We support our customers on-site and/or remotely in all tasks of system management to ensure the continuous availability of applications and networks. Our services range from selective technical consulting to the responsible management of the entire project.

The services available from Volker Gueldenpfennig and his team include:

  • World-wide consultancy, not only in Germany and not only for SAP R/3SAP
  • iSeries (AS/400) EBCDIC to ASCII codepage conversion (CPC)
  • SAP codepage conversion from ASCII to Unicode on all SAP platforms
  • SAP Upgrades on all platforms
  • OS/DB migration for database and/or operating system changeover, by experienced, certified consultants especially for time-critical projects with special downtime optimization
  • General Basis SAP support
  • SAP system installation and configuration
  • SAP archiving
  • CUA – Central User Administration
  • AIS – Audit Information System
  • SAP Security Checks
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Installation of SAPgui Installation Server for easy patching in the future
  • Installation of SAProuter with and without SNC
  • SAP Download Manager
  • SAP Kernel Patches
  • SAP Support Packages
  • SAP Notes Assistent
  • Hotline for on-call support
  • General emergency hotline for all customers
  • Elster@SAP – installation of Elster interface from SAP via the Business Connector for VAT returns and HR withholding tax returns
  • SAP performance optimization
    • We “simply” optimize your system.
    • We optimize your system together with you.
  • We can also provide detailed training for SAP system optimization, allowing you to carry out most of the optimization work required yourself in the future. For example, you can use the following transactions: ST02, ST03, ST04, ST05, ST06, DB19, SM50, ST22, SM21.
  • Independent sizing or post-sizing advice, especially for iSeries (especially attractive, because it is often possible to avoid spending money in the wrong places)
  • Analysis of bottlenecks and performance problems (often there are many causes and considerable differences between the situations of individual clients)
    • RAM?
    • CPU?
    • Hard disk drives?
    • Disk controller?
  • Backup and recovery
    • Is your backup approach correct and adequate? Does it satisfy your business needs?
    • Preparation of a backup and recovery manual especially for your company
    • Emergency point-in-time recovery. When things get serious, you can rely on our support for the successful recovery of your system, of course also including APYJRNCHG or APYJRNCHGX.
  • Analysis of database index strategy and optimization with respect to any missing indexes.
  • “Simple” on duty support for upgrades, codepage conversions, etc. – only if something goes wrong and you need a solution really fast – you never know …
  • … and any other services calling for well-founded in-depth knowledge of SAP on iSeries!

If you still can’t find the service you need, just ask us. We can tailor a proposal to your specific requirements!


Volker Gueldenpfennig is a certified SAP basis consultant and works independently within consolut. He is also a certified OS/DB migration consultant for all SAP platforms. And certification for iSeries EBCDIC to ASCII codepage conversion (CPC) is, of course, also available.

Volker Gueldenpfennig has considerable experience with codepage conversions; he has already successfully mastered the challenges posed by many clients and effectively completed the conversion of a number of major systems.

His team provides consultancy services for all SAP platforms and all SAP technology components such as SAP Web Application Server (SAP WebAS) and SAP NetWeaver,…. However, the main focus is definitely on the “SAP on iSeries” platform (AS/400). With respect to this platform, you can therefore expect profound knowledge and the most extensive experience. As a result, the team can solve almost any problem posed by the iSeries SAP platform.

The greater the challenge, the more we welcome it. Just contact us with your problem.