FI Batch Input Add-On

Interfaces with the FI module of the SAP ERP system are still regularly implemented via batch input. Even though the batch input technology is older than the R/3, it is sometimes still a good choice.

Batch input runs more tests than any other SAP standard interface technology, and the SAP standard includes an error handling function for key users. The poorer the quality of the supplied data, the greater the advantages of batch input compared to other technologies. The biggest drawbacks of batch input are the requirement to provide source data in a text file and the fact that there is no readable log. The consolut FI Batch Input Add-On eliminates these deficiencies and enables users to enjoy the benefits of batch input without having to worry about major drawbacks.

The consolut FI Batch Input Add-On offers the following advantages and functions:

  • Supply of data in a database table, i.e. media continuity; commitment control is possible
  • Generation of readable logs
  • Interface management in a dedicated monitor
    • Management of supplied data packages
    • Faulty data can be corrected in the monitor
  • Optional: Analysis and correction of supplied data directly in the database
  • Flexible test of supplied data


The consolut FI Batch Input Add-On includes modules for the following objects:

  • Module RFBIBL00 XXL: Posting document
  • Module RFBIDE00 XXL: Customer master
  • Module RFBIKR00 XXL: Vendor master