Companies each have their own requirements for reporting and data analyses. The most important criterion: The tools must be easy-to-use and burden the IT department as little as possible.

For simple and efficient data access corporate-wide the following SAP BW & BO applications for reporting are available to your staff:

SAP BEx Suite
The SAP BEx Suite is part of the SAP BW. The Business Explorer (BEx) offers flexible reporting and analysis tools, among them the BEx Analyzer Excel and the BEx Web Analyzer.

SAP BO Suite
The SAP Business Objects Portfolio can be purchased as a package or as separate modules. It includes a wide range of tools and applications enabling users to integrate and evaluate information, e.g. for report management or dynamic, scalable data visualization


SAP BO Dashboard Design (Xcelsius)

The Dashboard offers a quick and efficient way of visualizing strategic and operative company data for decision makers as KPIs or general analyses – even in mobile applications. The integration with SAP BW enables users to access and present daily information updates.


SAP BO Web Intelligence

Users can work with both predefined and user-defined queries to generate detailed data representations, recognize trends and identify problems. An installation of the tool is not required – it can be accessed via Internet. An installable desktop version that allows users to work without web access is also available.

BEx Web Template

The BEx Web Application Designer gives users the means of developing both simple and complex HTML pages with BI-specific content (tables, graphs etc.) for integration into the portal or as independent web applications (e.g. Cockpit).

BO Explorer

The BO Explorer is a web-based tool that permits a quick and simple representation of KPIs and company figures within a predefined scope of analysis. The search function (e.g. “2010 sales Austria”) lets users visualize results based on predefined “data ranges” with just a few mouse clicks.


BEx Analyzer (Excel)

The BEx Analyzer is the analytical reporting and design tool of the Business Explorer (BEx Suite) that is integrated in Microsoft Excel. It allows users to navigate efficiently (drill down) through data using drag & drop and the context menu. Users can also create reusable workbooks that may contain objects like graphics or drop-down menus.

BEx Web Analyzer (Standard Layout)

The BEx Web Analyzer is the analytical reporting tool of the BEx Suite that is available as convenient web application for data analysis. The tool is called up via a URL or an iView within the portal. You may navigate through the data of a query (see BEx Analyzer) and use other functions of the Web Analyzer that are available on the application toolbar. You can, for instance, change the way data is visualized or use Information Broadcasting functions to send your analyses to others or create printable versions.

SAP BO Analyzer (Office Edition)

SAP BO Analysis for MS Office is the premium alternative to the BEx Analyzer (Excel). Besides a greatly improved integration of standard MS Office functions (graphics etc.), it features navigation by means of pivot tables. Also new is a series of VBA functions for technically advanced users.

SAP Business Objects Analysis (for OLAP)

SAP Business Objects Analysis (for OLAP) offers web-based data analysis that is similar to the analysis with Excel. Used together with the SAP BO Business Intelligence Platform 4.0, SAP Business Objects Analysis (for OLAP) can access data from different sources and offers a standard interface for analysis.


SAP BO Crystal Reports

SAP BO Crystal Reports is a tool for standard, highly formatted and cross-departmental reporting. It meets corporate design and data format requirements (web, PDF …) and permits automatic scheduling of reports. The information value may be further enhanced with the integration of other reporting tools (e.g. Dashboard Design).


A portal with intuitive GUI allows users to access the various SAP BW & BO front end tools via the web and to call up and store data at a central location.

The SAP Enterprise Portal offers additional flexible extension options such as

  • Broadcasting (automatic dispatch of reports)
  • Exception Reporting (rule-based dispatch of reports)
  • Knowledge Management (e.g. filing of information on reports)
  • and many more …