DCW Messages

Are you looking for the description of all DCW messages e.g. AMA0029 in AMATCH? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a complete list of the DCW messages.

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Complete DCW Messages Documentation From BMM0431 up to BMPD066

Complete DCW Messages Documentation From BMM0431 up to BMPD066

This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.
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DCW Messages
I:Last method of payment being deleted.
E:"Pay to Central Facility" entry invalid.
E:Bank charge by customer bank invalid.
E:Bank charge by recipient's bank invalid.
E:Combination of entries for Bank transfer and Bank charges invalid.
E:Entries for check for bank transfer invalid.
E:IBAN for domestic Debtors/Creditors is not permitted.
E:IBAN only permitted for creditors.
E:IBAN is not permitted for RiBa.
E:Foreign account is not valid.
E:Settlement invalid.
E:Bank account information invlid.
E:Co-Op/Central payment facility account invalid.
E:Account not suitable for central payment facility.
E:Postal check account invalid.
E:Address check invalid.
E:Bank collection invalid.
E:Bank charge agreement not permitted.
E:FTPO Export/Import List category missing.
E:Invalid FTPO category list number.
E:Number from transaction directory is missing.
E:Number in the Goods/Services Directory for debtor exports is invalid.
E:Number in Goods/Services Directory for creditor imports is invalid.
E:Check invalid.
E:Bank charge agreement invalid.
E:Bank charge agreement invalid for payee bank.
E:Bank charge agreement invalid for correspondence bank.
E:No account for Central Payment Facility found.
F:Zahlungsraum ungültig
F:Zahlungsraum ungültig
F:Zahlungsraum SEPA erfordert Bankverbindung mit IBAN
F:Land der Bank nimmt nicht an SEPA teil
F:Für die Bankverbindung ist kein Lastschriftmandat vorhanden.
F:Lastschriftmandat gilt nicht für Basislastschriften.
F:Lastschriftmandat gilt nicht für Firmenlastschriften.
F:Angabe bei "Auslandsüberweisung wenn SEPA nicht möglich" ungültig.
E:Address for company head office not recorded.
E:Address is not a head office.
E:Head office missing.
E:Coverage obligation missing.
E:WKV/AKV Data Sheet missing.
E:WKV/AKV Data Sheet created; Account Data Sheet must be completed.
I:WKV/AKV entries have been deleted.
I:WKV/AKV Data Sheet will be deleted.
E:Covering agreement number not in structure entries.
E:Credit insurance data not allowed.
E:Credit insurance information incomplete.
E:Coverage obligation not the same as for the main office.
I:This acct. data sheet contains no credit insurance information.
E:Credit sale insurance/Export credit insurance master data sheet must be deleted.
E:Changes to blanket agreement number not permitted.
F:Limitbetrag ungültig
E:Credit limit invalid.
I:Payment details were deleted.
I:Cost accounting details were deleted.
W:Merge Account Data Sheets: &1 were processed. &2 put on hold for manual processing. Check the processing log!
E:Cost accounting entry not valid.
E:Invalid entry for quantity recording.
E:Quantity units must be entered.
E:Invalid entry for variable quantity units.
E:Invalid entry for quantity accumulation.
E:Variable costs invalid.
E:Number of objects designated "A" is invalid.
E:Cost/Revenue type missing.
*** S W E D E N ***
E:Bankgiro payment invalid
E:Bank account payment invalid
E:Cash payment invalid
E:Check payment invalid
E:Bill of exchange payment invalid
E:Either Bankgiro or Postgiro must be used for foreign payments.
E:Postgiro Number invalid
E:Bankgiro Number invalid
E:Clearing No. and Bank account must both be filled or both blank
*** S W I T Z E R L A N D ***
F:Zahlungsart VESR-Teilnehmer ungültig
F:Zahlungsart Bankclearing ungültig
F:Zahlungsart Postscheck ungültig
F:Zahlungsart Scheck ungültig
F:Zahlungsart Wechsel ungültig
F:Zahlungsart Scheck/Wechsel ungültig
F:VESR-Teilnehmernummer ungültig
F:Postscheckkontonummer ungültig
F:Eingabe darf nicht mit "-" beginnen oder enden
F:Zweimal "-" ist vorgeschrieben
F:Fehler bei Zahl der Ziffern
F:Ausser "-" sind nur Ziffern erlaubt
F:Zahl entspricht nicht dem Pruefziffernverfahren
F:Bei Postscheckkontonumer fehlt "-"
F:VESR-Teilnehmernummer muss mit "01" beginnen
F:Postscheckkontonummer darf nicht mit "01" beginnen
F:VESR-Teilnehmernummer fehlt
*** G R E E C E ***
E:Tax number not valid without Tax Office address.
E:Tax Office address not valid without tax number.
F:Im Parameter &1 ist das Feld &2 nicht gefüllt
E:No check for company country is planned.
E:The type of check is not entered.
E:Debtor/Creditor input is missing.
E:The account type is entered as &1.
E:Input of the country is missing in the account address.
E:The selected entry from Table &1 is not Type &2.
E:Country input is missing in the address data for this company.
E:Usage in accounting system 1 invalid.
E:Usage in accounting system 2 invalid.
E:Posting reference invalid.
E:Posting reference invalid.
E:Posting reference invalid.
E:Posting reference invalid.
E:Assignment to the accounting systems invalid.
E:Assignment to the accounting systems invalid.
E:Posting reference invalid.
*** Maintain WKV/AKV Master Data Sheet ***
I:No record found - registration follows.
I:Registration submitted.
I:Change submitted.
I:Deletion submitted.
I:Press F11 to delete record.
E:At least one credit application or decision must be entered.
E:Entry required in this field.
E:Entries required in these fields.
E:An entry in one of these fields requires that all be completed.
E:No entry allowed in this field.
E:No entry allowed in these fields.
I:No exceeding of credit recorded for this address.
I:End of forward paging area.
I:End of backward paging area.
E:Invalid year entry.
E:Answer indicator not allowed without answer date.
I:No selection made.
E:No account registered for this address.
E:No original voucher available for the voucher selected.
E:Database change &1: Transaction no. &2 incorrect. Process hold file!
E:Change to WKV/AKV master data not made; change already made by &1.
E:Deletion of WKV master sheet not allowed.
I:Contract currency in WKV/AKV master data sheet not same as Table B2501.
I:No WKV/AKV master data sheet exists.
E:In Table B2501, input for the contract currency is missing.
I:No non-payment messages exist for this address.
E:Key "*" is not permitted.
E:Foreign application limit invalid.
E:Domestic application limit invalid.
E:Term for non-payment for unnamed person abroad invalid.
E:Term for non-payment for unnamed person in home country invalid.
E:Term for non-payment for named person abraod invalid.
E:Term for non-payment for named person in home country invalid.
E:Basic premium for month is missing.
E:Insurance country invalid.
E:Basic premium for month invalid.
E:Time period for old receivables invalid.
E:Maximum credit limit invalid.
I:Entry for Table &1 not changed.
E:Program "&1" not found.
E:Asynchronous Job &1 active.
*** Balance Confirmation/Collection Reminders/Payment Requests ***
E:Requested response date is before the letter date.
I:Balance Confirmation completed: Letter being processed.
E:Account balance confirmation malfunction; see batch messages.
E:Cut-off date invalid: Date not within allowed period.
E:The account selected is neither a debtor nor a creditor.
E:Clearing currencies is not possible
E:Work File &1 not found.
I:No accounts selected for balance confirmation.
I:No account balance confirmation letters generated.
E:No voucher header data found.
E:Required form documents not found.
E:Form document is not suitable for use.
E:Symbol ".$&3" not found.
E:Logic error: Symbol &3 must not come before symbol &4.
E:Error in generation of output spool file.
E:Table entry missing.
E:Symbol &3 for the address is in an incorrect position.
E:Symbol .$&3 found, symbol .$&4 missing.
E:No information for length has been appended to symbol &3.
I:A letter with a credit report was not generated.
E:Too many variable texts for different receivables statuses.
W:No reminder run found with corresponding data.
E:Invalid new currency &1 for entry &2 in Table B1410.
E:Currency &1 is used more than once in Table B1410.
E:Make an entry for 'Company'.
E:Make an entry for 'Account'.
E:Make an entry in the 'Company' and 'Account' fields.
E:Account &1 is not a debtor or mixed account.
I:The output data differs from the default positioning.
E:You cannot position to here.
E:You cannot position to here for the basic support company.
E:Only an entry field may be filled.
I:General default settings were set to the default values.
E:Error when saving the general default settings.
I:User-specific default settings were created.
E:Error when creating the user-specific default settings.
E:Error when loading the user-specific default settings.
I:User-specific default settings were deleted.
E:Error when deleting the user-specific default settings.
I:The standard values are used for the user-specific default settings.
E:Error when saving the user-specific default settings.
I:Confirm the deletion process with the ENTER key.
I:Changes to the user-specific default settings were saved.
E:Error when saving the user-specific default settings.
I:No changes were made.
I:The changes made were merged.
E:Error when opening the file BREMDOC
I:Changes to the general default settings were saved.
E:Error when saving the general default settings.
W:If F3 or F12 is pressed again, then the changes will be discarded.
I:No items excluded from payment reminders found.
E:Processing date is earlier than last payment date.
E:Cut-off date for end of payment period is earlier than processing date.
W:Cut-off date for end of payment period is too late.
W:Payment reminder amount is zero or negative.
E:Data area not found.
E:Data array ZBTLARA not available.
I:Individual reminder for Acct. &1-&2 pending.
W:Separate reminder pending for Acct. &1-&2, not for &3-&4.
E:Invalid selection.
E:Account is not a debtor control account.
E:No data for transmission of job found.
W:No individual reminder for Acct. &1-&2 in proposed reminders list.
E:No open items applicable for reminding found.
E:Cutoff date &1 not in an open period for Company &2.
E:Add file member failed. See 2nd level message text.
E:No display or printer data found for this reminder run.
I:No proposed payment reminders for display or printing found.
W:Penalty interest group &1 not in Table B1402
E:Document &1 in Library &2, File &3 not found.
E:Document &1 in Library &2, File &3 incorrect.
F:Keine Berechtigung für Auswahl "3=Mahnvorschlag buchen"
E:Only one selection allowed.
E:At least one sorting method must be specified.
E:Address for payment reminders not registered.
E:The function key &1 is not allowed.
E:Proposed payment reminder form ignored due to access errors.
E:Invalid returned length &1 was ignored.
E:Company &1 does not exist.
E:Leading company &1 not found.
E:Error in definition of leading company &1.
E:Invalid sorting selection.
E:Company not found.
E:Company &1 not found.
E:Company &1 not valid as participating company.
E:Participating Company &2 not in Company Group &1.
E:Company &1 multiply listed in Table B1406.
E:Company &1 and company &2 have different standard currencies.
E:Error occurred in third-party program &3.
E:Reminder level not valid.
E:Control account &1 blocked for payment reminders.
E:Control account &1 is not a debtor or mixed account.
E:No entries may be made for the basic company.
E:Invalid reminder level entered.
E:Invalid reminder level entered.
E:Setting defaults not possible, according to company management.
E:&1 can not be entered as new currency.
E:Currency &1 is not a EURO denomination.
E:Old and new currency are identical.
E:Invalid multiple selection
E:Invalid multiple selection
E:Invalid selection
E:Press F6 to print the payment reminders processing
I:Press enter again to delete the reminder data of the payment reminder processing.
E:Incorrect function key.
W:Datum für 'Zahlng. berücks. bis' liegt außerhalb eines plausiblen Bereichs
I:No requests for payment found.
I:No completed requests for payment found.
E:Contract date is later than voucher date.
E:Due date is before voucher date.
E:Invalid reminder level.
E:Assignment results in balancing.
E:Amount designated exceeds the payment amount.
E:VAT key is not valid for gross posting.
E:VAT key not valid for net postings.
E:Error in entries in Table B0301
E:No remainder amount exists
E:Closing action with adjustment amount not allowed.
E:Invalid entry.
E:Invalid function key
I:No payment requests exist in the evaluation period.
I:No completed payment requests found in evaluation period.
E:Processing incomplete.
E:Invalid reference.
E:Invalid VAT key.
*** Display Payment Reminders ***
E:Invalid function key
I:Press &1 to confirm selection.
E:Error occured in opening File &1.
E:Processing status &1 reserved for internal DCW use.
E:Items contain no reminder data and/or reminder data was not changed.
I:No data to display for selection.
I:No data for display found.
E:Program &1 not foune or ended in error.
I:No open items found in selected period &1.
E:Print document incorrectly created.
E:Print document incorrectly created.
E:Document &1 nof found.
E:Printer file not found.
E:Print document incorrectly created.
E:Print document incorrectly created.
I:Total of &2 open items due found in specified period &1.
E:Error occurred during retrieval of voucher number.
E:Error occurred during writing a BPROT1 record.
E:Error occurred during UPDATE of a BPROT1 record.
E:Account &1 and Account &2 are identical.
E:No results for Period &1 available.
I:Operating results record created.
E:No open actions for open item balancing recorded in time period.
E:No completed actions for open item balancing recorded in time period.
*** Turnover Statistics ***
E:Form Document DRU_UMSSTA not found
*** Open Item Processing ***
I:Work area for Open Item Processing being established.
E:Open items contain VAT rates not recorded in account data sheet.
E:Charge off to discount blocked by manual charge off action.
E:Open items contain VAT types not specified in account data sheet.
E:Account is registered for Company &1 but cannot be accessed.
E:Not authorized to charge off amount &2 &3.
E:Plus/Minus sign cannot be changed.
E:Transaction cannot be processed whilst a difference still exists.
E:Carge-off limit of &1 &2 has been exceeded.
E:Charge-off amount &1 is greater than grand invoice total &2.
E:Difference exists, but balance is required.
E:Rounding difference in the amount of &4 in currency &1 exists.
E:Function key not allowed.
E:Discount rights could not be saved as Open Items amount is too small.
E:Closing of open items processing with difference not permitted.
E:Selection "&1" only possible in combination with "Enter".
E:Open item is not an invoice.
E:Open item not subject to discount.
E:Open item is not a partial payment.
E:Account &1 not subject to Open Item Processing
E:Prequisites for single partial payment not met.
E:Disposition of expired discount already made.
I:User &2 not authorized for company &1
E:Amount to be charged off missing.
W:No open items matching search parameters found.
E:No open items match advice number entered.
E:Item number or advice number must be entered.
W:&1 search term does not match any open item.
E:Only open item accounts can be loaded.
E:No open items found for account.
E:Account &1 already loaded.
I:Account &1 with &2 open items loaded.
E:Assign difference not possible since no difference exists.
E:Partial payment/posting is not allowed.
E:Account maintenance cannot be closed without assignment.
E:The amount being charged off as a discount is identical to the payment amount.
E:Amount carried forward is same as amount being posted.
E:Account is not a P/L account.
E:Charge off is more than needed to balance.
E:Item can only be accessed in standard currency.
E:Amount carried forward from part payment must be in &1 currency.
E:Line code &1 used more than once.
E:Line code &1 blocked by prior processing action.
E:Partial payment function inactive.
E:Invalid entry "&1" for creating partial payments for Company &2.
E:Line code &1 must be revoked prior to other changes.
E:Processing must be removed before switching between standard and foreign currency.
E:Assignment of difference is not logical.
E:Creation of partial payment not possible.
E:Creation of a partial payment is not allowed.
I: &2 open item(s) with status "&1" found in account; &3 designated.
I:Open item(s) with subsequent posting date(s) not displayed.
I:Account payments are made by direct debiting.
E:Final calculated amount for interest charges is zero or negative.
I:Difference of &1 &3 in delcredere.
E:Invalid selection
E:Setting open item status not possible for installment/partial payments or part payment.
E:VAT key &1 is invalid.
E:Charge-off only allowed for sales vouchers.
E:Creation of a partial payment not permitted.
E:Internal error: Open items processing while creating a partial payment.
E:Account for charge off not found in Table B0314.
E:Unspecified error when calling up program "&1"'
W:Discount amounts in account &1 not completely in the printer queue
E:Option not valid for partial payment on account.
E:Partial payment on account is not possible as a difference no longer exists.
E:Discount for account &1 is not possible.
E:Assignment type for account &1 is not possible.
E:Voucher not found.
E:Voucher is no longer balanced.
F:Grenze für OP-Bearbeitung überschritten. OP-Bearbeitung für Konto &1 gelöscht.
I:Keine geigneten Posten für OP-Auszifferung gefunden
*** General Voucher Posting Messages ***
I:Voucher No. &1, File Ref.No. &2 submitted for posting.
I:Voucher No. &1, File Ref.No. &2 placed on hold.
I:Voucher No. &1, File Ref.No. &2 deleted.
W:Voucher date &1 later than posting date &2.
W:Pressing F13 or F12 again will cause entries to be lost.
W:Pressing F11 again will delete Standing Order Voucher &1, File Ref.No. &2.
W:Amount entered, &1, not consistent with calculated amount, &2.
E:Installment/Part payment conditions were not revised.
W:Voucher contents will be deleted next time ENTER is pressed.
E:Follow-up processing interrupted; voucher can not be posted.
E:Control record in async. transactions file misfunctioned.
E:Automatic voucher number assignment misfunctioned.
E:File reference is invalid for new vouchers being prepared.
E:No variable posting periods defined for posting date &1.
E:In the file reference &1 vouchers may not be deleted.
I:Follow-up voucher No. &1, file reference &2 created
E:Selection of '2' in this file reference is not permitted.
I:Closing period changed in accord with the selected voucher.
I:No matching voucher on hold.
E:Voucher not found on hold.
E:Voucher being processed by another user.
E:Voucher already posted.
E:Voucher not available.
E:Voucher contains uncorrectable error(s).
E:Voucher type not compatible with program.
I:Posting date changed to match requested voucher.
I:File reference number changed to match requested voucher.
E:File reference not appropriate for voucher type.
E:File reference number with system assigned voucher numbers required.
E:Date not within the open posting period.
E:Deviation from average exchange rate &2 exceeds &1 %
E:No posting entries in voucher.
I:Voucher &1, File Ref.No. &2 printed.
I:No erroneous postings on following pages.
E:Key "99" reserved for companies without input VAT.
E:Key "99" reserved for companies without VAT.
E:Paging not allowed with blank lines.
E:Not a balance sheet account.
E:No model voucher for voucher type.
E:No model voucher with this number for voucher type.
E:Payment due basis not defined in account data sheet.
E:Account linked to Supplementary Bookkeeping &1.
E:Voucher number not within authorized range.
E:Voucher date not within reasonable range.
E:Voucher number already assigned.
E:Discountable amount must be less than total invoice amount.
E:Account reserved for company-group clearing.
E:Account reserved for VAT.
E:Account reserved for VAT on inputs.
E:Debit &2 not equal to credit &1: Discrepancy = &3.
E:Currency missing.
E:Exchange rate missing.
E:Voucher date missing.
E:Follow-up program &1 not found or ended in error.
W:&3 % Input VAT on &2 equals &1.
E:Voucher line &1 on page &2 incomplete.
I:Open item processing interrupted.
E:Account assignment missing
E:Open items from prior year and curren year mixed.
E:VAT account number not correctly set up.
E:Input VAT account number not correctly set up.
E:Discount account number not correctly set up.
E:VAT type &3 required for account &5 on Page &2, Line &1.
E:VAT type &1 for open items cannot be identified.
E:Account for income from exchange rate differences not correctly set up.
E:Account for expenses due to exchange rate differences not correctly set up.
E:Posting date &3 not within open posting periods.
E:Posting date &3 not within a posting period.
E:Account is a &1 currency account.
W:Pressing F11 again will delete Voucher &1, FR &2.
E:Vouchers to be processed cannot be deleted.
E:Vouchers without contents cannot be posted.
E:Standing allocation not correctly set up.
W:Entry in Field &1 ignored.
E:Entry for &3 required for Line &1 on Page &2.
I:The posting date has been changed.
E:Posting date &1 invalid.
E:Account &1&2&3 not registered for Company &4.
E:File Ref.No. &1 not recorded in Table B0102.
E:File Ref.No. &1 is not for system assignment of voucher numbers.
E:Voucher type &4 not found for File Ref.No. &1.
E:Voucher No. &1, File Ref.No. &2 cannot be assigned.
E:There is a posting block on Account &1&2&3 for Company &4.
I:Sub-voucher No. &1 deleted.
E:Sub-voucher No. &1 already assigned.
E:Voucher type conflicts with standard bookkeeping currency.
E:Voucher date conflicts with installment/part payment date.
E:Sum of partial payments &1 do not equal invoice total &2.
E:Due date is before base date.
E:VAT entries result in invoice total of &1.
E:Account cannot be used with VAT.
E:Account cannot be used with Input VAT.
E:Input VAT &3 required for Acct.&5 on Page &2, Line &1.
E:Input VAT incompatible with Acct.&3 on Page &2, Line &1.
E:VAT incompatible with Acct. &3 on Page &2, Line &1.
I:Reporting data placed on hold.
E:File Ref.No. &1 not valid for posting.
E:Account &1 not listed in Table &2.
I:Model Voucher No. &1 created.
I:Model Voucher No. &1 deleted.
I:Model Voucher No. &1 changed.
I:Model Voucher No. &1 not found: Press ENTER to create.
W:Pressing F11 again will delete Model Voucher &1, File Ref.No &2.
I:Assessment basis deiviates fom voucher calculation.
E:Set-up error in account for rounding differences.
E:Entry for tax amount not permitted.
E:Sub-account consolidated invoice recipient is not the same as control account delcredere.
E:Reminder ID not compatible with open item status.
E:Due dates not sequentially increasing arranged.
E:First installment due before the advance payment.
E:Closing period &1 is not open for posting.
E:Closing period &1 does not belong to the selected fiscal year.
E:Valuation date to late.
E:Valuation date to early.
E:Entered key is not a closing period.
E:Voucher number already assigned.
I:Standing posting order &1 not yet carried out.
I:No standing posting vouchers found.
I:Open item with Status &1 balanced out.
I:Press ENTER to confirm reset or F12 to exit window.
I:Press ENTER to revoke reset or F12 to exit window.
I:Voucher cannot be deleted.
E:Imput VAT key &1 invalid.
I:Voucher cannot be deleted.
E:Voucher &3 cannot be posted to File Ref. &2 for Company &1 due to error(s).
W:Tax group not set up for Company &1.
E:Invalid VAT key selected.
E:Invalid VAT key selected.
E:Invalid VAT key selected.
E:No entry found for Key &1 in Table &2.
E:Account number for deduction not correctly set up.
E:Invalid debtor and/or VAT key selected.
E:Processing code &1 not valid.
E:Selected account invalid.
E:Processing of "Autofactura" voucher interrupted.
E:Processing of "Autofactura" voucher interrupted.
E:Voucher processing interrupted.
E:Selected tax key &1 invalid.
E:File reference "&1" not listed in table "&2".
E:Voucher cannot be put on hold.
W:Base date &1 is before voucher date &2.
W:Base date &1 is before voucher date &2.
E:Discountable amount invalid.
E:Voucher cannot be cancelled.
E:Voucher has already been cancelled.
E:Voucher cannot be processed.
E:Voucher processing not possible.
E:Voucher cannot be cancelled.
E:User not authorized to post sales vouchers.
E:Posting date &1 invalid.
E:Entry of comment text not allowed.
E:Change cannot be made.
I:For the selected vouchers, no follow-up vouchers exist.
E:Entry required for &1 for Acct. &2
E:VESR reference number is required.
E:&3 % of &2 is an input VAT of &1.
E:Voucher processing not possible.
E:Vouchers from "Electronic Banking" may not be deleted
E:Not able to work on voucher
E:Unknown voucher type &1 can not be opened.
E:Voucher unable to be called up.
E:Not able to open voucher.
E:No authorization to post purchase vouchers.
I:Change not executed as voucher data is unchanged.
E:No comments exist.
E:The voucher number could not be determined.
E:Posting date lies before the deactivation date of the statistical standard currency.
E:Not possible to change the part payment installments.
E:Not all amounts have been posted yet: remaining &1.
I:The voucher account assignment according to &1 put on hold.
E:Invalid call for parallel accounting systems.
E:On page &2 the voucher line &1 contains errors.
E:Posting in secondary accounting system not permitted.
E:No posting lines were entered.
F:Belegaufnahme nicht möglich.
E:Error when determining the account for conversion differences.
E:Error while processing the voucher header record.
E:File reference &2 not permitted for vouchers for single accounting systems.
E:The file reference types do not agree.
E:User not authorized for accounting system &2 for company &1.
E:File reference &2 not permitted for vouchers for single accounting system.
E:Voucher for single accounting system in foreign currency not permitted.
E:Voucher recording not possible.
E:Account incompatible with voucher type.
E:Vouchers may only be canceled in closing period &1.
E:No authorization to cancel vouchers.
E:Voucher was posted in the closing period &4.
E:File reference with voucher number assignment by the system is required.
F:Musterbeleg passt nicht zur ausgewählten Rechnungslegung
F:Keine Berechtigung, Verkaufsbelege zu stornieren
F:Keine Berechtigung, Einkaufsbelege zu stornieren
F:Nachrechnung ergibt für Steuerschlüssel &1 abweichende Bemessungsgrundlage zu &2.
F:Steuerschlüssel fehlt
F:Umsatzsteuerkennzeichen fehlt
E:Access of Sub-Number &1 not successful.
E:Penalty interest key missing for Account &1-&2.
E:No entry for Key &4 in Table B2001.
E:No reminder posted for account &1-&2 due to error in creation of penalty interest.
E:File Reference with number assignment type "3" not valid.
E:Currency &1 is not a foreign currency.
E:VAT key entered &1 is not an EU VAT key.
E:No valid standard currency entered.
E:Amount in standard currency 1 and 2.
E:Only file reference with voucher number assigned by user are permitted.
F:Belegnummer nicht im RE-Buch vorhanden
E:Voucher currency &1 does not correspond to SC1 &1 and/or SC2 &3.
E:The account is subject to cost accounting.
E:Company has only one standard currency.
E:Entry with the key &1 can not be deleted.
E:Key &1 may not be changed.
E:Sub-account entered without control account.
E:Account is not open to Open Items management.
E:Account is open to open items management.
E:Account is not a balance sheet account.
E:Account is not a P&L account.
E:Account has no posting block.
E:Account is open for cost accounting.
E:Basic support company 000 can not participate in company group clearing.
E:Processing company &1 may not be enterd.
E:Processing (&1) and Target company &2 belong to different company groups.
E:Invalid input. Valid input is: empty or &1.
E:Account open for open items management.
E:Account is not a balance sheet account.
E:Key &1 is invalid.
I:Special condition is standing posting not same as account data sheet.
E:Fixed assets accounting function requires voucher currency &1.
E:The account must be entered without sub-accounts.
E:Processing (&1) and target company &2 belong to different address groups.
E:No account was entered for the key &1 in Table B0303.
E:For account &2 no entry may be made in field &1
E:Input required for &1 with account &2.
I:Error exists in other accounting system.
I:No voucher lines as per &1.
I:Voucher lines in accounting system &1.
4=Voucher put on hold by &1.
E:Closing period blocked for posting.
I:No message to display.
E:Voucher print only possible for accounts with addresses.
C:Total of invoice lines &1 not equal to total of off-setting accounts &2. The differance equals &3.
E:File reference with voucher number assignment type &1 is not permitted.
*** Post Purchase/Sales Vouchers ***
W:Not a creditor account.
E:Discountable amount too high.
E:Due date not compatible with base date for payment due.
E:Expiration date for discount rate &1 missing.
E:Account is subject to VAT.
E:Account is not a creditor account.
E:Account for posting of the invoice/credit amount missing.
E:Total amount of invoice/credit missing.
E:Date for &1 missing.
W:Deduct discount from invoice on payment.
E:At least one GLE account is required.
E:Input VAT rate missing.
E:Input VAT amount missing.
E:Input VAT rate key missing for posting line &1 on page &2.
E:Part/Installment payments must be corrected before voucher can be posted.
E:Identical input VAT rates in lines &1 and &2.
E:Input VAT line &1 entry missing.
E:Amount of input VAT missing in line &1.
I:Voucher can not be posted; sales voucher is on hold.
E:Variance in amount and value of goods.
E:File reference number incorrect.
E:File Ref.No. &1 not appropriate for sales vouchers.
E:File reference &1 not valid for purchase vouchers.
E:No transfer of voucher lines to follow-up program.
E:Information on goods incomplete.
I:Voucher No. &1, File Reference &2, Company &3 released for execution.
E:No follow-up voucher data recorded in Table B0310 for Company &1.
E:Posting date not allowed for Company &1.
I:Voucher cannot be posted: follow-up voucher defective.
I:Follow-up voucher deleted.
W:Pressing the F20 key again will delete follow-up voucher.
W:Option for follow-up voucher not used.
E:Creation of working file not successful.
E:Input VAT key &3 on Page &2, Voucher Line &1 is not used in input VAT lines.
E:VAT rate missing.
E:VAT amount missing.
W:Discountable amount too large.
E:VAT key missing for posting line &1 on page &2.
E:VAT rate &3 on page &2, line &1 not referenced in VAT lines.
W:Account is not a debtor account.
E:At least one revenue account is required.
E:Entry missing in VAT line &1.
E:Identical VAT entered in VAT lines &1 and &2.
E:Entry for VAT line &1 missing.
E:VAT amount missing in VAT line &1.
W:Calculation with tax key &1 does not coincide with tax base amount.
E:Tax key &1 is not valid for transaction.
E:Program cannot process voucher.
E:Program cannot process voucher.
W:Valuation date &1 already recorded.
W:Net due date &1 already recorded.
E:A bar code must be recorded.
I:Bar code recording interrupted.
E:A serious error was detected during the actualization of Voucher &1.
E:Posting of follow-up vouchers not allowed.
E:&3 % VAT amounts to &4 &1
E:&3 % small business surcharge amounts to &4 &1
E:&3 % VAT + &6 % small business surcharge amounts to &4 &1
E:VAT + small business surcharge equal &4 &1
I:Invalid function.
I:Invalid function.
E:Flag '8' not permitted in current National Version.
E:Key '99' only allowed for companies not subject to VAT.
E:Call-up of bar code check program '&1' failed.
I:Change in the bar code was terminated.
I:No change attempted.
E:Voucher cannot be processed by program.
E:Invalid tax type change.
I:No change occurred.
E:Tax type '&1' is entered twice.
I:Tax type with half-year rule.
I:Change of this tax type is not permitted in this mode.
R:Part payment not allowed in combination with net posting.
E:The amounts have different operational signs.
E:Date not valid.
E:Invalid open items processing.
E:Account from function &2 in Table B0310 is invalid.
Input VAT Rate
Input VAT Rates
Assign Account Using
M=Materials Management
S=Standard Currency 1
E=Standard Currency 2
F=Foreign Currency
Post Purchase Voucher : Select Voucher Category
Maintain Model Purchase Voucher : Select Voucher Category
E:Invalid tax key &1
E:Tax key for tax category 2 is missing on page &2 line &1.
E:The selected turnover tax is invalid.
E:Invalid tax key &1.
E:Invalid tax key &1.
E:Invalid tax key &1.
E:Country version forbids deactivation of the "Activity" field.
E:Country version forbids deactivation of the "Receipt" field.
W:Vouchers can only be printed for accounts with addresses.
F:Ungültiger Steuerschlüssel &1
I:Tabelle B0421 wird nicht benutzt
F:Ungültiger Steuerschlüssel &1
F:Herausrechnen der Vorsteuer nicht möglich
F:Ungültige Kombination von Steuerschlüsseln bei Steuerschlüssel '&1'
F:Herausrechnen der Mehrwertsteuer nicht möglich
Skonto 1 abs.
Skonto 2 abs.
Skontobetr. 1
Skontobetr. 2
Skontobetr. aus
*** Post Payment Vouchers ***
I:Customer belongs to Co-op/Central Payment Facility &1 &2.
E:Only receipts or only disbursements.
E:Difference between calculated credit and amount entered.
E:Voucher processing is incomplete.
E:Unacceptable deviation in standard currency amount.
W:&3% Input VAT on delcredere is &4 &1
E:Both VAT and input VAT not allowed.
W:&3% input VAT on the voucher entries is &4 &1.
E:&3% VAT on the voucher entries is &4 &1.
E:Difference of &3 &2 between payment and voucher entries.
E:&3 % VAT on the voucher line less discount equals &4 &1.
E:Calculation results differ from charges.
E:Account &3, Page &2 Line &1 requires input VAT.
E:Account &3, Page &2 Line &1 requires VAT.
I:Input VAT type changed according to entry &1.
E:VAT ID key "&1" is not permitted.
W: No entry found for entry &1 in Table &2.
I:Zur Adresse &1 sind offene Zahlungsanforderungen vorhanden
*** Receipt Printing ***
E:Payment receipt cannot be printed.
I:Payment receipt released for printing...
I:Payment receipt printed.
*** Post Internal Vouchers ***
E:Turnover tax amount not related to a general ledger account.
E:Specified voucher not found in account.
E:Property accounting status precludes transfer posting.
E:Open iten status precludes transfer posting.
W:VAT entered but not an income account.
E:Either debit or credit.
E:Turnover tax entries not allowed for debtor/creditor postings.
E:Type of turnover tax invalid.
E:Open Item No. allowed only for open item administrated accounts.
E:VAT amount for Line &1 on Page &2 must be &3 &4.
E:Input VAT amount for Line &1 on Page &2 must be &3 &4.
E:Posting amount &1 does not equal calculated amount &2; difference is &3.
E:Turnover tax information on Line &1 Page &2 is incomplete.
E:Type of turnover tax missing on Line &1, Page &2.
E:Turnover tax not allowed in Line &1 on Page &2.
E:Account maintenance not allowed for Acct. &1.
E:Transfer posting of this payment not allowed here.
E:Voucher not identifiable.
E:Transfer posting useful only between accounts.
E:Different VAT conditions in account data sheets.
E:VAT key not authorized in account data sheet.
E:No input VAT can be posted in company &1.
E:No sales VAT can be posted in company &1.
F:Umbuchung nicht zulässig wegen Quellensteuer
E:Input VAT amount on page &2, line &1 must amount to &3 &4.
E:Transfer for items with deduction amounts not allowed.
E:Transfer posting for items for single accounting system not possible.
I:File reference changed in &2 for posting for single accounting system.
E:Voucher processing not possible.
E:Account maintenance in foreign currency not permitted.
F:Buchungszeile kann nicht umgebucht werden
E:Function key &1 not valid at this location on the display.
E:Function key &1 not valid for this display of payment terms.
E:Earlier posting date for open item to be transferred.
E:No posting lines from Company &1 in voucher.
E:VAT rules in account data sheet preclude transfer posting.
E:VAT key &1 is not valid.
E:Transfer posting with EC VAT key not allowed.
E:Voucher not found.
E:Double voucher number assignment occurred.
E:Inter-company voucher cannot be cancelled.
E:User &2 not authorized to display Company &1 postings.
E:No file reference listed in Table B0107 for Transaction &1.
E:No voucher text listed in Table B1105 for Key &1.
E:File reference must be defined for voucher type "I" and system number assignment.
I:Voucher currency changed to &1.

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