SAP HANA is a new technology that is still under development in terms of business cases and specific support by SAP applications. Our extensive experience from various projects enables us to handle SAP HANA projects with and for you – from selection and planning to an efficient implementation and support after the go-live.

The following roadmap outlines the most important steps and issues of such a project.


  • Discussion of various licensing options to avoid creating a system that becomes “unaffordable” just because its disk space grows more than expected.
  • Which functions and processes are optimized for SAP HANA and cannot be realized with conventional databases?
  • Which optimizations might be used in your current system to quickly eliminate serious performance problems without installing new hardware?
  • Discussion of various options in your system landscape with SAP HANA and your current database in (temporary) coexistence
  • Development of an SAP HANA prototype, possibly on hosted systems to keep investments small, to see how the HANA system handles YOUR data.
  • Planning of your own HANA hardware / discussion of hosting options
  • Development of a detailed changeover plan that minimizes your risks – e.g. by leaving the migration of your most important systems to a late point in the project.
  • Training of your IT staff with the new platform – SUSE or Red Hat Linux – and the SAP HANA database.
  • Support during the go-live and especially second-level support in the event of problems after the go-live

Challenge us with this new technology!