingabe
F:Fehler &1 aufgetreten. Siehe Jobprotokoll
E:Message &3 received by &1 at instruction &4. (C I R)
E:Document &2 in file &1 without "End" symbol
F:Formular &1 in Datei &2 nicht gefunden
E:Error while copying form document &1 to file &2.
E:Error while generating a temporary work file.
I:Document &1 being created in folder &2
E:No document(s) found to send
I:List being updated
I:List contains no entries
I:Document data sent to PC
E:Remote program detected a communication error
E:Remote program detected a communication error
E:Remote program cannot create address file
E:Remote program cannot create document template
E:Transaction program definition file not found on PC
E:Remote program cannot find given configuration file
E:Remote program found errors in the configuration file
E:Remote program cannot find sample document
E:Remote program found errors in its sample document
E:Communications cannot be established
E:Program &1 contains parameters with errors
E:An internal error occurred in program &1
E:Remote program reorted Presentation Manager error
E:Remote program reported memory error
E:Remote program reported DDE error
E:Remote program reported error when carrying out DDE command
E:PC Program aborted
E:Communications error
E:Communications error
E:A text element cannot be created for application "&1"
I:No text elements exist
I:Text element &1, version &2, is added to the text catalogue.
I:Text element &1, version &2, is changed in the text catalogue.
I:Text element &1, version &2, is deleted from the text catalogue.
E:Text element &1 not created.
E:Text element already exists for language "&1". Recreation not possible
E:Field &3 in transfer parameter &2 not filled.
E:An invalid parameter was transferred to program &1
E:Field &3 = "&4" incorrectly filled depending on field &5 = "&6" in transfer parameter &2.
E:Only the values "1" or "2" are valid
E:Value "2" is not possible
E:An invalid value was entered
E:Date later than current date
E:Date later than current date
E:The date lies before the current date.
W:Confirm deletion of text element(s) using the Enter key
I:Deletion of text elements cancelled using F12
I:Up to a maximum of &1 tab stops can be defined
W:Confirm the deletion of the text element using the F11 function key.
I:Deletion of text element cancelled
W:Maximum number of text lines of 9999 has been reached.
I:No text element exists for language "&1"
I:No valid text element selected for application
I:Search word not found in text
I:Text element &1 is printed
I:No authorization for text element maintenance
I:No authorization for maintenance of text element versions
E:No text element assigned
W:Confirm the deletion of the text content using the F21 function key
I:Deletion of text content cancelled
E:No text recorded
E:File &1 already exists in journal &2
E:Journal name must be specified
E:Only "PF" or "LF" allowed for this type file
W:Journal name &1 does not exist
I:Entry added
I:Record deleted
I:Record added
I:Record changed
Reorganize files &1 in &2? Y/N (&3 records in the file, &4 deleted), &5 still to be deleted
Reorganize files &1 in &2? Y/N (&3 records in the file; &4 deleted)
List of reorganized files: Use "Display Batch Messages" for job log
E:The file &1 in library &2 could not be reorganized. Please refer to the JOBLOG.
I:Library &1 will be created in the system storage pool bescause of an error.
E:Incomplete object number
E:Invalid object type.
E:Invalid value in parameter USRTYP
W:No user data provided.
E:The DCW User &1 does not exist.
E:The System User &1 does not exist.
E:User &2 has no authority for Company &1.
E:Company &1 does not exist.
W:The DCW user &1 does not exist.
E:The program name must be entered.
E:Incompatible parameters transmitted to ZENVSTR.
E:Invalid parameter transmitted to Program ZENVSTR.
E:Parameter value &1 false or not entered.
E:Object &1, Object type &2 not found.
E:Job description &1 not found
E:Job queue &1 not found.
E:Output queue &1 not found.
E:Key *ALL cannot be changed or deleted.
E:Entry QINTER or QSPL not allowed.
E:Number group was used - it can not be deleted nor changed.
E:Valid formats for numbers are 1,2. or 3 - see user help.
E:The number length must be between 1 and 15.
E:The entered category does not exist. Use "?".
E:Please enter the number field flush left and with the correct length.
E:Invalid Interface Level for ZWRDDRV
E:Invalid parameter transmited to ZWRDDRV.
E:Definition record for &2 &1 not found.
E:Key &1 not found.
E:Abbreviation does not match any entry in &3 &1.
E:Record selected is no longer available.
I:Data base access bein activated.
E:"&1" is not a valid DCW Class.
I:No entry for &2 &1 found.
E:No authorization for access to &3 &1 for Company &2.
I:No description for entries found in &2 &1.
F:Schlüssel "&5" nicht gefunden
F:Kürzel "&5" trifft auf keinen Eintrag zu
E:Function key invalid.
E:Parameter error in program &1.
W:Document has not yet been saved.
I:Document &1 being loaded.
I:Work space for Import being prepared.
I:No spool file was found according to the given specifications!
I:&1 Spool files have been archived.
I:No keyword entries found.
I:Spool file &1 converted from &2 into Import format.
I:Key words for spool file &1 from &2.
I:Spool file &1 from &2 has been imported.
I:Spool file &1 archived as document &2.
I:Document &1 added to File Cabinet &2.
I:Spool file &1 from &2 has been deleted.
I:&1 Spool files from &2 archived.
I:Document &1 will be printed in spool file &2.
I:Document &1 printed.
E:No parameters transferred.
E:Display file cannot be opened.
E:Temporary Image file cannot be opened.
E:Printer file cannot be opened.
E:Temporary file cannot be opened.
Spool file &1 number &2 from user &3 does not correspond to specifications entered.
I:Archiving class &1 documents was initiated.
E:Error in opening file &1
E:Error in reading file &1
E:Error in updating file &1
E:The status of the entered document type for the current company does not allow spool file archiving.
The spool files of document type &1 have been successfully recorded.
The processing of document type &1 was cancelled due to index duplicates or invalid index numbers.
The processing of document type &1 was cancelled due to overlapping indices.
Error in determination of date/time
No spool files for found for the given document type &1
The external verification module "&1" for the document type could not be loaded.
The external entity verification module "&1" could not be loaded.
The number of lines on a document page exceeds the maximum permitted limit value of 999.
The number of documents of a spool file exceeds the maximum permitted value of 99.999
The maximum permitted number of 99.999 lines per document was exceeded.
The maximum permitted number of 99.999 pages per document was exceeded.
The call of the external verification module for entity "&1" was faulty.
The index field contains no valid date. Processing of document cancelled
Error: The 1st entry in the batch detail file of the spool file merging for transaction &1 is not for the first document.
Error: The page limits in the batch detail file of the spool file merge for transaction &1 are invalid or inconsistent.
Error: For transaction &1, indices have been created neither in the header nor in the detail file.
Error: There is no template for the external spool file in transaction &1.
Error: The spool file in transaction &1 contains more pages than defined in the detail file.
Error: The document number in the batch detail file for transaction &1 does not correspond to the expected number.
Undefined error when determining the number of all documents of transaction &1 of server &2.
Undefined error when determining the index data of the current document of server &1 for transaction &2.
Undefined error when transfering document &1 of transaction &2 from server &3.
Error when reading document &1 of transaction &2 on server &3.
An error appeared when attempting to write the index dat of document &1 of transaction &2 into the database.
An error appeared when writing document &1 of transaction &2 to the cache directory.
At least 1 document of transaction &1 could not be successfully archived.
Error: An error appeared during the processing of at least one spool file.
E:Ouput queue &1 not found
E:Incorrect entries cannot be saved. Please correct them.
I:Program &1 could not be called again - please press F3 or F12 several times.
I:Environment &1 cannot be set up.
I:No further messages exist
E:Invalid option passed to ZMSGSRV, option: &1, recipient: &2
E:No log records found
E:The log record has already been deleted
E:Log record can only be deleted
E:Log record is ready for posting
E:There is no processing program for transaction category &1
E:No processing program for transaction type &1
E:Job &3/&2/&1 will be terminated.
E:Program &1 aborted because of program error: DUMP
---------- Error messages Supplemental Data -------------------
E:The user has no authorization for option &1
I:No entries found for &1
I:Work space being loaded
I:File description being created
W:Pressing F3 or F12 again will cause changes to be deleted
E:Only Y(es) or N(o) can be entered
E:File &1 cannot be processed
E:Selection not made, or no authorization for &1
E:Delete not allowed! Still in use in &3
E:Key for file &5 not fully defined in table &2
E:Adding to file &3 is not allowed
I:Database access
E:Following pages must still be processed!
I:User not authorized to maintain &1
I:Query is running. &1 records selected, &2 records being processed
W:The changes will be lost.
E:Deletion failed
E:Add failed
E:Change failed
I:Entry added to file &1
I:Entry changed in file &1
I:Entry deleted from file &1
I:Press ENTER to confirm selection
E:Text element was added; "F6=Process" must be used
E:Text element exists! Delete command not allowed
I:Press F11 again to comfirm action.
I:Entry on the &1 of &2 added.
I:Entry last changed on &3 by &4; added on &1 by &2.
E:Program &1 is missing or Internal program error. Further processing not possible.
+ for more values / END
Set-up Error Detected:
----------- End of error message suppl. data -------------------
W:Pressing "Exit" will cause the entries currently on the screen to be lost.
W:Pressing "Previous" will cause the entries currently on the screen to be lost.
W:Pressing "Exit" will cause changes to be lost.
W:Pressing "Previous" will cause changes to be lost.
E:Gaps in numbering not allowed.
E:Invalid combination of entries.
E:Negative entry invalid.
I:No records for display.
E:Term &1 contains invalid characters.
E:Length of title is &1, but title length is &2
I:Field name &1 already assigned.
I:Alias name &1 already assigned.
I:Record in File &1 not found.
I:Attempt to write duplicate file record made.
I:Attribute for Field &1 created.
I:Attribute for Field &1 changed.
I:Irreparable program run-time error.
I:Print action completed.
I:Attribute for Field &1 deleted.
I:Translation in Language &1 not possible.
E:Numeric entry &1 too large.
I:No further untranslated field texts in area.
I:Field group name &1 already exists.
W:Prefix &1 already exists.
I:Module &1 does not exist.
I:Field &1 does not exist.
I:Field/Class &1 is not alphanumeric.
F:Input &3 too long
I:Numbering &1 already used
I:Not possible to add and delete at the field level
E:Prefix &1 does not correspond to the first three positions of &2
I:Field group &1 added
I:Field group &1 changed
I:Field group &1 deleted
I:Field group &1 cannot be deleted
I:Name &1 exists twice at the field (group) level
I:Field group &1 refers to itself
I:Field group &3 has too many levels
I:Text for field (group) with name &1 required
I:Field group is also field, only field &1 is valid
F:Minimum greater than maximum
I:Field groups cannot be displayed here
I:Field group &1 is deleted
I:Field group &1 not useable
I:Operation can be run after new numbering
I:Field &1 has been deleted
I:Length will be changed next time you scroll
E:Numbering &3 beyond the area &1 to &2
I:Maximum/Minimum only inheritable when alphanumerics/numerics are inherited
I:Maximum/ Minimum accepted as a 19 digit number
I:Maximum/ Minimum accepted with 0 places to the right of the decimal point.
W:There are numeric fields in the class
W:Es gibt alphanumerische Felder in der Klasse
W:Fields presently have various lengths
F:Ausdruck &1 enthält ungültigen Buchstaben
I:Cursor is outside the area useable for entering match codes
E:Library &1 does not exist
I:Object relation &2 type &1, library &3 alread exists
I:Object relation &2 type &1, library &3 does not exist
I:Object relation &2 type &1, library &3 added
I:Object relation &2 type &1, library &3 changed
I:Object relation &2 type &1, library &3 deleted
I:Object ID &2 with object type &1, library &3 cannot be deleted
W:No object relation entered
I:Object ID &2 with object type &1 exists twice
I:Object ID &2 with object type &1, library &3 refers to itself
E:Missing entry in object type "&1", object ID "&2", library "&3"
W:More than &1 relation levels for object ID &3, type &2 in library &4
I:Record can only be added after renumbering with "Enter"
I:Data record already changed
W:Object type &1 entered instead of &2
W:Object ID &1 entered instead of &2
W:Object library &1 entered instead of &2
I:Reference to object ID &2 with object type &1, library &3
W:Names will be changed if "F17=Numbering" is pressed again
I:Environment &1 added
I:Environment &1 changed
I:Environment &1 deleted
I:Environment &1 already exists
E:Missing entry for library "&1", position "&2", assignment "&3" and sorting sequence "&4"
E:Library &1 exists twice
I:Assignment *CURLIB may only be used once
W:If "F17=Numbering" is pressed, data could be lost
I:Only positions *AFTER, *REPLACE are valid in connection with assignment *ENV/ *CURLIB
I:Assignment &1 and environment &2 not valid as a library
I:Assignment *ENV in environment &1 not valid
F:Field group &1 not found
I:File &1 has been deleted
E:File &1 not found
I:File Name &1 already used
E:Key field group &1 cannot agree with field group &2
I:Logical files msut have a key
E:Entry &1 for member size has an error
E:Entry &1 for FRCRATIO has an error
I:File &1 added
I:File &1 changed
I:File &1 deleted
I:File is a physical file
I:File is a logical file
I:Field &1 in field group &2 does not exist
E:Syntax error in expression &1
I:File &1 cannot be deleted.
I:Field &1 exists twice as Key- Field.
E:No SELECT/ OMIT condition given for Field &1.
E:SELECT- OMIT- condition &1 without field.
F:Zu COMP- Bedingung &1 kein Feld angegeben
I:Datei &1 hat keinen Key
I:Auf physischer Datei &1 keine logische Datei &2 möglich
F:Feldgruppe &1 ungleich Feldgruppe &2 aus physischer Datei &3
F:Key- Feldgruppe &1 und Dateiart &2 = Datenstruktur angegeben
F:Eingabe &1 für Journalisierungsgruppe ungültig
F:Satzformat &1 ungleich &2
F:Reihenfolge der Key-/ Select-/ Omit- Felder ungültig
I:Dateifeld &1 kann nicht gelöscht werden
F:SELECT- OMIT- Bedingung &1 für Feld &2 ohne COMP- Bedingung
I:Objekt &2, Typ &1, Bibliothek &3 hinzugefügt
I:Objekt &2, Typ &1, Bibliothek &3 geändert
I:Objekt &2, Typ &1, Bibliothek &3 gelöscht
I:Objekt &2, Typ &1, Bibliothek &3 bereits angelegt
I:Objekt &2, Typ &1, Bibliothek &3 nicht vorhanden
I:Objekt &2, Typ &1, Bibliothek &3 bereits gelöscht
W:Objektstamm eventuell nicht auf dem neuesten Stand
I:Erstellung Objektstamm fehlgeschlagen
I:Erstellung Objektrelationen fehlgeschlagen
I:Übergabewert "&1" in Parameter &2 inkorrekt
I:Textbaustein &3, Anwendung &2, Sprache &1 nicht vorhanden
I:Textbaustein in Sprache &1 nicht vorhanden
I:Keine weiteren den Selektionskriterien genügenden Textbausteine im Bereich
W:Textbaustein in Sprache &1 und Version &2 bereits vorhanden
I:Cursor ausserhalb des eingabefähigen Bereichs
I:Kein übersetzter Text vorhanden
I:Übersetzung des Textbausteins in Datenbank übertragen
F:Konzern &1 exisiert nicht
F:Eingabe &1 für Release inkorrekt
I:Muster &1 mit Zieldatei &3 in Bibliothek &2 nicht vorhanden
F:Datei &2 in Bibliothek &1 nicht vorhanden
F:Suchbegriff "&1" fehlerhaft
I:Dateiende bzw. Anfang erreicht
I:Kein Suchbegriff eingegeben
I:Suchbegriff &1 gefunden
F:Programm &1 in Bibliotheksliste nicht vorhanden
I:Muster &1 mit Zieldatei &3 in Bibliothek &2 bereits vorhanden
I:Ersatzbegriff länger als Suchbegriff und kein Platz
I:Leerzeichen fehlen
F:Befehl &1 mit Argument &2 angegeben
F:Befehl &1 mit ungenauen Argumenten angegeben
I:Eingabe &1 ist kein Befehl
F:Syntaxfehler in "./Edit" bzw. "./Is" Ausdruck
F:Syntaxfehler in "./Compare" bzw. "./Is_Compared" Ausdruck
F:Befehl &1 ohne Schlüsselwort "./Edit" bzw. "./Compare" angegeben
I:Befehl &1 muß einziges Wort in Zeile sein
I:Befehl &1 kann nicht eingegeben werden
I:Mehrere Synonyme gleichzeitig unmöglich
F:Präfixe für Befehle und Kommentare nicht eindeutig
I:Einfügen anstehend
I:Kopieren anstehend
I:Löschen anstehend
I:Bis Zeile anstehend
I:Für "Bis Zeile" Einfügen/ Kopieren/ Löschen erforderlich
I:Ziel für Kopieren schon angegeben
F:Ziel für Kopieren zwischen Anfang und Ende der zu kopierenden Zeilen
I:Teildatei &1 in Datei &2 in Bibliothek &3 nicht vorhanden
I:Feldgruppe &1 nicht vorhanden
I:Schachtelungen nicht zulässig
I:Suchbegriff &1 nicht gefunden
I:Suchbegriff &1 gefunden und ersetzt
I:Positionieren bereits anstehend
I:Geschützte Zeilen können nicht kopiert oder gelöscht werden
I:Klasse &1 nicht vorhanden
I:Klassenname &1 bereits vergeben
I:Alias- Klassenname &1 bereits vergeben
I:Programm &1 in Bibliotheksliste nicht vorhanden
I:Feldklasse &1 gelöscht
I:Feldklasse &1 angelegt
I:Feldklasse &1 geändert
I:Feldklasse &1 kann nicht gelöscht werden
I:Name der Feldklasse &1 kann nicht geändert werden
I:Alias- Name der Feldklasse &1 kann nicht geändert werden
I:Feldklasse &1 ist gelöscht
I:Feldklasse &1 nicht geändert wegen Inkonsistenzen zu Feldern
I:Feld muß alphanumerisch sein
I:Feld muß numerisch sein
I:Name &1 ohne Feld bzw. Feldgruppe
I:Name des Feldes &1 kann nicht geändert werden
I:Feld &1 kann nicht gelöscht werden
I:Datei ist Datenstruktur
I:Numerische Felder haben nicht mehr als 30 Ziffern
I:Umgebung &1 nicht vorhanden
I:Positionen für Feldgruppe &1 erstellt
F:Positionen für Feldgruppe &1 nicht vorhanden
I:Kein ausreichender Speicherplatz vorhanden
W:Ein oder mehrere Felder konnten nicht editiert werden
I:Konversion alphanumerisch nur möglich, wenn Feldart vererbt ist
I:Aktualitätsprüfung für Feldpositionen für Gruppe &1
F:Daten in Feld &1 in Datenstruktur &2 inkompatibel zu &3
W:Datenverlust bei der Mappung der Datenstruktur &4 in &5
I:Feldname &1 in Datei &2 bereits mit anderen Attributen vergeben
I:Unbekannter Datentyp &1 für Feld &2 in Datei &3
I:Dateisatz &1 konnte nicht in Datei &2 geschrieben werden
F:Feld &1 in Datei &3 paßt nicht zu Klasse &2
I:Referenzfeld &1 zu Feld &2 in Datei &3 noch nicht eingelesen
W:In Feldgruppe &1 stimmen Felder nicht mit Präfix &2 überein
I:Datei &1 in Bibliothek &2 nicht einlesbar
I:Feld &1 der Referenzdatei &2 darf nicht referenzieren
I:Feldklasse für Feld &1 in Referenzdatei &2 bereits vergeben
W:Beschreibung der Datenstruktur &1 nicht ermittelbar
W:Feldbeschreibung für Feld &1 in Datenstruktur &2 unvollständig
W:Bei &1 Feldern konnten Suchworte nicht ermittelt werden
I:Referenzdateien können nur einzeln eingelesen werden
F:Tabelle &2 in Bibliothek &1 nicht vorhanden
W:Alle Tabellen der Anwendung &1 erhalten Function Topic &2
F:Objekttyp &1 ungültig
I:Nur ein Buchstabe zugelassen
I:Dateisatz mit Schlüssel &1 bereits vorhanden
I:Textbaustein ist eine Notiz
I:Schlüssel in Datei &2 bereits vorhanden
F:Quellenversion &1 ungleich Zielversion &2
E:Word &3 too long
I:Klassenwechsel für Feld &1 durchgeführt und Ausdruck erstellt
I:Program crash, work cannot be continued
E:No name entered for included field/field group &1
I:Feldklasse &1 bereits reaktiviert
I:Feldklasse &1 reaktiviert
I:Feldattribute für Feld &1 bereits reaktiviert
I:Feldattribute für Feld &1 reaktiviert
I:Tabelleneintrag braucht nicht übersetzt zu werden
I:Library &1 was not found.
** Constants **
Field classes
Field attributes
Field group header
Field group fields
I:Source file &1 with member &2 cannot be scanned
E:&3 when scanning object &1 in library &2 ended incorrectly, Note: &4
I:Error when making temporary files available
I:Error when adding/changing object &2, tyoe &1, library &3
W:Object &1 in library &2 has a default application: Note &4
E:&3 incorrectly ended when reading object &1 in library &2: Note &4
*** Function Keys Return ***
W:The transaction was aborted with the F3 key.
I:Function key F4=Prompt was pressed.
I:Function key F5=Refresh was pressed.
I:Function key F6=Add was pressed.
I:Function key F7 was pressed.
I:Function key F8 was pressed.
I:Function key F9 was pressed.
I:Function key F10 was pressed.
I:Function key F11 was pressed.
W:The transaction was aborted with the F12 key.
I:Function key F13 was pressed.
I:Function key F14 was pressed.
I:Function key F15 was pressed.
I:Function key F16 was pressed.
I:Function key F17 was pressed.
I:Function key F18 was pressed.
I:Function key F19 was pressed.
I:Function key F20 was pressed.
I:Function key F21 was pressed.
I:Function key F22 was pressed.
I:The "Page Up" key was pressed.
I:The "Page Down" key was pressed.
I:A valid function key was pressed.
I:Action was aborted.
I:More objects have been requested.
I:Option was entered.
I:An entry was made to position within the list.
I:No further objects available.
I:Displaying objects.
I:Initialising display.
Press the enter key to confirm 3=Copy.
Press ENTER to confirm selection of option 4=Delete.
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde(n) &2 Satz(Sätze) selektiert.
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurden die Materialdaten in die Übergabedatei geschrieben (Details s. SECLVL)
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde(n) die Übergabedatei(en) gefüllt (s. SECLVL)
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde(n) &2 Satz(Sätze) selektiert.
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde(n) die Übergabedatei(en) gefüllt (s. SECLVL)
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde(n) die Übergabedatei(en) gefüllt (s. SECLVL)
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde(n) die Übergabedateien gefüllt (s. SECLVL)
W: Bei Material &2 Partiebestand und Gesamtbestand unterschiedlich.
I: Für die Anwendung &1 wurde die Mengeneinheiten-Datei gefüllt (s. SECLVL)
*** Register Number Allocation ***
E:Entry value incomplete or contains errors.
E:Register number allocation ended in error.
E:Register block from &1
E:Blocking/Unblocking not possible.
E:Action blocked by another user.
E:Unblocking without prior blocking not allowed.
E:Invalid posting date
E:No register entries in File Ref. &1 in the previous period.
E:Posting Date &1 still open.
E:Posting Date &1 already closed.
E:Entry required.
E:Posting period &2/&1 closed.
E:Posting date is before the register date &1.
W:&3 open posting dates skipped.
*** Verify Posting Date with Day Rule ***
E:Day rule invalid.
E:Posting date invalid.
E:Invalid posting date &1.
E:Unknown register number &1 in file reference &2.
E:Key is too long.
E:Application key was not found.
E:An identification key was not defined in Table T0401 for application &1.
***** External Number Dispenser *****
E:Error in fields that correspond to those of the control parameter
E:Missing Number Range
E:Number Range is in use by Job &1
E:No Selection was made
E:Match code refers to more than one number range.
E:Invalid value entered
E:Number Range allready exist
E:Number Range is not locked
E:Dispensed Number overflowed
E:Error on Data-Base Update
I:This option cannot be carried out as long as no objects exist.
E:Company number is not complete.
Object Management
Hierarchy assignment
Object link
I:Address has been created as an object of object classes.
I:Address is assigned in hierarchies.
I:Address is linked to object.
in object class
Used in Object Linkage.
assigned to object
Used in Hierarchy Assignments
- in hierarchy
E:Deletion not possible - there is an object linkage for &1.
E:Identity area from &1 cannot be smaller than &2!
E:Existence area from &1 cannot be smaller than &2!
E:Object class is attached to hierarchy &1 and cannot be deleted.
E:The derived object class &1 exists. It is not possible to delete &2!
E:Changes in the derived object class are not possible, because derived object classes still exist!
E:Changes in derived object class are not possible, because hierarchy &2 is based on it!
ObjCl. has objects.
ObjCl.belongs to hierarchy
I:Possibilities to change are restricted, because objects exist in this object class.
E:Max. key length can only be enlarged, because objects exist.
E:Character "&1" in Position "&2" is invalid
E:The object key can only be the letters A-Z or the numbers 0-9.
E:The original special key format was recreated.
E:"Object class from" is greater than "object class to".
E:Enter a valid "object class from".
W: Object class &1 is not assigned to a hierarchy.
I:Object class usage list was created.
Print Usage Object Classes
* Object Class ................ &1 *
* Object Class from ............ &1 *
* to ............ &1 *
Object Class
Hierarchy Description
E:The object class &1 does not exist.
E:The object class &1 is not assigned to the hierarchy &2.
The "Interval value from" entry is longer than the field length &1.
The "Interval value to" entry is longer than the field length &1.
E:Object class &1 is not assigned to company &2.
E:Object class &1 is already assigned to company &2. Option &3 is not valid here.
E:Object class &1 does not have access to company &2. No processing is possible.
I:Changes for object classe &1 / &2 have been initiated.
I:Deletion of all assignments for this hierarchy has been initiated.
W:If F11 is pressed again, all assignments will be deleted!!!
E:The existing assignments from the object class &1 will be lost.
E:The classifying OCL has to be entered in the lowest level of the hierarchy.
E:The hierarchy &1 is not assigned to the company &2.
E:Either a hierarchy or a ? must be entered.
Data base driver for object texts being activated.
E:Folder does not exist or permission denied.
E:Incorrect document name.
E:User was not found in the system distribution directory.
E:Invalid output file.
E:Error in fields that correspond to those of the control parameter.
E:System numbering failed.
I:Field definitions changed.
I:Field text has been changed.
W:Changes will be lost if you activate "Position to".
I:No entry was found as of file name &1.
*** Report Messages ***
Summed Report.
E:Printer columns must be unique.
E:Only one selection allowed.
E:Invalid sort order.
E:Please select a sorting order.
E:Printer output longer than maximum allowed.
E:More than 45 printer columns were selected.
E:No more than 45 fields can be selected.
E:No entries found in file &1.
E:Control break entry required.
E:Entry "from" &1 is greater than entry "to" &2.
E:More structure levels required.
E:Combination Library/File contains error: &1.
E:No entry found for file name &1.
E:Invalid field name.
*** Data Base Server ***
I:End of file or start of file reached by read operation.
I:No data record found for key.
I:The key used to position was not found in the file.
I:The positioning key was found in the file.
E:An attempt was made to create a data record which already exists.
E:Error occurred in implicit OPEN/CLOSE operation.
E:Error occurred in explicit OPEN/CLOSE operation.
E:Data record already blocked.
E:Update operation attempted without previous read operation.
E:Data record cannot be assigned because of access restriction.
*** General Status Messages for DB Server ***
E:Field &2 in transfer parameter &1 incorrectly filled.
E:Operation &1 not available in object view &2.
I:Transaction on hold.
I:Log file back up ended normally.
I:Library &1 back up ended normally.
E:Log file back up ended in error.
E:Library &1 back up ended in error.
E:Save file &1 must be created.
E:Unit &1 not found.
E:Question mark is not supported here.
Translation of description:
Display of translation of description:
E: No data has been concentrated for this selection.
E: An error occurred during the write process.
E: File &1 in library &2 does not contain any results.
E: The table is not properly filled.
E: The criterion has already been selected.
E: The results file was not found.
*** Deleted ***
Select &1
Key Description
* Not authorized *
*** Ready for deletion ***
---- Recording Options for Entry Fields ---------
Ownership Status -
Asset Control Account ------ -------------------------------------------------
Inventory Group --- ------------------------------------------
Inventory Control No. ------- --------------------------------------------------
Operator 1 --------------
Operator 2 ---------------
Number ------- Transaction No. -------
Name 1 ---------------------------------- Processed by ---------------
Name 2 ----------------------------------
Name 3 ----------------------------------
Street ----------------------------------
City ----------------------------------
Search1 ---------------
Search2 ---------------
Office Title -------------- Individual No. ---
First Name ---------------
Name ---------------
Sales Customer Data
Operator 1 ---------------
Operator 2 ---------------
*** Undefined Record Type ***
Print Batch Messages
* Company ..................... &1
* Job name .................... &1
* User name ................... &1
* Job number .................. &1
* Sent after .................. &1
Date sent Job name User name Job number Processor Company
Message ID . . . .: &1
Date sent . . . . . .: &1
Time sent . . . . . .: &1
From job . . . . . . . . . . .: &1
Message . . .:
Selection Parameters:
* Until sending date .............. &1
* (independent user)
* (general application)
January February March April May June
July August September October November December
F7=100% Rebate
Y=Yes N=No
actually in use
F10=Text element

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