MasterData Add-On

The consolut MasterData Add-On consists of the following components:

ADDRESS SEARCH – Find the right data quickly and easily! 

  • Does it annoy you when the SAP search help shows too many results?
  • Do you want to find Mr. Schröder with search terms like “Schroeder” or “Schroder” as well?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to work with just one search field?
  • If you missed a call, do you want to be able to identify the caller using his phone number?
  • Would it be helpful to be able to assign a VAT ID number directly to a business partner by means of data matching?

If you answered “yes” to the above, then the consolut Address Search is the right tool for you! Find out why!

Quick access

  • Smooth integration into the SAP standard.
  • Effective in all areas that you are already accessing with the SAP standard search helps.

More search options

  • You can search based on virtually all available address data, including contact person, bank data, comment, legal form of the company, locations etc.
  • You decide which search fields you want to use.

Combining search terms

  • In the consolut Address Search you can enter any combination of search terms.
  • Only results matching all search terms are displayed. For optimal results, the tool is not case-sensitive and ignores the order of search terms, but includes umlauts in various spellings in the search.

 POSTAL CODE UPDATE – Keep zip codes an addresses up to date! 

Address data may become obsolete because a customer changes headquarters, a supplier opens a new branch office or the postal service introduces new ZIP codes. That is why the German postal service provides update files four times a year, while the Swiss postal service even issues them every month.

  • Do you frequently have problems with address data?
  • Does your database contain incorrect ZIP codes or street addresses?
  • Would you like to be warned if you try to save an incorrect address?

The consolut Address Information Update is an expert-designed tool that can be easily integrated into your SAP system and prevents you from using incorrect address information.

DUPLICATE CHECK – Prevent duplicate master records before they are created!

The consolut Duplicate Check is a simple and reliable tool that helps users check master records and prevent double entries. Do you want to correct and up-to-date address data in your system? Ideally, your master data should contain only one address for every legal entity, whether customer, partner or supplier. Unfortunately, sometimes all you have to do is search for “Manfred Mueller” to realize that the reality is different: Master records with slight differences in spelling exist twice or three times in the system.

Sound familiar?

  • Are you annoyed every time you find multiple entries for the same person in your master data?
  • Do your international subsidiaries create master records without umlauts, while your own records contain umlauts?
  • Do you often waste time finding the right master record number?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to know immediately which customer number belongs to an order?
  • Do you want to find information on a partner’s sales or liabilities without combining several master records?

Then the consolut Duplicate Check is the right tool for you. Why?


  • Seamless integration into the SAP® standard and the consolut Address Search
  • Can be used for customer, supplier and/or business partner data
  • Active when data sets are created and when they are changed
  • Parameters only need to be defined once
  •  As long as no duplicate is found, the Duplicate Check remains invisible



  • The consolut Duplicate Check compares a predefined number of characters in the fields “Names”, “Street address”, “ZIP code” and “City”
  • For optimal results, the search ignores both case and the order of the search terms and recognizes different spellings of umlauts
  • Any duplicates found are displayed in a pop-up window along with the corresponding editing options
  • The search terms can be combined at will


SAP supplies predefined factory calendars. For example, these include all the public holidays for the various German states.

These calendars can be edited by the customer. It is possible to

  • Review and extend the public holidays
  • Adapt the factory calendar
  • Enter plant holidays

The procedure for editing, using transaction SCAL, is described in SAP note 501670.

Unfortunately, these calendars are normally only supplied with data complete up to 2010. Problems therefore occur from 2011 onwards.

consolut offers a new service to avoid these problems. Using this service (Report Z_FACTORY_CALENDAR_CHECK) it is possible to check which factory calendars are required. The function determines which factory calendars are used in which clients and then allows them to be displayed and reviewed.

After the calendars have been identified, they must be edited manually.

You can download the consolut SAP factory calendar check here:
E34K974312 Check/Update Factory Calendar V. 1.02 – 10.09.2011

There is one problem for the German state “Hamburg”, SAP duplicate the public Holiday.

See SAP Note 44875.To solve these issue, please import transport E34K974312 in your SAP-System. After import please call report Z_FACTORY_CALENDAR_UPDATE in SE38.

If you call these report without a parmater, the report check all multiple public holidays. If you call these report with parameter “X”, all multiple public holidays will be deleted.


First, you must add the public holiday calendar up to 2020. Then you can extend the factory calendar for the same period.

Extension of public holiday calendar up to 2020

To extend the public holiday calendar, go to transaction SCAL, select the public holiday calendar and click on “edit”. At the top, replace “2010” by “2020” and save the calendar.

Extension of factory calendar up to 2020

To extend the factory calendar, go back to transaction SCAL, select the factory calendar and click on “edit”. The table of all factory calendars will be displayed. Select your calendar, click on “edit”. At the top, replace “2010” by “2020” and save the calendar.
You can either adjust the calendar manually in the other systems or generate a data transport for adjusting the calendars. If you wish to extend the calendars with SCAL, follow the steps listed above. Otherwise follow the instructions given below for data transport.

Distribution of calendars by data transport

If you wish to use a data transport, click on the “transport” button in transaction SCAL and generate a transport. This can then be transferred to the other systems after it has been released.