FI/CO Excel Posting Add-On

SAP provides a wide range of transactions to capture accounting documents (FI and CO) in the ERP system. Generally it makes sense to use these standard transactions. There are, however, a number of scenarios in which accounting documents can be created much more efficiently from Excel files. The FI/CO Excel Posting Add-On provides this functionality for virtually all accounting transactions.

The FI/CO Excel Posting Add-On consists of the following components:

FI Excel Posting

These are scenarios in which the consolut FI Excel Posting component will be helpful:


  • Monthly entries or year-end closing entries whose values are determined in Excel and which are posted to a large number of account assignment objects, such as accruals or WIP / POC
  • Payroll accounting
  • Commission settlements
  • Incoming invoices with itemization at the level of the account assignment objects that lead to dozens or hundreds of line items.

These are the main functions of the FI Excel Postings component:

  • Direct import from xlsx or xls files
  • No fixed layout; fields are recognized by the column heading
  • Generation of Excel templates from existing FI documents
  • User-specific fields may be defined in CO-PA or in the new general ledger
  • An Excel file may contain several documents
  • Check for basic errors
  • Postprocessing of errors in the SAP standard system
  • All checks of the SAP standard dialog processing
  • Posting of the following transactions:
    • General posting document (FB01 and hence also FB50 / FB60 / FB70)
    • Foreign currency valuation (FBB1)
    • Preliminary posting (FBV1)
    • Accrual/deferral document (FBS1)
    • Line item CO-PA (KE21N)
    • Posting of CO-PA line items with and without FI document

CO Excel Posting

In controlling especially, the data used for allocations is often calculated or made available in Excel. The CO Excel Posting component of the FI/CO Excel Posting Add-On allows users to generate allocations in CO directly from Excel files.

The following CO posting transactions are supported:

  • Reposting of primary costs (KB11N)
  • Manual cost allocation (KB15N)
  • Direct activity allocation (KB21N)
  • Manual reposting of revenues (KB41N)
  • Entry of services performed (KB51N)
  • Reposting with reference document (KB61)
  • Reposting of services with reference document (KB65)