The smart way to manage your business­­

Data is valuable. Properly evaluated and visualized, they help to make well-founded decisions. The ideal tool for this is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): The web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) brings together a company’s various data sources and provides a platform for reporting, planning and predictive functions.

Thanks to SAC’s high level of self-service, data can be individually filtered and clearly visualized –  whether with bar charts, maps or multi-level dashboards. Queries are possible at any time and from anywhere, on the desktop or mobile on the smartphone. And in real time.

SAC – a powerful planning tool

Financial planning: Sound planning is central to a company’s success. This is becoming increasingly complex in the face of global markets with greater product diversity and shorter product cycles. As an intelligent cloud platform, SAC makes it possible to create and link financial and operational plans across the business.

Especially for financial planning, SAC is SAP’s strategic product: From cost and revenue recognition to plan cash flow with predictive and simulation capabilities, comprehensive integrated financial planning as well as forecasts of future developments are possible. Create reports adapted to your requirements or management-oriented standard reports – for full transparency.

Sales planning: SAC is also the solution of choice for sales and sales planning, a component of integrated financial planning. For sales planning, companies need to consider many factors, be it strategic targets, sales campaigns, various sales supports or factors that reduce sales. In addition, international companies often involve employees from different locations.

With SAC, these complex tasks can be managed conveniently and efficiently. Companies and users benefit from the use of the latest technologies, such as machine learning, to create predictive forecasting models that enable companies to plan and forecast events. In addition, SAC allows planning execution to be organized and communicated. This is particularly beneficial for decentralized teams.

Our approach

Quick and easy entry into SAC

We have developed a standardized approach that makes your path to SAC easier. We start with our Starter Package, in which we determine your business value and plan the path to SAC. In a technical proof of concept, we then ensure that the introduction of SAC is feasible in principle, looking at aspects such as connectivity, reporting or Smart Predict. After successful implementation of the pilot project, we design your individual solution. In the last step, after successful implementation and support, we can extend the applications in the areas of reporting, planning and predictive.

Professional consulting on top

What our customers particularly appreciate: We take care of the technical implementation of SAC and also provide business advice. For example, if you want to restructure your sales planning, we will show you how to design your planning processes – from the implementation of strategic planning to the transfer to operational business, for example through program planning.

To implement SAC in your company, we recommend an experienced partner. Our experience ranges from industries such as food, automotive or electrical engineering in projects such as determining the effectiveness of machine runtimes in production to reporting with SAC in financial reporting.

The benefits of SAC

  •        Reporting, planning and predictive in one tool
  •         Real-time enterprise-wide reporting
  •         Cost-effective through SaaS
  •         Intuitive application with intelligent self-services
  •        Contemporary dashboarding