Managed Services

You are a medium-sized company that uses SAP and sometimes struggles with the software’s special challenges…

Don’t worry: You are not alone – many renowned businesses have the same problem. As availability requirements increase, it can become difficult to cover staff shortages due to vacations, illness etc. with your own people. To support you in these situations, we have developed our concept of temporary or permanent Managed Services. The concept can be adapted to your requirements: Whether you need a vacation replacement for 3 weeks or want to authorize consolut to handle all your services – anything is possible.

The following Managed Services are available and used by many of our customers:


Managing the basic processes of an SAP system frequently puts a strain on already tight human resources. Moreover, running an SAP system requires expert know-how and a high commitment of staff. Even if all these conditions are fulfilled, optimal availability and performance cannot always be ensured.
That is why our portfolio includes a service for the permanent management of your SAP system’s basic processes. We will ensure maximum availability and flexibility, working in close cooperation with your colleagues to keep friction losses to a minimum.
Our experience with many and diverse customer systems allows us to quickly find the best solution for you. We will customize your system in advance to ensure maximum fault tolerance.


Less strain on company resources

  • Your IT staff gains more time to work on strategic or innovative projects
  • Calculable costs – especially in multiple shift operations
  • No loss of know-how when staff members leave the company
  • No new SAP Basis training required for your staff



  • Flexible cushioning of load peaks in projects
  • consolut can act as your vacation replacement
  • Optimization of your system to keep it performing at peak efficiency with the available hardware
  • High flexibility due to short contract terms – your satisfaction is our goal


Availability and performance

  • 24/7 availability
  • You choose which SLAs (Service Level Agreements) you want for each system
  • Continuous monitoring of production systems
  • Regular optimization of system performance based on our in-depth SAP & DB knowledge
  • On request, we will implement the latest support and enhancement packages within a short time
  • Monitoring & optimization of your system performance
  • Optimization of your transport system – using our own Transport Check, if you wish
  • Regular kernel patches to keep your system up to date
  • Update of support packages on request
  • Check of canceled updates
  • Check of canceled jobs
  • Review of short dumps
  • Analysis of the system log
  • Installation of SAP notes
  • Creation & handling of SAP messages
  • Support of the SAP OSS connection via the consolut infrastructure


SAP regularly sends out Security Notes once a month. In these, the company points out measures and patches that ensure the security of the systems. Deciding which messages affect your own system landscape and which updates are important takes time and is not always easy. This is where Managed Security Notes comes in with three different service packages: Basic, Standard and Extended.

In the Basic version, you will receive our free monthly newsletter with helpful information and notes on SAP Security Notes with a priority of “high” or “very high”.

With our Standard offer, we also evaluate your systems and provide you with individual recommendations for action as to which measures make sense for you.

With our Extended service package, we take full care of the security of your SAP systems: We check them regularly and apply all security-relevant kernel patches or Basis Security Notes.


Implementing and managing an authorization concept is crucial in terms of managing risk, but usually not a top priority in the daily running of your business. Moreover, it requires an expertise that most companies do not have, or choose not to acquire, because the appropriate resources would never be used to full capacity, leading to disproportionately high costs. That is why it often makes sense to outsource your authorization management. consolut SAP Managed Services Authorizations is your full management service for authorizations and the authorization concept.

The basic idea behind SAP Managed Services Authorizations is to offer complete maintenance of the client’s authorization concept and authorizations. Just tell us what you need – we’ll do the rest. The details of this service, especially the Service Level Agreement, will be discussed with you and adapted to your requirements.


Running and maintaining SAP systems on all levels is one of our core competencies. By pooling the expertise of our support and project teams, we are able to offer you the operation and maintenance of your entire SAP application as a one-stop service.

consolut Managed Services Applications comprises the complete operation and maintenance of your SAP application – from post-processing of upgrades and notes to adjustments during operation and first-, second- or third-level support. We can run and maintain your entire application or only certain parts of it.

Our international focus – we maintain offices in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. – enables us to fulfill Service Level Agreements according to your requirements, whether you need us 24/7 or just during regular office hours.