Authorization Redesign Package

Good authorization concepts offer an efficient way of assigning users as many authorizations as are needed for day-to-day operations and as few as are required to minimize risks.

The quality of an authorization concept is always highest right after the go-live, when the fundamental principles of the concept are still evident and any initial difficulties have been resolved. But no matter how close to the aforementioned ideal a concept is at the beginning, it will invariably and steadily deviate from it over the course of time. This may be due to changes made to processes or the organization that are not integrated properly into the concept, or to exceptional situations in which authorizations are extended – contrary to the concept – and then not revoked when they are no longer needed. As a result, many authorization concepts in the field no longer meet the requirements of minimizing the number of authorizations to reduce risks and allowing for easy maintenance. Once this point is reached, it is often best to redesign the entire authorization concept. That is the purpose of the consolut Authorization Redesign package.

Authorization redesign projects are implemented using the consolut Compliance Suite and based on the following procedure:

  • Analysis of existing roles, associated authorizations and their use
    consolut AuthorizationAnalyzer: Analysis of existing roles and their use
  • Creation of a new authorization concept based on the results of the analysis and on predefined role
    consolut RoleContent: Predefined roles that are based on experience gained in more than 10 years of authorization projects
  • Implementation of the new authorization concept and support after the go-live
    consolut AuthorizationManager: Maintenance of roles in Excel / Import of roles from Excel

If you wish, we will also manage your authorizations after the go-live in the form of Managed Services or through our support. We recommend using the consolut Compliance Suite to maintain the high quality of the redesigned authorization concept.