We will ensure that all project steps are executed safely and efficiently in close cooperation with your IT department and operating departments. To this end, we rely on advisors and developers who have accumulated many years of experience with both systems and with migration projects.

consolut applies the standardized procedures recommended by SAP.

Phase 1: Project Preparation

Planning and preparation of the SAP project

Phase 2: Business Blueprint

We prepare a business blueprint with a detailed description of the results of workshops on the client’s business process requirements. This document describes the processes of the client in general and shows how they are reflected in the ERP system.

Phase 3: Realization

In the realization phase, the business requirements of the client are configured in two stages on the basis of the business blueprint. The first step, baseline configuration, is followed by detailed configuration.

Phase 4: Production Preparation

This phase includes tests, training and data migration. Following the successful completion of these preparations, the client has an SAP system which can “go live”.

Phase 5: Go-live & Support

Start of production and support for users


Depending on the complexity of the project, the deliverables and milestones for each phase are defined at the start of work on the project. A phase is only completed when the relevant deliverables are available and the milestones have been reached.