FI General Add-On

The standard SAP financial accounting module is arguably the most powerful on the market. Still, there are a number of additional functions that may come in handy in your daily work. The consolut FI General Add-On provides general accounting functions that ensure greater flexibility and user convenience.

The consolut FI General Add-On consists of the following modules:

  • General document printing: rule-based, automatic start of document printing online from posting transactions or in batches
  • Upload of foreign currency exchange rates: automatic loading of foreign currency exchange rates
  • Reposting of branch items: reposting of items from head offices to branches and vice versa
  • Fuel interface: automatic loading of fuel card invoices
  • Export of posting documents: rule-based online export of posting documents
  • Extension of electronic account statement customizing functions: extension of the customizing functions for electronic account statements by regular expressions