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Based on the combination of solid expertise in IT, ERP and DCW and our experience in managing projects, we have developed a range of additional services and we are always here to support you with any problems you might face. 

Do you have special requirements regarding DCW, such as comparing cost units between your ERP system and DCW, automatic loading of exchange rates, or sales or payment behavior analyses? Contact us!

Whether you want to run an international implementation project or integrate a newly acquired company into your DCW system: we have the skills and experience to offer.

Whether you want to run an international implementation project or integrate a newly acquired company into your DCW system: we have the skills and experience to offer competent support! 

During our years working in the DCW environment, we have gained a wealth of experience and developed a number of tried and tested methods. We bring our knowledge and skills to your projects for an effective and efficient implementation. Since many medium-sized companies have gone global, a large number of our DCW customers are operating internationally. We have introduced DCW successfully in businesses around the globe. 

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We believe that the transfer of knowledge is an integral part of a successful partnership. In the course of our work with DCW, we have acquired a wealth of expert knowledge that we are pleased to pass on to others. Tell us what you need and we will organize appropriate training either at our facilities or on site in your offices.

There are many reasons for parallel accounting: better international comparability, benchmarking or the listing requirements of (foreign) stock exchanges.

Our methods and solutions in this area are very diverse, because they depend greatly on the general conditions within your company. We will provide information on how you can use the parallel accounting method for every transaction or reconcile your accounts at certain intervals in accordance with German commercial law, IFRS, BILmoG or US GAAP.

Electronic financial statements are the way of the future, and they present more than just a technical challenge! In order to transmit your statements electronically and use the appropriate taxonomies, you need to check and adapt your DCW solution. If you need support in this, we are pleased to help.

We check your system for excessive use of disk space that can place an unnecessary burden on the system and slow it down.
We perform detailed analyses to find and eliminate performance problems in your DCW application.
We provide support for PTF installation on your iSeries for OS/400 or DCW.
We also support you in sizing DCW for new iSeries systems.

An isolated test environment allows you to implement extensive changes in your software without risk. We will create an identical copy of your live system for testing purposes.

Just like other businesses, companies that have successfully implemented a DCW solution occasionally experience major changes, such as new company locations, new corporate structures, the spin-off or integration of corporate divisions, mergers and acquisitions etc.  Whether your corporate structures are changing or you are adding a new company – sooner or later, the new elements must be integrated into the existing system.

We harmonize and merge new data (address data, accounts codes, reporting structures) or design elements with existing data. Your system is back to working perfectly – for “old” and “new” corporate divisions.

If you need fast and uncomplicated support, please contact us at:

We offer both on-site and remote support. Our modern ticket system enables all consultants to provide information on the current status of requests based on the ticket number that is e-mailed to customers.

We are pleased to perform minor remote services such as:

  • offering support for accounting transactions in connection with audits
  • setting up special tax keys
  • defining financial years