OS/400 Messages

Are you looking for the description of OS/400 (System i) messages e.g. CPF9801? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a (hoefully) complete list of of all OS/400 messages with all “second level texts”.

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Complete OS/400 Messages Documentation From /AAA up to ALF12A0

Complete OS/400 Messages Documentation From /AAA up to ALF12A0

This documentation is copyright by IBM.
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OS/400 Messages
--- Overview: Message Areas ---- Start-MSGID
Equipment malfunction
Control unit malfunction
Device error
CPC hardware failure
Time of day clock failure
Back-up resource failure
Optical system bus failure
Serial link switch error
Multiplexer problem
Pump failure
Service processor failure
Processor problem
Agent communication with resource lost
Adapter error
Back-up device failure
Back-up device failed during back-up
Input device error
MICR reader/sorter error
Output device error
Printer error
Printer cassette error
Input/output device error
Local console error
Remote console error
Disk failure
Disk operation error
Diskette device failure
Diskette operation error
Tape drive failure
Tape operation error
DASD mirroring lost
Loss of electrical power
Loss of channel adapter electrical power
Loss of line adapter electrical power
Loss of LIC unit electrical power
Loss of MOSS electrical power
Loss of external electrical power
Power off detected
Loss of all sources of electrical power
A source of electrical power has been lost
Loss of DC power on external chassis
Loss of DC power on SCSI chassis
Loss of AC power on UPS
Low battery on UPS
Immediate power off
Loss of equipment cooling or heating
Loss of equipment cooling
Loss of MOSS equipment cooling
Heating/ventilation/cooling system problem
Subsystem failure
Storage subsystem failure
Workstation subsystem failure
Communications subsystem failure
XID negotiation terminated
Wrong link mode setting command received
Topology capacity exceeded
Topology protocol error
Service subsystem failure
Subsystem job terminated
DASD subsystem data check
Wireless base start-up failure
Wireless workstation start-up failure
Clock synchronization failure
Impending storage subsystem failure
Impending workstation subsystem failure
Impending communications subsystem failure
Application subsystem failure
Voice response unit subsystem failure
Voice equipment failure
Software program abnormally terminated
CPC entered hard wait
Snapshot table processing failure
Requested software trap occurred
RPU process failed
Agent program terminated
IPL failure
Software program error
Program procedure is incorrect
Distributed process failed
Required software attempted termination
Cannot load task
Program parameter is incorrect
File access error
Database unavailable
Disk access attempt failed
Node to node communications not possible
Software operation not started
Software program will not terminate
Resource recovery failure
Recovery cancelled for error during IPL
Errors cannot be logged
Software error
Virtual route has gone out-of-sequence
Requested operation cannot be performed
No response from RPU server
RPU load file unavailable
IP dynamic routing data not received
Mail server framework
State inconsistency detected
Data inconsistency detected
Cluster exit program failed
Cluster resource failure
Cluster failure
Manager failed to access resource
Software operation failure
Possible file corruption
File server volume inaccessible
File directory may be corrupted
File allocation table may be corrupt
System file unusable
Backup operation failed
File error
Error in RPU load file
Login currently disabled
Back-up operation failure
File server could not be taken offline
Accounting data log corrupted
Communication protocol error
Directory services protocol error
Session services protocol error
SNA protocol error
XID protocol error
Invalid XID received
SNA session setup failure
CP-CP session failure
Management services protocol error
LU6.2 received negative bind response
LU6.2 sent negative bind response
LU6.2 session activation rejected
LU6.2 unbind request sent
LU6.2 unbind request received
LU6.2 session failure
APPN-HPR protocol error
APPN-DLUR protocol error
APPN topology database update (TDU) WAR
SNA pass-through session failure
LAN error
Loop error
Loop open
Loop adapter inoperative
Initialization failure
Open failure
Wire fault
Auto removal
Remove adapter command received
Token ring inoperative
Token-ring temporary error
Optical fiber converters have wrapped
Backup path inoperative
Main path wrapped to backup path
LAN LLC protocol error
Duplicate MAC address on token-ring
CSMA/CD bus inoperative
CSMA/CD LAN communications lost
LAN management data lost
Monitored station left LAN
FDDI connection error
Token-bus communications lost
Network addressing conflict
LAN communications lost
LAN segment number mismatch
No link to wireless newtork program
Deregistration command received
Excessive single frequency interferences
Excessive multifrequency interferences
Back-up path status change
Path wrap status change
Force remove ignored
Access unit corrected token-ring error
Unable to contact domain controller
Link error
Remote support facility link error
Unable to communicate with device
Unable to communicate with printer
Unable to communicate with display
Unable to communicate with remote node
Inbound connection attempt failed
Outbound connection attempt failed
Receive failure
Transmit failure
Remote node transmission error
Local node transmission error
Error receiving IP dynamic routing data
X.21 error
X.21 error--SNA secondary
X.21 error--SNA primary
X.21 connection cleared
X.25 error
Management server reporting link error
IDLC error
TCP/IP connection failure
Manager to gateway communication failure
Management gateway failure
Transmission line event received
ISDN error
D-channel ISDN error
B-channel ISDN error
R-interface ISDN error
ISDN physical layer error
ISDN physical layer activation error
ISDN call control error
ISDN call terminated unexpectedly
Local connection error
Link connection error
No LPDA response received
Bad FCS in LPDA response
Interface error during LPDA
Configuration mismatch
Modem configuration error
DSU/CSU configuration error
Modem error
DSU/CSU error
Equipment incompatibility
Modem reinitialized
DSU/CSU reinitialized
Modem failure detected
DSU/CSU failure detected
Modem speeds mismatch
Test in progress
Streaming detected
DTR dropped
External clock not running
Bad line quality
RLSD off detected
Excessive impulse hits detected
Excessive bipolar code errors
DCE interface error
Unexpected received carrier detected
No line signal
Out of frame received by local DSU/CSU
Out of frame received by remote DSU/CSU
Out of service received by local DSU/CSU
Out of service received by remote DSU/CSU
DDS loopback detected by local DSU/CSU
DDS loopback detected by remote DSU/CSU
Forbidden call -- call rejected
Delayed call -- call rejected
Local modem auto-call time-out
Local DTE auto-call time-out
Call failure -- called number busy
Call failure -- no answer
Call failure -- answer tone not detected
Call collision
Invalid/unsupported modem command
Network physical layer error
Receiver failure
Transmitter failure
Degraded signal
Framing error
Loss of frame
DTE/DCE interface error
CNM adapter configuration error
CNM adapter error
CNM adapter reinitialized
CNM adapter failure detected
Excessive line code errors
Link down detected by local CNM adapter
Link down detected by remote CNM adapter
Out of service received by local CNMA
Out of service received by remote CNMA
Loopback detected by local CNM adapter
Loopback detected by remote CNM adapter
Call establishment error
Loss of signal
Call failure -- dial tone error
DTE interface error
Modem synchronization failed
Logical link activation failure
Protection switch
Line loopback failure
NBBS communications error
Connection start failure
Connection change failure
Connection failure
Connection bandwidth allocation error
Quality of service allocation error
Connection resource configuration error
Connection path allocation error
Multiple connection termination
Connection configuration error
Connection control process
Connection termination
Connection path setup
Connection path takedown
Trunk connection failure
Algorithm failure
Control point failure
Spanning tree failure
Topology database failure
Trunk activation failure
Voice services unavailable
ATM communications error
Performance degraded
Excessive token-ring errors
Response time excessive
Excessive control unit errors
Retransmission rate excessive
Excessive APPN-HPR packet errors
Error to traffic ratio exceeded
Threshold has been exceeded
Threshold has been reached
Excessive storage subsystem errors
Excessive workstation subsystem errors
Excessive communications subsystem errors
Network congestion
Resource nearing capacity
Capacity exceeded
Out of resources
Workstation limit exceeded
Almost out of resources
Queue size exceeded
Out of memory
Virtual route held time limit reached
VR pacing withheld time limit reached
Held VR deactivation time limit reached
Virtual route transmit queue overrun
Communications underrun
Communications overrun
Receive queue overrun
Timing problem
Storage capacity problem
File needs reorganization
Configurable capacity limit reached
File directory entry limit exceeded
File lock threshold reached
Record lock threshold reached
Memory threshold reached
Memory usage threshold reached
Directory search threshold reached
Error log limit reached
Audit log limit reached
Error log file almost full
Audit log file almost full
Account limit reached
File server error limit reached
Network I/O error limit reached
System resource limit reached
Requester resource limit reached
Maximum storage limit exceeded
Network control block limit reached
Thread limit reached
CPU cycles limit exceeded
Authorized software usage exceeded
Connections threshold reached
Directory entry threshold reached
Volume space threshold reached
Software license limit reached
Software license limit exceeded
Bandwidth capacity exceeded
Microcode program abnormally terminated
Microcode program error
Error detected by microcode at power-on
Microcode program mismatch
Operator procedural error
Resources not active
Monitored file has been modified
Monitored file has been deleted
Monitored file has been created
Monitored process has been stopped
Monitored process has been started
Monitored process failed to start
Configuration or customization error
Customization image warning
Password encryption error
Telephone number not stored
Session set-up parameter mismatch
Required software feature not installed
Version mismatch
SNA pass-through configuration error
Software license may be violated
APPN-HPR configuration error
APPN-DLUR configuration error
Database inconsistent with adapter VPD
Operator intervention required
Printer ribbon jam
Paper jam
Bill/document jam
Coin jam
Film/videotape not moving
Device not ready
Printer not ready
Out of focus
Service door opened
Device not calibrated
Enclosure door open
Stock low
Low on ink
Low on paper
Low on bills/documents
Low on coins
Low on film/videotape
Low on toner
Low on fuser oil
Low on staples
Diskette file nearly full
Low on envelopes
Stock exhausted
Out of ink
Out of paper
Out of bills/documents
Out of coins
Out of film/videotape
Out of toner
Out of fuser oil
Out of staples
Out of envelopes
Depository full
Depository approaching capacity
Problem resolved
Impending cooling problem resolved
Operator notification
Maintenance procedure
Operator took printer offline
LAN bridge taken offline
Resources require activation
Service subsystem taken offline
Line adapter disconnected
Token-ring adapter disconnected
High speed line adapter disconnected
Channel adapter maintenance procedure
Timed IPL to occur soon
CSMA/CD adapter disconnected
SNMP resource problem
Pressure unacceptable
Bandwidth reduced
Idle time threshold exceeded
File server taken offline
Requester taken offline
Monitored situation exists
Monitored situation cleared
Unsuccessful APPN-HPR route switch
APPN-HPR route switched
Failure caused automatic reset
Service call failed
Automatic service call to retain failed
Environmental problem
Excessive vibration
Fire detected
Flood detected
Humidity unacceptable
Temperature unacceptable
Leak detected
Toxic leak detected
High temperature detected: main chassis
High temperature detected: external
High temperature detected: SCSI
Resent alert with updated information
No access to problem resolution facility
Problem resolution threshold exceeded
Problem resolution halted
Problem resolution error
Problem resolution restarted
Security event
Invalid reporting link password
Unauthorized LAN insertion attempted
Unauthorized network change attempted
Unauthorized access attempted -- bind
Unknown OSI management services request
Invalid password
Unauthorized access attempted
Access to domain controller denied
System not secure
Possible unauthorized access attempted
Access granted to remote user
Public access granted to remote user
Remote system restart initiated
Remote system restart request rejected
Remote service start request received
Remote service start request rejected
Undetermined error
Resource unavailable
Underlying resource unavailable
Review event detail for alert description
MOSS hardware
MOSS microcode
Processor switch
Control panel
System I/O bus
Processor machine check
Card enclosure and/or board
Vector processor
System check stop
Service processor
LAN manager processor
Printer server
Optical system bus controller
Excessive load on processor
System microcode
System storage microcode
System display microcode
System communication microcode
System printer microcode
Terminal emulator subsystem microcode
&4 processor
Main storage
Auxiliary storage
Main storage machine check
Expanded storage
DASD cache
Storage control
Number of LAN management frames received exceeds buffer capacity
&4 main storage
Power subsystem
Internal power unit
Internal power control unit
Power cable
Power cord
Power subsystem processor
MOSS battery
Communication with uninterruptible power supply disrupted
Main AC power supply
Power distribution unit
Motor generator
Internal clock
Internal power unit for &1 &2
Cooling or heating subsystem
Cooling fan
Air filter
Air flow detector
Thermal detector
Coolant distribution unit
Thermal limits exceeded
Subsystem controller
Storage controller
Workstation controller
Communications subsystem controller
Intermittent storage controller error
Intermittent workstation controller error
Intermittent communications subsystem controller error
Loadable storage controller microcode
Loadable workstation controller microcode
Loadable communications subsystem controller microcode
Tape controller microcode
Storage controller interface
Workstation controller interface
Communications subsystem controller interface
Interconnect controller
Storage subsystem
Workstation subsystem
Communications subsystem
Channel subsystem
Caller processing subsystem
Speech synthesis subsystem
Software program
Application program
Loadable software module
Wireless network administration program
Encryption program
Voice response unit program
LAN over WAN communications program
Refresh timer expired
Communications program abnormally terminated
Program check
Host program
Printer server program
Software device driver
Communications/LAN device driver
MAC driver failure
Media library device driver
Communication controller control program
Communications program
Communications program in remote node
Communications access method
Communications program in local node
LAN manager program
LAN management server
Ring error monitor
I/O access method error
Agent error
Command not recognized
Conversation protocol error
Data descriptor error
Invalid data structure error
Invalid cursor state
Relational database access error
Blocking protocol error
Chaining protocol error
Relational database package is inoperative
Relational database snapshot data out of date
Snapshot table timestamp out of sync with base table
Snapshot table existence mismatch with base table
Snapshot table options mismatch with base table
Library manager program
Message received is not an acknowledgement message
Buffer allocation error
All component resource execution modules not stopped successfully
Communications driver error
Control block chaining error
Encoding/decoding error
Destination resource server stopped
Destination resource stopped
Device command error
Device communications server table error
Device data management support server not found in processor
Destination resource not defined in control block pool
Destination resource not stopped
Destination resource paused
Destination resource purged
Destination resource server paused
Destination resource server purged
Distribution snapshot file error
Error accessing file
Device locked by another task
Device locked by another user
Disk queue server resource stopped
Distribution failed
Distribution session not created
Error generating template for data definition
Error control data literal file
Error opening file
Error accessing secured resource table
Error closing file
Error closing temporary journal file
Error deleting temporary journal file
Error renaming temporary journal file
Error sending mailbox services message to device communication protocol program
File support error
File support resource not started
Thread creation error
File control table full
File full
File is corrupt
Inbound server resource stopped
Incorrect environment status received from originator
Input/output error -- journal file
Device data management support program error
Invalid device name
Invalid line name
Invalid lock on records in file
Invalid memory address
Invalid memory pool
Invalid memory request size
Journal locked
Invalid acknowledgement in request data structure
Invalid command code
Error during file seek
Error during buffer flush
Interconnect controller program
Command violation
Software subsystem
Unable to build alert requested by &1
&1 file error
&1 is corrupt
&1 not found
Error sending notify new node message -- &1
Error sending open acknowledgement message -- &1
Error sending open session message -- &1
Error sending query node message -- &1
Error sending query reply message -- &1
Error sending request heartbeat message -- &1
Error sending add node message -- &1
Error sending delete node message -- &1
Error sending get new node message -- &1
Error sending heartbeat message -- &1
Error sending load applications message -- &1
Error sending node abort message -- &1
Error sending subnet abort message -- &1
Error sending switch reply message -- &1
Error sending switch node message -- &1
Subnet control node &1 switch failed
System control node &1 switch failed
Structured query language error
Data transparency error -- &1
Disk error closing &1
Disk error reading &1
Code page error -- &1
Communications driver sent incorrect card number &1
Communications driver sent incorrect control block type &1
Configuration package acknowledgement not received from &1
Control node &1 failed to respond
Software subtask
&1 unable to forward alert originally sent by &2
Communication protocol program error
Journal error &1 connection name &2
Operation error
Cannot create operator interface log file
Cannot write to operator interface log file
Error starting
Error opening
Error reading
Error seeking
Error waiting for reply from &1 &2
Error freeing buffer at &1 &2
Error sending to &1 &2
Device error -- &1 &2
Error on event scanner &1 connection name &2 &3
Software program &4
Operating system
Critical system job failed
Software program
Required nodes are not active
Communication protocol program sent an invalid command
Error calling industrial computer language extensions library
Manufacturing automation protocol communications protocol
TCP/IP communications protocol
Protocol violation during resynchronization processing
Protocol violation during synchronization point processing
Invalid path specified
Invalid path specified in configuration file
Invalid parameter in request data structure
Invalid parameter in request work area
Logical device interface procedures (LDIP) program sent an invalid command
Invalid priority
invalid priority in request data structure
Invalid queue number in request
Invalid request type
Invalid task number
Invalid timeout value in request data structure
Invalid transaction number
Message size exceeds allocated buffer size
Error attempting to access message file
Manufacturing automation protocol application program interface allocation table full
Table member locked by another user
Table resource empty
Invalid node information block request
Message too long for communication protocol program to transmit
Database monitor time-out during start-up or shut-down of database resources
New subnet control node not found in configuration file
New system control node not found in configuration file
Originator resource purged
Not enough memory storage in resource for new member
Print spooler control file error
Print spooler control file full
Program initialization failed
Resource initialization failed
Requested device control block failed to start successfully
Requested line control block failed to start successfully
Requested video control block failed to start successfully
Resource not shut down
Resource not started
Server resource invalid
Inconsistency detected
Execution blocked or inhibited
Unrecognized return code or error code
Time-out expired while waiting for response from destination resource
Timed out waiting for communication protocol program event
Timed out waiting for hardware I/O port access
System template file error
Table resource locked by another user
Table resource not available
Task number not available
Time-out expired while waiting for completion of print request
Time-out expired while waiting for response from remote node
Time-out expired while waiting for completion of spool request
Time-out expired while waiting for subnet configuration package
VM access command failed
VM link command failed
VM release command failed
Database session not disconnected
Database session terminated -- request rejected
Invalid parameter
User exit program
Back-up incomplete
Library back-up list in use
Disconnect timer expired
Algorithm failure
Link timeout
IPL failure
Insufficient storage
A network node is contending with the node sending this alert over the information for a to
A network node other than the node sending this alert is building a TDU incorrectly

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