Customizing Re-engineering for SAP

After the go-live of an SAP system, you will ideally have documentation that describes the mapping of business processes up to and including any customizing and system extensions. This documentation is then updated every time the system is changed.

In reality, however, this ideal case is the exception rather than the rule. Documentation is frequently not up to date, and any knowledge regarding the mapping of processes in the system is patchy and limited to a handful of staff members. The consolut SAP Customizing Reengineering package allows you to bring your documentation up to date and thereby reduce dependencies and bottlenecks of individual resources.

In the course of the project, we will both capture the basic processes and interfaces and extract customized functions and system extensions from the system. Based on our extensive knowledge and templates, we will create up-to-date documentation that returns the knowledge of SAP systems from the heads of a few individuals back to the level of the organization. Depending on the initial situation, it may also make sense to redesign the authorization concept in order to use the resulting synergies.