BI – Business Warehouse & Business Objects (BW/BO)

Sound decisions require precise and accurate information. The SAP Business Warehouse provides such information, in addition to many other benefits.

An SAP BW solution allows you to combine data from heterogeneous sources, e.g. SAP R/3 and non-SAP systems, and gives you and your employees access to integrated, accurate and up-to-date information (structured and unstructured) at any time. The software’s extensive reporting functions let you create and present a wide variety of reports.

We will support you as a competent and reliable partner to help you make the right decisions. You will benefit from our years of experience with both SAP BW/BO solutions and ERP systems and processes.

We will listen closely to your requirements and help you determine which product is best implemented at which place in your enterprise. Based on this analysis, we will choose the best way of installing your solution, and we will train your employees.

With our help, even small and medium-sized companies will benefit from a BW solution – with a reasonable expense of time and money. We always aim at implementing systems that are easy to understand for users and easy to manage for administrators.


In implementing our products, we follow a process that has proven successful in many projects. 



  • Development of a data model
  • Loading processes (effective and high-performance data loading)
  • Reporting


Definition of ETL (Extraction-Transformation-Loading) processes within the BW

  • Extraction and transfer of source data from different source systems (SAP and non-SAP) (e.g. flat files or MS SQL database)
  • Saving of data in the structures and formats required for data analysis
    • Data enhancement
      • § Derivation of information (e.g. derivation of the corporate account number)
      • § Calculation of new key figures (e.g. determination of the number of orders)
    • Data harmonization (§ e.g. standardization of customer master data)
    • Merging of transaction data (§ e.g. financial and sales data from different source systems)
    • Assurance of data quality (§ e.g. semantic data check during the loading process)

Periodic data extraction –
for example, daily from SAP ERP, monthly from flat files

Process chain design – Control of loading processes by means of process chains

Use of Business Content (if possible)

  • Objects predefined by SAP that may be activated as needed
  • Benefits:
    • Requires only minimal configuration
    • Can be extended
    • Objects available in the SAP standard need not be remodeled

Definition of a reporting system

  • Creation of SAP BW queries and SAP BO reports
  • Integration into the SAP Enterprise Portal


  • BW objects
  • BW/BO reports

 We will support you in optimizing the processes within the BW system in order to reduce the amount of required maintenance and support. To this end, we will look at the following processes and operations:

Process chains
Loading processes (e.g. loading of flat files)
Periodic data reorganization (e.g. deleting PSA, deleting Change Log, compression etc.)
Modeling (InfoCubes)
ETL Status Reporting (indicates whether the loaded data is up to date)

 Is your reporting system too slow? The runtimes of process chains too long? There are ways and means of improving performance. We will check and optimize the performance of your SAP BW system in the following areas:

ETL loading process
Process chains

 Authorizations are an important part of the SAP BW/BO solution. After all, you don’t want highly sensitive business data to fall into the wrong hands. We will support you in creating and maintaining:

SAP role authorizations
BW analysis authorizations
BO application authorizations
Portal authorizations

 For simple and efficient data access corporate-wide, we have various SAP BW & BO applications for reporting available to your staff.

Learn more here.

 We offer your employees training on the following BW/BO-related subjects:


Reporting Training

SAP BEx Suite:

  • BEx Query Designer
  • BEx Web Application Designer
  • BEx Report Designer


SAP BO Suite:

  • Web Intelligence
  • Dashboard Design
  • Crystal Reports
  • Advanced Analysis


Administrative Training

BW Administration:

  • BW basics
  • Data loading
  • Monitoring of data loading processes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance analysis
  • Authorization and user management
  • Translation


BO Administration:

  • BO basics (BO Enterprise Server)
  • Integration of SAP BO with SAP BW and the SAP Enterprise Portal
  • Authorization and user management
  • Single Sign-On for SAP BW
  • Translation
  • Life cycle management