Translation Add-On

SAP supplies the user interface of its applications in a multitude of languages to meet virtually any requirement. However, system customizations and the users’ own applications can obviously not be delivered by SAP and must therefore be translated individually. This calls for an extension of the standard SAP translation function that ensures optimum user-friendliness and efficiency: the consolut Translation Add-On.

The consolut Translation Add-On allows users to define the objects that are to be translated in the SAP system. The untranslated entries relating to these objects can then be downloaded to Excel, translated offline, and uploaded back into the SAP system.

This approach offers the following benefits:

  • The translator does not need access to SAP
  • The translator does not need to be familiar with SAP
  • The entries to be translated are selected mostly automatically; the user only needs to define the relevant objects in the customizing function of the add-on.
  • Data is downloaded to and uploaded from Excel.