DCW2SAP Implementation


DCW users appreciate the numerous benefits of this software – its reliability and stability, inexpensive upkeep, easy and convenient operation and open interfaces.

Still, there are many good reasons to consider migrating to SAP!

  • SAP is available in nearly all country versions
  • Access to all SAP modules with an ERP license
  • Modern graphic user interface
  • Up-to-date and comprehensive evaluation functions
  • Several accounting principles may be used at the same time (IFRS, BILmoG)
  • Sophisticated and proven logistics processes for all sectors of industry
  • Range of options regarding hardware, operating systems and databases
  • Trendsetting accounting solutions, e.g. SEPA, VAT Package
  • Integration with MS Office applications (e-mail, Excel export etc.)

As an expert in both DCW and SAP, consolut has implemented numerous migration projects from DCW to SAP. Based on this wealth of experience, we have developed consolut DCW2SAP, a method that ensures a safe, rapid, smooth and risk-free transition to the new system.


Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the DCW system, customers will benefit from the following advantages:

  • No time-consuming research in the existing system
  • Standardized data transfer tools are available
  • Data may be transferred at the document level with proven consolut tools
  • The time during which the customer’s key resources are used is minimized.